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Post-Office Mistakes

Hello Corporate Backers!

Shoupup here with news about your Backer Rewards. Unfortunately, they’ll be arriving a little later than planned this month [hopefully sometime next week, but certainly before the 31st] due to a massive miscommunication at my post office.

Your packages are being sent out from Watertown, NY, and apparently, the girl who was charging me out at the post office couldn’t count. One of the packages was overlooked, and because it was all done on one transaction they just held all the packages at the office and put me a note in the post instead of contacting me by phone. So I’ve got to make a return trip to the post office either tomorrow, or Monday [5/21/18] to resend the packages. I’ll be getting tracking numbers for all of them this time.

If you want to know your tracking number feel free to message me on Discord or e-mail me and I’ll have that for you Monday afternoon at the latest. I thank you very much for your understanding of this problem, and will certainly strive to keep it from occurring again. Thanks once again.

My Discord tag: Shou#2747


[Backers] So… Tired…

Hey all, getting up at 6 hours, so gonna keep this short and to the point. I’m trying to work on an NPC for the landing on the fifth probe destination but getting bogged down in submission hell, especially coordinating with volunteers that are coming out of the woodwork.


  • Kitteh’s submission, ReductPro is in. I did a lot of reworking it to make the text flow less awkwardly and cut a few pieces I didn’t care for. There’s also two usage cases I haven’t reworked yet that are disabled for now.
  • Anno can now be met in the gym, thanks to Twin Flare Tails and a volunteer coder whose preferred pseudonym I’m not 100% sure on yet. They’re still a bit new to this so I had to do some real spit and polish on this myself.
  • A new mindwash visor for “male” types has been added, courtesy of Carol J!
  • An assortment of Mitzi’s busts have been added to the game.
  • An anal scene for Mitzi, by QuestyRobo has been added.
  • Shou’s Quaddomme bust is live.

And that’s it for me. Time to snooze and get ready to do some bench press in the AM. (Mitzi bust done by our own lovely Adjatha.)

No Patch This Weekend~!

I just thought I’d touch base, and let you all know I’m not shirking my duties. I’ve reviewed 300+ pages of submitted documents, coordinated with two or three new volunteer coders to give them projects to work on, and cleaned up a few bugs on the side.

Writing commissions to fill out a Korg’ii Hold conclusion questline have been rolling in (including 3 or 4 unique enemies that may be added to Uveto’s encounters afterward), but I’m also lining up Savin to start the introductory texts for the next story planet. Since the basic idea is that there are several chunks of explorable areas that the PC progresses through, we should be able to drop them in piece by piece instead of doing the whole massive project as one enormous chunk.

P.S. It’s come to my attention that the “mitzi” cheat doesn’t quite work on brand new saves. Just wait till day 8 or so, and she should show up.

[Backers] Mitzi’s Pussy Control

0.7.168 Changelog:

  • Mitzi has several new scenes for vagina-toting PCs, all forked off the new “Cuntnosis” sex option. Options include being mind controlled into heat, lesbian love, and/or turned into a dumb bimbo. The first time you do it is also a unique scene as well.
  • New usable parser for writers and Fenoxo: [pc.wombs].
  • The Lund “Submission” scene should now be properly activating if you’ve got your piercings in and have done the requisite scenes.
  • Various and sundry bug fixes.

Once I complete coding the options to gift Mitzi bubbles from the Bubble Buddy, I’ll have all the content I intend to do for her done for the time being. I hope you guys are enjoying her as much as I’ve enjoyed writing her.

(Mitzi bust by our own Adjatha!)

[Backers] Gushin’ Gabilani’s

Lots of small quality of life improvements for Mitzi along with some a little extra fund for Lund that I was provided with! And I am tired now.

0.7.166 Changelog:

  • Mitzi’s clothes are now properly stored as clothing instead of armor.
  • The “Linked Emitters” perk now works properly. (Previously it would work even with your shields downed). Additionally an ordering error that was messing up crit calculations has been fixed.
  • You can now give Mitzi any clothing or armor that has a sexiness value of 5 or more to wear around.
  • Bimbo’s can now feed Lund PB Cookies (untested). Let me know if it works!
  • Those who have submitted to Lund have a new Submission option to enjoy, courtesy of Wsan.
  • Mitzi can be set to sleep with you at night.
  • Mitzi can now be given Gush, resulting in your choice of one of three scenes!
  • Mitzi can now lactate, though I’ve lowered her starting breast-size somewhat to allow room to grow.
  • The crashes for certain NPCs sleeping with the PC should be fixed.
  • As I’m writing this I realized I forgot to do the promised Mitzi cheat-code. Whoops. I’ll get on this after I eat a burrito. <3

0.7.167 Changelog (The Burrito-Skipper):

  • I rushed it out. Type “mitzi” at any time to have Mitzi instantly rescued and ready to go. You just have to go meet her at the Tavros dock.

Art: Futa Gianna approves. By Waterproof Pidgeon.

