xiokir_jade_1New night, new build, right? This one is smaller than what I hoped, but two new scenes is still cool, right?

0.6.99 Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug with Milodan Males that could make everything bolded.
  • New Jade scene, courtesy of Altair Hayes. It’s a little strange. It gets sort of food-ey.
  • New Korgonne scene by Zeikfried. It involves the hardlight strap-on, but since it requires the PC to change the size of the hardlight projection mid-way through the scene, I’ve gated it behind an upgrade for now. At least two more scenes requiring the upgrade are coming in the future.
  • Added a new item that automatically upgrades any hardlight-equipped underthings you may wear. It is currently a rare drop from the Korgonne (1 in 10). In a future patch it will likely move to a more appropriate vendor/location.
  • [SURPRISE LAST MINUTE ADDITION] You can now knock up the zil call-girl. And get her a job at the nursery? And potentially get her an apartment? Enjoy!

For the Jade scene – you’ve got to do “intimate” things with her four or five times, then pass time somewhere outside of Tavros. You should get an email to trigger it. If you turn it down the first time, it’ll disable forever. If you go through with it, there’s a random chance after seven days or so that the scene will happen again.

Jade fanart by Xiokir!