Lots of small quality of life improvements for Mitzi along with some a little extra fund for Lund that I was provided with! And I am tired now.

0.7.166 Changelog:

  • Mitzi’s clothes are now properly stored as clothing instead of armor.
  • The “Linked Emitters” perk now works properly. (Previously it would work even with your shields downed). Additionally an ordering error that was messing up crit calculations has been fixed.
  • You can now give Mitzi any clothing or armor that has a sexiness value of 5 or more to wear around.
  • Bimbo’s can now feed Lund PB Cookies (untested). Let me know if it works!
  • Those who have submitted to Lund have a new Submission option to enjoy, courtesy of Wsan.
  • Mitzi can be set to sleep with you at night.
  • Mitzi can now be given Gush, resulting in your choice of one of three scenes!
  • Mitzi can now lactate, though I’ve lowered her starting breast-size somewhat to allow room to grow.
  • The crashes for certain NPCs sleeping with the PC should be fixed.
  • As I’m writing this I realized I forgot to do the promised Mitzi cheat-code. Whoops. I’ll get on this after I eat a burrito. <3

0.7.167 Changelog (The Burrito-Skipper):

  • I rushed it out. Type “mitzi” at any time to have Mitzi instantly rescued and ready to go. You just have to go meet her at the Tavros dock.

Art: Futa Gianna approves. By Waterproof Pidgeon.