It’s super late, and I’m super tired, so this post will probably be brief. 3,500+ lines of mainline content + five fights later, Fen is ded. There’s some more stuff for epilogues in Esbeth to do, but I wanted to go to bed. TOMORROW.

First up, a few words of caution:

  • This has not received extensive testing. There is a mechanism where the player’s equipment is pulled out of his/her inventory and swapped for other items. If something in it breaks, it could result in weapon/armor loss.
  • It’s supposed to be balanced for level 6-7 characters. My test character, however, is a level 8 with all maxed stats. It’s likely unbalanced.
  • It might be possible that quest progress could get borked or improperly marked. I tested as many potential routes through this as possible, but I feel like it could be a problem. Please back up your save before testing.
  • I’ll try and round up most bugs for a patch in the next 24 hours or so.

0.7.31 Changelog:

  • New quest: the plantation on Mhen’ga needs help dealing with an escaped worker – and a troublesome Zil tribe. Written by Nonesuch.
  • New enemies: Kane, Zil Hornet, Zil Hoverfly, RK Lah, and special guest: Naleen Mating Ball.
  • New items: Zil Spear and Zil Bow.
  • New busts: Estraffe, Sylvie, Nessa, Dr. Lessau
  • New Items: Holstaria and Lupinol, by Couch
  • Bubble Buddy bubbles can be drank from by appropriate PCs.