I just finished writing some stuff for riding the bimbo version of Kiro cow-girl style. Much like the titfuck scene I was doing yesterday, I wove what I consider to be some primo variations into it. This time you have the choice of pinching her nipples till milk squirts out or choking her (after she suggests it). It clocks in just over 3,000 words and includes a variation at the end (like yesterday’s) that allows for you to tell her if she’s been a good girl or just go on your way.

I’m pretty sure everyone is gonna tell her she’s a good girl, but having it as an actual option is gonna make it feel better to play, IMO.

I still need to go back and add a variation to the tit-fuck from yesterday (and add a tit-fuck variation for herm PC’s in this scene with sufficient long dicks). Trying to hit every variation on the first pass is exhaustingI’ll probably post an update tomorrow, even if it winds up only having two sex scenes to play with bimbo Kiro in.

Update: Lotta stuff going on, and if I do get a patch, it’s gonna be so late it’s the next day.