I just thought I’d touch base, and let you all know I’m not shirking my duties. I’ve reviewed 300+ pages of submitted documents, coordinated with two or three new volunteer coders to give them projects to work on, and cleaned up a few bugs on the side.

Writing commissions to fill out a Korg’ii Hold conclusion questline have been rolling in (including 3 or 4 unique enemies that may be added to Uveto’s encounters afterward), but I’m also lining up Savin to start the introductory texts for the next story planet. Since the basic idea is that there are several chunks of explorable areas that the PC progresses through, we should be able to drop them in piece by piece instead of doing the whole massive project as one enormous chunk.

P.S. It’s come to my attention that the “mitzi” cheat doesn’t quite work on brand new saves. Just wait till day 8 or so, and she should show up.