There’s still a million things to get through, but at least I’m chipping through the pile of things I’ve commissioned from others. Follower Shekka and Kiro x Paige were two big lumps on that pile. Sadly there’s a LOT more Kiro x Paige to go… or is that a good thing?

0.7.162 Changelog:

  • The first path of the Kiro x Paige threesome has been slotted into the game. Presently it requires knowing Paige pretty well and banging her at least once. If she isn’t on your crew, you’ll need to meet Kiro at the bar during the hours Paige is off work.
  • Shekka’s addiction to aphrodisiac spit has been reworked to actually build from swapping spit with her, culminating in her informing you of it (instead of not really starting until you talked to her about it). Having her set to sleep with you will keep her addiction from ever falling.
  • A post-follower talk topic regarding Shekka’s infertility has been added.
  • Giving Lund too many PB cookies now ends the game.

Art: Shortstack versions of Kiro and Penny going to town on QuestyRobo’s OC? I’m down with that! Drawn by Dsan.