0.7.29 Changelog:

  • Jade sells an early, unfinished, discounted version of Laquine Ears, a horse-bunny transformation item. Lots of cool stuff in it that isn’t quite polished up to snuff yet, but enjoy it.
  • Heat & Rut status effects have been added in an unpolished state.
  • New Item: Sweet Treat
  • Key Item filtering is in.
  • An expansion for Traps working in Beth’s is in, written by Nonesuch!
  • New Busts: Beth Carver, Psychic Egg, Kat, Kaede, Pippa.
  • Many fixes and other such miscellany.

I’m not sure if Kat or Carver are visible in game at the moment, but you can see the lovely Kat at right. Adjatha does good work.