Hey guys! Quick Fenoxian update! After a pretty cruddy day for progress yesterday, I chunked out about 4000 words worth of stuff for the zaika milk thief enemy William and I are working on. Most of that is a scene for vagina-equipped players to calm down after a good fight with some great crotch-to-crotch tribbing – but with an interesting new wrinkle: threading the zaika’s tailgenital between both. The scene culminates with the choice of where you want to let her tail cum – thus far I have blurbs for your own tailpussy, her mouth, or just letting it spurt all over your bellies. I should probably do a version for jamming it in your vagina as well, but after three major variations with three variations for cum quantity each, I needed a break.

After that I laid into her combat routine. If you mind combat spoilers, check out now, but I’ve written a few interesting abilities. Most notably, she can launch herself into the air via her cybernetic heels and “fly” for a few rounds to avoid melee attacks. She also has a once per combat healing move, special moves for being disarmed, and something to deal with pesky PCs in airtight suits.

I’ll probably wind up chunking parts of her in for you guys to test before we have all of her scenes finished, but what we have is promising. My next one is probably going to be focused on milking you, since that’s kind of her whole thing.