Giga celise is looking… squiggly!

0.8.050 Changelog:

  • Those of you who wound up with the bimbofied version of Kiro can now interact with her on the ship in limited fashion. She currently ships with two sex scenes, one for each of the main genital types. I will be restricting one of them to certain sizes of anatomy once I have scenes for “bigger” PCs ready. I really enjoyed writing both of these, and I hope you guys enjoy them as well.
  • Kattom’s inventory for Dhaal has been plugged in. Enjoy luxurious item descriptions, written by our own Adjatha!
  • New busts! Celise has a new bust for each of her forms and Lumi (the rare gabilani encounter on Tarkus) got her busts as well.

Going forward: my Dhaal milk thief and patching in Kiro options a scene at a time.