adjatha_pexiga_bimboSo this is a pretty big chunk of interconnected content that could be broken in more than a few ways. Be sure to make an archival copy of your save before you dig into this content, as it might screw something up.

0.6.95 Changelog:

  • You can now ask Yammi stuff about her Pexiga, unlocking the ability to ask some scientists about it or whatever!
  • Most scientists now have events for asking them about the Pexiga.
  • Dr. Badger can volunteer out of the goodness of her heart. Currently only regular Dr. Badger’s path is done. Alternates are coming.
  • Two new enemy encounters secreted deep in Dr. Badger’s lab. And guess what? One can drop silicoooone~
  • New lust-damage weapon: Bimboleum ray.
  • New bad-ends: Several! Gotta catch ’em all!
  • New crew member: the Pexiga! Note that right now, her content doesn’t check to make sure Yammi is actually around for scenes that involve her. I want to take a crack at that tomorrow…
  • Etis’s “Amber Seed” is now in the game.
  • Many bugfixes courtesy of Jacques00 and Gedan!

Adjatha did a smashing job writing this quest (and doing the Pexiga busts)! And once I finish up the Pexiga, I’ll be moving right into dumping more content into your laps. It should be a good week for you guys!