Not a whole lot going on here – just Emmy’s pre-sex stuff and some energy toys for you all to play with for the most parts.

princess_bandoleer0.6.3 Changelog:

  • Emmy has been added to the DMZ. This jackal will sell you all manner of energy weapons and a few nice shields.
  • Gedan fixed TONS of bugs. TONS.
  • Bows got nerfed to the ground.
  • Jacques00 submitted a billion fixes and tweaks.
  • New busts from Shou for the Praetorians, Princess, and Queen Taivra.

There’s probably still a pile of bugs to sort through, and then I’m going to get to work on on the sexy funtimes with Emmy. RIght now I’ve got a pretty saucy cunnilingus scene that clocks about 600 words, and while it may be short, I think it’s one of my hotter bits of text.

Princess Bust by Shou!