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Showing Off Shou

amaraHey guys, some of you might have been made curious by my last tweet. Well, I’m proud to announce that we’ve added a new player to the team, though long time readers will know that she’s been with us for ages. Shou has been providing a lot of busts for the game for ages, and I was happy to hire her on in a more serious fashion – with paychecks and tax forms and all that gobblygook.

Hopefully this will bring with it an uptick in the generation of delightful new busts (BUST MUST PLUS).

Pictured at left is her rendition of one of Savin’s infinite puppyslut army.

[Backers] 0.6.4 Changelog

This one’s for backers. It’s mostly just bug fixes, including a fix for an annoying error in penis descriptions. I’m going to push some new content off the backlog this week, then push a pubbie build the following week.

0.6.4 Changelog:

  • Lots of fixes courtesy of our local code-dragon and bug reporters just like you!
  • Adjusted appearance descriptions for tauric beings so they are not quite as explicitly equine.
  • Some fixes to make honeypot swelling actually result in more milk.
  • More typo fixes courtesy of myself (and bug reporters like you!)
  • Fixed a potential scene crash in phallus descriptions.
  • Shoot first no longer works for melee. Sorry!
  • Zil bows are now a rare drop.
  • Bow training with Tanis can no longer max out your aim. It stops at 50% of your possible maximum (and never goes above 25 – sorry high level characters who don’t exist yet).

I’d like to push a patch with some real content tomorrow, but I’m not going to overpromise (this time)! Definitely something this week, though. Today alone I’ve reviewed a female sydian encounter (pending some niggles over her proposed combat mechanics), upgrates for Beth’s Broads to let the PC encounter some other broads (pending Savin’s approval), and an educator at the thollum in Gildenmere (I’m about halfway through her 40 pages at the time of this writing).

Lots to do – gotta make up for lost time.


Not Dead…

I just kind of lost myself between my girlfriend being off a few days during my workweek and the new Destiny Expansion coming out (which is actually pretty great thus far). So I’m back on the horse today. Lots of emails to catch up on, tax forms to file, and mail to sort, but then I intend to jump back on Emmy.

Additionally, I’ll be pushing out a release tonight to gather all the bugfixes and other misc tweaks that have hit later tonight. I don’t think I’m going to get a chance to work on Emmy – there’s a backlog of submissions needing reviewed. Tomorrow will either be Emmy time or coding a new encounter/character from the backlog.

Still Pokin’ At Emmy

Finally got her blowjob finished. Tomorrow or the day after I’ll try to get the first part of her sex-quest operational. Sorry for brevity, but that’s all I’ve got for now.

FoE – 0.4k

Hello, Alder here with a new Fall of Eden release. This one is slightly smaller than usual, due to several reasons. A few days lost staying home ill, some time spent on setting up a codex-like doc (spoiler heavy, find it on the forums if you are interested). Finally, I’ve started work on coding the upcoming Halloween content. Expect something playable next release.

Meanwhile, enjoy some new Lei content, written by Del.

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
Check out the Fall of Eden forum.
Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here.
Report bugs on Github or on the forums.
Fall of Eden has a Patreon.

See changelog after the break for details.

Shoutout for a Friend

Hey guys, a quick plug for a friend here:

A lot of you probably remember our artist bro Renezuo (the guy who did the awesome TiTS Bestiary, if you don’t). His fiance had an emergency hospital trip a short time ago, and as my fellow Americans probably can understand, that left them saddled with a daunting bill at the end. Renezuo’s decided to put together an sketch pack with some help from several other artists (including familiar faces like Shou and Cheshire) to help cover it. It’s pay-what-you want (past $2), but I’m sure every cent’s really appreciated.

You can read a little more, or get the sketch pack, here.

Take care of yourselves.

Bugfixin’ an Writin’

Just a shorty today!

Not a lot to report. Just poked at some writing on Emmy and did my damnedest to catch up on bug reports. Also wasted the better part of an hour figuring out how to get the redirect on to actually point at the forums. I also gave the zil a crappy bow that ought to let you start training with Tanis much much sooner.

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.3 Release

Not a whole lot going on here – just Emmy’s pre-sex stuff and some energy toys for you all to play with for the most parts.

princess_bandoleer0.6.3 Changelog:

  • Emmy has been added to the DMZ. This jackal will sell you all manner of energy weapons and a few nice shields.
  • Gedan fixed TONS of bugs. TONS.
  • Bows got nerfed to the ground.
  • Jacques00 submitted a billion fixes and tweaks.
  • New busts from Shou for the Praetorians, Princess, and Queen Taivra.

There’s probably still a pile of bugs to sort through, and then I’m going to get to work on on the sexy funtimes with Emmy. RIght now I’ve got a pretty saucy cunnilingus scene that clocks about 600 words, and while it may be short, I think it’s one of my hotter bits of text.

Princess Bust by Shou!


Taivra (with Tails) - Shou… is basically done. JR left me a fuckton of edits that I’m going to trawl through today, and I’ve got a couple paragraphs I want to add and remove around, but basically done. Pretty happy with how it’s turned out, and what it’s setting up for the future!

Speaking of future stuff, next big project on my docket is basically SyriQuest. Only had that sitting around part-done for like a year or something. I’ve also got a couple of smaller projects I’d like to squeeze out around it, including an egg-training machine and some Kaede stuff.

Oh, and once again, there’s a forum thread in TiTS Event Submissions for the next planet, Uveto. If you have stuff you want to see, or are a potential writer looking for a place to jump in, check it out!

Since a few of you were asking: behold Queen Taivra, courtesy of Shou!

Much Ado About Nothing

1440030348.cyancapsule_emelie_s_big_dildo1920I actually don’t have that much to post about today. Work continues on writing my energy weapon shopkeeper. As usual, my writing is moving along at a glacial pace, but it is moving along – the document is about 18 pages long at the moment. She’s going to take some work to bang, and despite her overtly sexual appearance (constantly horny hermaphrodite in a suit so tight it may as well be shrinkwrapping), the PC doesn’t take interest unless you choose to.

I might wrap up her pre-sex stuff and just code her in as a stub of what she’s going to become so that I can dump out a new build tomorrow – that and bug fixes. Assuming that mail doesn’t get the best of me. I’m probably going to lose an hour or two dealing with shit I have to mail out.

The only pig-girl art I’ve ever liked by cyancapsule. I could use a little bacon.

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