So make sure you get your stuff in the door ASAP.

I’ve been busy rounding out some unfinished stuff from the Laquine Ears item. Mostly I’ve been working on a Priapism status effect that forces you to go around in crotch-exposing equipment (and also has a TON of small bonus texts I’ve whipped up for various situations). They range from hot to flavorful to cringeworthy (You do not want to think about what would happen if you fell naked into rusty metal on Tarkus).

I also want to spend some time paging through enemy sex scenes to add more support for the pc.isErect() function so I can have scenes actually support you being good to go from the get-go. Right now, some just always assume you’re flaccid while others have a basic lust/libido check. Unifying things should help.

The other “Major” class TFs for the item I intend to do are all more bog-standard transformations – leg changes, quad balls, maybe a second boob row, and the like. As you might guess, these are meant to be the “critical hit” type transformations that rarely occur but with big consequences. I’d also like to have priapism get inflicted from certain aphrodisiac-heavy encounters. Maybe even some enemies that inflict it as a way to force the PC out of heavy armors.

Anyhow, weekend is here! Regularly scheduled updates will resume Monday. Ciao bras!