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Chapter 7: Potential Solutions

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The interior of the examination room was cold and spartan. The floor gleamed under the glo-lamps, recently cleaned with some strong-smelling cleanser, and the examination table was barely padded. Cass made a show of climbing onto it, lifting one leg and then the other, sensuously arching her back before twisting up into a sitting position. Old instincts had her come to rest with her knees together, but a nagging itch in her cream-filled slit slowly edged them apart.

Cass placed her hands alongside her and kept her posture, pressing her tits forward for effect while she thought. Everything was coated in a candy sheen of awesome. It was like imperfections just ceased to exist. She didn’t notice the mole just south of the nurse’s ear. She saw good bone structure and the face that the girl could have after a trip to a beauty parlor… or the treatment. Now there was a new idea. The treatment had seemed so bad when she had first took it, but now, she had big, sensitive tits that felt so good to play with. And there was no denying how positively euphoric it left her. What if everyone could feel like this?

Oblivious to Cass’s internal deliberations, the nurse reviewed her patient’s paperwork. There were too many cases for the doctors to handle alone. Thus, she had been reluctantly pressed into service. It was exhausting, dealing with all the new plagues, poxes, and injuries that were coming her way. Dealing with an exotic bimbofication drug would actually be a breath of fresh air, if it was real. She’d seen enough mentally ill patients to know there was a good chance of sexually-charged hypochondria.

The nurse flicked her eyes up to her patient and could not help but blush. If the big-breasted girl was making this up, she was doing a fantastic job of it. For one, she was a local, which meant her medical records were on file. The measurements on her old chart didn’t match the anxious-looking bimbo on the table at all. One had A-cups at best. The other had well-formed DD’s, the kind that defied gravity just enough to get by without a bra. She either had a top notch surgeon or got some quality body mods.

And the forms the girl had filled out! They seemed outlandish in the extreme, but it was easy to trace the degrading intelligence in the loops and whorls of the increasingly girlish writing. The nurse tried not to blush. Her interest in this case extended beyond her own professional courtesy. Bimbofication and sluttification were something of a secret fetish of hers – something she would enjoy by herself on a lonely night before purging her local extranet history and falling asleep. And now she had a big breasted girl wrapped in what amounted to black shrinkwrap eyeing her up and down like an entree. The nurse quieted the fluttering beats of her heart and summoned up every ounce of professionalism she had.

Hello, as you can see, we’re a bit overcrowded today.” She tried to keep her eyes from zeroing in on Cass’s engorged nipples, “so I’ll be taking care of you today. My name is Shelly by the way. So, Cass, is it?

The bimbo on the table nodded and curled a finger in her crimson mane.

Shelly shivered and willed the length in her panties to stay soft. She wasn’t entirely successful. Nor did her worry stop her pussy from juicing. Part of being a dzaan alpha meant having both sets of genitals, not that her people had ever considered her a real alpha anyway. Her length might have been normal sized on a terran male, but for her people, it was pathetically small. She was lucky that none of the stronger alphas had added her to their harems. So, she left her people behind. At least here, she could help people.

Clearing away the unwarranted thoughts, Shelly began asking Cass some basic questions about how she was feeling while pulling up every available scrap of information on the treatment on her datapad.

Cass’s answer was as automatic as it was succinct. “Horny.” The hand that had been twirling her hair dipped down to her breast to finger at an engorged nipple. “Good too.

Those are pretty much expected given the nature of what you’ve been dosed with. It says here that you did it to yourself, is that right?

Cass shifted nervously at the memory. It was confusing, because she could remember how scared and mad she had been when it happened. That felt wrong though. She loved her new tits, and her slit felt so good all gummed up with cum. It was like, natural, or something. Her lips pouted in a way that compelled Shelly to imagine herself sliding between them. “Yeah. It was… an accident, I think. I was all pissed off because I figured I’d wind up sucking dicks and mooing all day instead of making my deliveries.” Cass tilted her head as a new idea occurred to her. “I didn’t even think about installing a milker in the cockpit or getting a handsome co-pilot!” She couldn’t help it, she bounced in place and her legs pushed as far apart as the table would allow. All the motion sent her tits swaying hypnotically, dragging their tips back and forth against the inside of the jumpsuit’s smooth fabric. She didn’t question why they felt so slick and wet.

Oh,” Shelly answered while trying to suppress a moan. Seeing this oversexed cat-girl turned half-cow wallowing in her own nymphomania was too much. Her cock, in spite of the medical-grade tape and tight panties, filled. The blood rushing to it pushed it out of the top of the failing garments before bending them down and out of the way. It pushed against the ruffles of her uniform’s skirt, lifting it up enough for her patient to get a glimpse of her lacy whites. There was a six inch elephant in the room, and Shelly was too shocked by her sudden erection to talk.

Cass was ready for it. She wasn’t sure how, but she was able to pick out the scent of the nurse’s dick as soon as the kui-tan’s potent aroma had faded. The vaguely musky, earthy aroma of the alien nurse had seemed slightly out of place when she came in, but when confronted with the sight of her eager rod, Cass admitted that it suited her. The treated girl’s tongue bathed her lips in a preparatory coat of polish, and she did what came naturally. She dropped to her knees.

