This one’s for backers. It’s mostly just bug fixes, including a fix for an annoying error in penis descriptions. I’m going to push some new content off the backlog this week, then push a pubbie build the following week.

0.6.4 Changelog:

  • Lots of fixes courtesy of our local code-dragon and bug reporters just like you!
  • Adjusted appearance descriptions for tauric beings so they are not quite as explicitly equine.
  • Some fixes to make honeypot swelling actually result in more milk.
  • More typo fixes courtesy of myself (and bug reporters like you!)
  • Fixed a potential scene crash in phallus descriptions.
  • Shoot first no longer works for melee. Sorry!
  • Zil bows are now a rare drop.
  • Bow training with Tanis can no longer max out your aim. It stops at 50% of your possible maximum (and never goes above 25 – sorry high level characters who don’t exist yet).

I’d like to push a patch with some real content tomorrow, but I’m not going to overpromise (this time)! Definitely something this week, though. Today alone I’ve reviewed a female sydian encounter (pending some niggles over her proposed combat mechanics), upgrates for Beth’s Broads to let the PC encounter some other broads (pending Savin’s approval), and an educator at the thollum in Gildenmere (I’m about halfway through her 40 pages at the time of this writing).

Lots to do – gotta make up for lost time.