Three new NPCs hitting the patch all at once — hopefully that makes up for us missing a couple weeks. Stay safe from Corona everyone <3

Kiyoko companion is coming up soon, and we’re getting close to done with principle writing for the Winter City. It’s a big one!

0.2.40 Patch Notes:

  • Spiderfolk TF has been expanded, and Spiderfolk is now recognized as a race.
  • A Monk-ey was added to the Hawkethorne Gym. (By HugsAlright, coded by Leek)
  • There is a new and very wide orc boy at the Orc Camp, post AronaQuest. (By SomeKindofWizard, coded by Squishy)
  • A new kitsune with a penchant for liquor was added to the Kitsune Den post-quest. (By BubbleLord, coded by Leek)
  • Nakano now gives a quest wherein you seek our fancy metal relics. (By TheObserver)

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Meira Evergreen can be encountered in the nuki manor after finishing KitsuneQuest.
  • Viv has a new Services menu and new items to sell.
  • Quin has a bunch more companion content.

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