4,100 words of glory, to be exact. I just finished up a scene where an (Ovir/Gryvain/Zil/Mystery Plantgirl) takes throb midway through a blowjob in the gloryhole. I seemed to like it while I was writing it, even if it’s a little silly in places. I also wrote up a bit where a big-dicked space-trucker can get blown. I’m probably going to transition away from generics and into Kiro/Kally next, but I think a new build with the new stuff will be on the menu for tomorrow first.

There’s also some stuff sitting in the backlog and event submission forums I might take a poke at soon. I’ve been monopolizing my time when I should be sharing it with more projects that need to be coded. I know there’s two items sitting in a github pull request that need some Fenoxo TLC as well. Not sure which will get the loving tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the title reference.