1440030348.cyancapsule_emelie_s_big_dildo1920I actually don’t have that much to post about today. Work continues on writing my energy weapon shopkeeper. As usual, my writing is moving along at a glacial pace, but it is moving along – the document is about 18 pages long at the moment. She’s going to take some work to bang, and despite her overtly sexual appearance (constantly horny hermaphrodite in a suit so tight it may as well be shrinkwrapping), the PC doesn’t take interest unless you choose to.

I might wrap up her pre-sex stuff and just code her in as a stub of what she’s going to become so that I can dump out a new build tomorrow – that and bug fixes. Assuming that mail doesn’t get the best of me. I’m probably going to lose an hour or two dealing with shit I have to mail out.

The only pig-girl art I’ve ever liked by cyancapsule. I could use a little bacon.