jayecho_slut_rat_concept_17_dicks_we_counted_mqToday I reached back into the backlog a bit for something that was thrown at me several times already – Taurico Venidae. Unfortunately, the name’s a bit long to fit on the inventory menu buttons, so I added the slang name “Deerium” to it. Hopefully Wsan won’t kill me for butchering his writing. I also slapped in a new variant for the penis expansion scene and overall retooled bits to actually work.

So there you go, you can be a deertaur if you want. Males get horse wieners because that’s how it was written, and I’m not gonna argue with that. Lady-types get deerginas of course.

Tomorrow I’m going to toss in a… different… Jade scene in that I had submitted, take a poke at some of Zeikfried’s work, and probably review some stuff on the event submissions board. Oh, and you guys ought to grab Titanfall 2. You can beat the campaign in a day, but I don’t think it had a single moment that I didn’t enjoy the absolute fuck out of. And it’s 33% off. And “Titan20” gets you another 20% off. Must be selling like shit.

Anyways, 0.6.98 Changelog:

  • New Item: Taurico Vanidae (Deerium) – transforms the user into a deerish centaur. Sold by Gene and the new vending machine.
  • New Vending Machine in the Kui Country Bar and Lodge, in the bathing area.
  • New scene in Dr. Lessau’s.
  • New busts: Nym-Foe, Yammi (Adjatha version)
  • Ceria and Cerespirin color library adjustments.
  • Adjustments to pregnancy stuff concerning children count calculation on knock-up.
  • Reverting some under the hood stuff you guys wouldn’t know about. SEKRITS! …that are completely unexciting. Sorry.
  • Fix item equipping loophole during combat to actually factor in “Quickdraw” perk requirements.
  • Fix ‘Nuki Nuts from retaining ballSizeMod with no testicles.
  • Fix possible Let’s Fapper timer and log display issue for episode unlocks.
  • Some other fixes and adjustments, maybe.

Slut rat concept by JayEcho!