Because I’m a terrible shill! (Also there’s a decent content dump I pushed out last night.)

One of my long time friends (who you might know as Third, author of Ruby, Cotton, Nieve, and Aliss), frustrated with the lack of lesbian male-to-female erotica (and the preponderance of submissive male-to-female characters in the genre) decided to take the advice we give out so often: “If you want it, write it.” She’s just released it on Amazon with a lovely cover piece by Jacques00 for $2.99. Check out The Succubus Within!

0.7.159 Changelog:

  • For those with very large crews, the back button should no longer obliterate a crew-member’s spot. I didn’t have a save handy to test this one, so let me know if anything goes awry.

That’s it for me for the weekend, <3!