A small part of her struggled through the waves of euphoria and twisted the offer coming out of her mouth into something slightly less obscene. “I’ll take care of that while you find me a cure, okay?” The naughtiness of servicing someone uniformed and working, pushed back, taking complete control of her mouth once more. This nurse had wanted her even without smelling her pussy, her strawberry scent. She thought Cass was hot! And she was pretty cute too. She deserved a reward for all the hard work she was going to do on Cass’s behalf, that’s all.

Shelly started to nod, but Cass had already opened her mouth and lifted the skirt up over her head. From the nurse’s point of view, the pillowy white fabric looked almost like a wedding veil. Wet, plump lips kissed her aching cockhead. It was too much for the poor dzaan; she came, the bosomy cat-girl’s request taking a backseat to the need to pump as much of her cum into a willing hole as possible. Shelly grabbed Cass by the back of the head and thrust, slamming the willing cocksucker’s face square into her pubic mound, just in time to unload the creamy ropes of cum straight into her stomach. The hermaphrodite’s eruption was much larger than Kaede’s in spite of her small size, and it left Cass with a full, satisfied feeling in her belly.

Moaning, “Oh, you’re the best,” the nurse slumped back against the white-painted wall. Her fervent dicklicker was still lazily tonguing her half-hard rod, cleaning a different kind of paint from Shelly’s flesh. It was a slow, professional cleansing – the kind a savings-destroying galotian prostitute might have given, if Shelly had the funds. It was her first time receiving a blowjob, and the first time anyone had sampled her cum. Wondering if her little tool’s juices would have as strong of an effect as any other alpha’s, Shelly started to harden once more. Cass did not react. She continued to bob happily on the dick. It felt too good not to.

Torn between her desire to help this poor, lost girl and the desire to cum down her throat until she was chemically hers, Shelly turned back to her datapad and tried to focus over the sensation of a smooth tongue effortlessly making love to every ridge and vein. The documentation on this “treatment” thing was neverending – dozens of pages of information on common information sites and hundreds of articles in the medical journals.

Some of the planets around New Texas had apparently worked out a way of halting the transformation. There was no known way to reverse it, however. Those afflicted with it never seemed to want to pursue a cure for long. The mental changes, even in those caught early on, typically had the girl so happy all the time that going back to normal was out of the question. There was not a single case of depression in the books for anyone treated – in the entire galaxy. The men didn’t even get the same euphoric payload out of it, and they still loved it.

Shelly put a hand on the back of the treated girl’s head and pumped her dick in and out of the fuck-pillows. She’d never done anything like this before, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. Her genes had declared her to be an alpha, and even with a small dick, the instincts were still there. The datapad could be worked one-handed easily enough. Cass gurgled her approval in between sucking droplets of pre-cum straight out of her dick.

While the dickgirl nurse was busy guiding Cass’s lazy sucks into faster, slobbering mouth-fucks, the dizzy cat-girl tried to think. It didn’t work all that well. Her treated brain was fizzy with pleasure, and her endocrine system was chock-full of exotic chemicals. Suckling the phallus in her mouth contented her, and her heavy tits radiated the strangest fullness. She idly rubbed at them and tried to figure out what she would do next. Nothing came to mind. Maybe Shelly would tell her?

Resisting the siren call of Cass’s plush cocksuckers was impossible. They tickled at the most primordial parts of Shelly’s alien brain, switching on long-dormant circuits. She nearly dropped the datapad when she realized she could fuck this girl as much as she wanted. She could breed her. Cass wouldn’t even mind. She’d love it. With a shaky hand, Shelly placed her tablet on a nearby shelf. The mental changes were in full effect anyway. All that was left to do was let the cat-girl finish her transformation into a cow-girl. Her ears had already shifted their shape a little. They flopped a little with each back-and-forth slide.

Mmm, why don’t you get out of that jumpsuit,” Shelly suggested while running her hands through Cass’s luxurious mane. “I’m going to take care of you.” She felt guilty saying it, but in a way, it was the truth. Cass would be better off in her company than left to wander the halls of the station alone. She’d help the curvy cat run her business in exchange for some more blowjobs. Maybe they’d even stop back for another dose of the treatment. Apparently some dickgirls just got bigger, bestial dicks, like the males. Oh, and bigger balls. She didn’t think about what would happen if she got the full, female effects, but her pussy got wetter anyway.

The Xenogen Biotech jumpsuit that Cass had been wearing practically took itself off once the seam was deactivated. Her weighty bosom yanked it apart, revealing an expanse of cleavage that made Shelly’s mouth water. When those orbs were finally freed, they swayed in the most delightful way, dripping drops of white to the floor. Cass had started lactating! It was a meager flow for now, but over the next couple days, she would get to the point where they needed constant tending. Shelly battled the urge to take a sample on the spot. The biological compulsion to drill the cat-cow from behind overpowered it, for now.

