Hi, Alder here!

Here comes a new update to Fall of Eden, expanding on the farm and adding the shy equine farmhand, Adrian.

I held a content poll with my Patreon supporters before christmas, deciding on the next area of work. The Burrows eked out a very narrow victory against the farm, but this will come with a slight caveat: Because so much of the content added lately is gated behind the E+ event in the farm, I figure I will at least write and code that before moving onto bunnies full time.

Content warning: Since it’s a touchy subject in some circles, Adrian’s content has some stuff that some would consider fringe. Specifically, pushing Adrian’s content forward will at some point (currently not in the game) lead to Gwendy and Adrian being fuck buddies and sharing an open relationship. One optional path leading up to it will include Netori style scenes (with the PC as the bull). Exactly how this plays out in the end will depend on the outcome of the E+ event (not yet in). If this isn’t for you, sorry, hopefully you can find something else in the game to enjoy.

Play the update online here.

Download the offline version here (open foe.html in your browser).

If you find any bugs, please report them on the forums.

FoE has returned to the Play page!

Full changelog after the break.

Version 0.5.6

  • Bugfix: Gryphon feet are no longer referred to as talons.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some bugged output in some of Gwendy’s new scenes.
  • Typo: Fixed a duplicate line in Barnaby BJ scene.
  • Typo: Various word-choice consistency issues fixed.
  • Added new $20 patreons from 0.5.5 to credits.

Adding 16k words of new content, revolving around Adrian the farmhand. He’s a complex beast, though part of his content is locked behind an event not yet in the game. Here’s what is in:

  • Talk (he’s not much of a talker).
  • Work (with some background scenes). Builds friendship.
  • Flirt, from innocent to lewd. Builds his confidence.
  • Lay claim on Gwendy and be a general Jerk to Adrian. Makes him jealous of you.
  • Seduction that leads to opening up sex options. Currently:
    • Give him a handjob.
    • Give him a blowjob.
  • In order to be able to explore the new content, a RESET option is available for Adrian. It will only show up in debug mode, and will probably be removed when his content is more complete.

The sex scenes are relatively short but contains a lot of variation based on state, randomness and choices.


  • Gwendy’s Work option will randomly send you to help Adrian.
  • Gwendy has some dialog variations when talking about Adrian, depending on his current state.