Hey folks,

Wanted to post a quick update on the Winter City, the big CoC2 dungeon coming up. I just passed 30,000 words on the core dungeon, plus another 25,000 words between Skow and Wsan’s bosses, and another boss from Will that’s still to-be-written. I’m writing the final confrontation of the dungeon now, and then it’s just wrap up and padding out some optional stuff like loot and puzzles. Everything’s on track to enter the editing/coding phase by the beginning of April, and DCL and Moira have both started working on the busts to go along with it. DCL’s interpretation of Queen Alissa is smoking hot.

Hopefully you’ve all built up poor Etheryn’s confidence (and maybe her libido…) so she’s ready to face down the queen!

Art of Etheryn geared up and ready to confront Alissa, by bk!

Thankfully the CoC team has been largely unaffected by plague so far. Stay safe, wash your hands, wash your friends’ hands. We’ll see you soon for our next patch, and a fresh Companion Kiyoko!