Hello, Alder here with a new Fall of Eden release. This one is slightly smaller than usual, due to several reasons. A few days lost staying home ill, some time spent on setting up a codex-like doc (spoiler heavy, find it on the forums if you are interested). Finally, I’ve started work on coding the upcoming Halloween content. Expect something playable next release.

Meanwhile, enjoy some new Lei content, written by Del.

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Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
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See changelog after the break for details.

Version 0.4k

  • Asche’s magic box now counts toward purchases for tasks
  • Added quest log entries for Vaughn’s second and third task
  • Added Lei’s first task + reward (you need to have talked to him about bodyguarding and offered first to get the sexy reward)
  • Added a sparring option to Lei. He’s quite tough
  • Did some body format restructuring, making the code more structured
  • Fixed a bug which would remove your naga body on loading a save
  • Sparring against Miranda actually gives you a slight xp boost now