…Mostly done by other people, because I write slow and basically lost a week of my life.

0.7.61 Changelog:

  • New character on Tavros Station: Fisianna the very shy nekomata.
  • New character on Uveto: Chrissy. Both coded by the lovely UpcastDrake and written by two of our lovely writers.
  • New bad end for chain losing to Milodans.
  • Added Ovalasting implants for the Egg Trainer (weekly egg incubation after implant is jizzed on)
  • Added Sneezing Tits SSTD (week-long infection that cause boob growth when sneezing; can be contracted from an infected voluntarily during combat by waiting, or having sex)
  • Implemented Anti-Gravity item flag (for anti-grav clothing that bypass immobilzation), and enabled tiny restoring of HP and energy when waiting for long periods of time.
  • New bust: Fisianna.

I’ve got all the non-sex talky bits for Azra done now. I think I’ll start rolling her into the game, then work on her first expedition – a miniquest combat gauntlet to secure a fuckable plant sample, which will then likely unlock some of the plant texts from CoC so as to not drive me mad. The idea is to give her little quests on each planet to discover some weird (and exciting) bit of flora you can later interact with on the ship – then after a few, romance her.

(Wired up a bit if anyone wants to peek at an early appearance screen for next patch.)