Because what are friends for, if not plugging?

No, but seriously a long time friend of mine is working on a game to release on Steam, and I told him I’d use my phenomenal perverted powers to hook him up with some free advertisement. The game is called Attack on Kitten and you can find it on KickStarter. They’ve already punched their way through the Steam Greenlight process!

Okay, toggling shill-mode off and disappearing back into Tax & Accounting work. Yay, business!

I am lord business, and I did some more TiTS work! Nobody seems to have given me any bugs with the plantation, so I am left to assume that I am perfect in every way.

0.7.32 Changelog:

  • New character on Canadia Station: Mabbs. She’s a drug-dealing rodenian (CODEX PENDING). She’s also immune to Cap’n Steele’s wiles.
  • New bust: Mabbs.
  • Plantation Quest update: Burt and Flahne have a small bit of text if you get the best end to the plantation quest.
  • More vending machines on Myrellion, including new vending machines with two new items: Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Loftcake (written by Couch, coded by Jacques00).
  • Various fixes and tweaks.