[Backers] Gabilani Gobblin’

0.7.165 Changelog:

  • Mitzi the gabilani bimbo-goblin has been added to the game! At presently she’s only available to characters who haven’t yet played through the Stellar Tether. There’s a gabilani technician now that can be rescued.
  • Roughly one week later, Mitzi will show up at the ship and request to join you. She comes with three scenes ported from the Mitzi that existing in CoC and the ability to dress her up in one of several slutty outfits. Options for giving her custom slutwear may appear at a later time. Additionally, several new scenes are written but not yet coded. I should be ramming those in soonish.
  • In the future I’ll try and put in a cheat code for those of you who don’t want to roll new PC’s to meet her.
  • Stella no longer makes references to balls even if they aren’t there.
  • Many fixes! There’s even some fixes that got broke and got fixed again! True story.

Some of the scenes to come: “Cuntnosis” (pussy-focused mind-control with a focus on pussy-worship, breeding, or bimbofication (not yet written)), Mitzi waking you up the right way, and giving Mitzi Gush. And some other odds and ends.

Art of some of the staff’s OC’s being LEWD by RuruRaida! Backers can see a “sticky” version on the Patreon post!

[Public | CoC2] Harpies All Over the Shop

New patch of CoC2 is live! Sorry about the dead space, but there was a lot of stuff that had to get put together for this next bit of content — specifically, the entire system for overworld travel and random encounters, plus the first sexable mobs and all that entails.

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.10 Patch Notes

  • The Foothills area is now explorable. It’s east of Hawkethorne; just press the [Exit] button where the path turns. Be sure to recruit Cait again before you go out!
  • There’s a new map system in play in this build, meant to cover long-distance travel rather than room-to-room. Use the X on the map to figure out which way you’re going if you can’t see the lines between locations clearly. Not everything the map system will have is set up now, such as unlocking new locations or finding loot/events while traveling, but it should give you an idea of what to expect from each region.
  • You can now press “M” to bring up/close a much larger version of the map. Useful while exploring!
  • A unique first-time encounter with a later-game boss, the Harpy Matron, introduces the game’s first sexable mobs: the harpy thieves!
  • Harpy thieves can be encountered randomly, and have a suite of win and loss scenes as well as coin drops. Their stats have been slightly nerfed for the early release (due to the current lack of extra companions and levels) and their Lust-based attacks have not yet been implemented so. Soon(tm).
  • Remember that you can get buffs and healing in town!

More content coming as we can roll it out!

Art of the Harpy Matron in all her Jacquesian glory, by DCL.

[Public] What’s the Deal With Public Patches?

They come out every month, but does anyone really notice? They say they do, but do they really?

(You guys do. <3)


  • New Busts: Yoma, Kattom Osgood, Storm Lancer
  • Paige x Kiro now requires 70 trust with Kiro or higher.
  • Whimsalot coded GothPastel’s Yoma into the game.

New This Month:

  • New Mechanic: “Taint,” a stat which functions in some ways like CoC’s corruption. It has its own Codex article and everything. More info here.
  • New NPCs: Stella the ausar beach babe (Available on Tavros Station), Jesse (Available on Canadia Station)
  • New Crew Recruit: Shekka! She comes complete with options for slapping a dong on her if that’s your jam, as well as some new scenes here or there. She can even jump you while you’re trying to get some lifting done at the gym.
  • New Event: Kiro x Paige threesome! This one is a monstrous doozy of flowcharts written by B! Enjoy.
  • New Event: Silly space bear.
  • New Busts: Jesse, Verusha (alternate), Myrna the X-Mas Korg, Jejune Vending Machines, Kiro & Kally (alternates).
  • New Scenes: Feeding Lund PB Cookies, Bad-End for feeding Lund too many PB Cookies, Ula’s appearance screen, Ovispositor PC + Crew Shekka, Futa Shekka breeding the PC, Follower Anno and Shekka having a nerd-off.
  • New Items: Chill Pill, Shekka’s Jumpsuit
  • New Item: Mindwash Visor! Sold from Doctor Badger (or dropped from one of her robots during PexigaQuest). Plays one of 9 random scenes, penned by Adjatha or 25 classic scenes harvested from CoC! The scenes are also viewable from a broken VR booth in Luca’s parlor on Canadia Station.
  • New Pregnancy Type: Raskvel/Shekka
  • Shekka’s aphrodisiac spit-addiction has been reworked.

Art: Steele at a bar in Myrellion, having a good time by Servik.

Fenoxo Fupdate

Gonna be a quick one today. Yesterday I finally paged through all of the 150 page “Space Yakuza” submission. Today I reviewed two or three other things until I hit the enormous mass of Dr. Makius (150+ pages). Then I finished up a scene for Mitzi, the goblin fucktoy (who I’ve worked on here and there when the mood strikes me). It’s 2000 words of pussy-focused drugged mind control, because why not?

Tomorrow I intend to slap out a public patch, and following that I’m going to slide Mitzi into the game by bits and pieces for backers. Then my priority is complete a big story mission for Korg’ii Hold I’ve been planning for a while so that I can move on. And of course… I need to review all of Makius and many other submissions. I’m five months behiiiind!

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