A hotfix has been released for saves created on 0.4.44 not being able to do Aileh Preg.

Mayternity continues for those of you with the courage to lay the fiercest dragon in Savarra…

0.4.45 Patch Notes:

  • Aileh has a gravid new expansion courtesy of her author, Skow, if you’ve become her lover and fully upgraded the Wayfort. including:
    • A roughly 100 page long pregnancy path for her — certainly the most in-depth parenting sim we’ve had since Kinu thanks to Marethian breeding rules. There’s loads of interactions with you, Aileh, and the scaly potato you’ve made (typically on a 6 day cooldown, eventually progressing to 1.5 days as she grows). Most events proc when approaching Aileh on her tile.
    • Four new Aileh sex scenes (some of which require knocking her up).
    • Sleeping with Aileh at the Wayfort, via her map tile.
    • A full new set of Kasyrra busts, including a clothed version; new pregnant Aileh busts & preg variants.
    • New CG: Aileh presenting her egg.

There’s a bunch of variation in there for your relationship with Kasyrra, too.

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