Cass felt the nurse’s hands peeling the onyx fabric away from her swelling rump and moaned as it separated from her sticky sex. The scent of strawberries dipped in spooge radiated from her slit like heat from a foundry. She hadn’t considered the cock-toting medic’s suggestion at all; she had just done it. It felt great too, giving herself over to another. This wasn’t like Kaede, where she had seduced her friend into action. Here, she was simple, willing flesh that thrilled and dripped on command. She was dizzy on Shelly’s tangy cum. Her eyes had dilated slightly, and all she wanted was to make that dick happy until it gave her more.

Shelly assumed Cass’s state was entirely the result of the treatment. She didn’t bother to consider that her own cum could be driving the tarted-up, feline cow into further docility. Instead, she put her better sense behind her and pushed her saliva-soaked rod into the redhead’s sodden box. The moment her glans pressed between Cass’s velvet lips, she knew she never wanted to go without experiencing this ever again. New muscles in the treated girl’s tunnel caressed her from all sides while pulling her rod deeper inside.

There was no way for the dickgirl to hold back after feeling that. She had never claimed a pussy as her own before, but she was somehow aware that a passage this divine would never exist on a normal woman, not even one of her own species. This cunt was designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to please. It existed to bring about orgasms as often as possible for its owner and her lovers. Shelly couldn’t help herself. She put her hands on Cass’s shoulders and started thrusting as hard and fast as her body would allow.

The examination room filled with the hard slaps of flesh hitting flesh. Cass’s enlarging clitoris, protruding from her slit like a pea from its pod, sizzled every time the alpha’s sweaty balls swung forward to slap against it. Shelly’s dick throbbed with every deep pound. Pulling back, she trailed thick strands of mixed goo, and when she thrust back inside, she left huge blobs of her own pre in their place. Her sack contracted in the strawberry-scented air, and she let loose with a guttural cry, releasing a deluge of freshly-brewed seed into Cass’s womb. There, it mixed with Kaede’s, bathing a few eggs in alabaster virility.

The feeling of cum hitting her inner walls set Cass off. How could it not? It was the ultimate, life affirming experience. It was like a fulfillment of purpose, like the universe itself was telling you that everything was all right and that it loved you. Girlcum bathed Shelly’s contracting balls, and milk squirted in narrow streams to puddle on the floor. Both her tits were cumming, and the triumvirate of ecstasy-riddled erogenous zones pushed her beyond her capacity to feel, expanded though it was. Cass’s eyes rolled back, and she dropped onto the floor. Luckily her expanded breasts were there to catch her.

Slipping out of the well-fucked cat-cow, Shelly panted, trying to catch her breath. There was no way she could let this one go, even if it meant abandoning her job here. It had been nice, helping the sick and wounded, but it was nowhere near as thrilling as the idea of zipping around the galaxy in Cass’s ship. Gathering some of the sweet juices off her dick, she tasted them, curious if her prize’s flavor was as rich as her scent. It was. It was pure, sweet, juicy, strawberries. She resolved to eat out Cass the next time she was getting sucked off.

The nurse didn’t need to do much to fix herself up. She tucked her dick back into her panties and reveled in the wet feel of her new friend’s juices on her skin. Then, she brushed a few errant violet locks back into place. Perfect. No one would know she had dumped two huge loads into a patient moments ago.

Cass struggled up into a sitting position. Alabaster goo rolled out of her bubblegum pink slit to pool on the floor between her splayed legs. She looked up at the nurse, wide-eyed and searching for approval. Her pupils were dilated.

Shelly gave her a warm, affectionate smile, and said, “You were great, Cass.

The bimbo-kitten grinned exuberantly. She couldn’t motivate herself to talk or do much of anything, so she shifted to present the best outline of her bust and busied herself sampling her milk. It was heavenly.

Shelly steeled herself. Time for a bit of honesty. “Look, I, uh… I’m not sure if you’re really going to understand me at this point, but there’s not really any way to counter the treatment out here. The mental effects are pretty well developed, and your body isn’t very far behind.” She hated seeing the dejected look that spread over the new minted cow’s face and offered, “I know your ship and business were important to you, and well… I’d like to help you keep it running, if it’s okay with you.” A selfish part of her added, “I’d even let you use my dick whenever you wanted,” knowing full well her patient would have a hard time turning down such an offer.

Two things happened to Cass while Shelly was making her offer. The first was a sudden clearing of her head, just like before. She was still aware of how amazing her body felt, but she was able to think about something else, at least for a while. The second was the realization that the dickgirl wanted her to talk. Suddenly, opening her mouth was the most important thing in the world, and the words poured out. “Really? That would be amazing. I do understand you by the way, though I’m not sure why. I’d guess it’s some treatment variant – one that ties intelligence to orgasms or cum. I’d have to look it up to be sure. Your offer is incredibly generous, and I-

Shelly interrupted her, “Fuck, really?” It was impossible to keep the surprise off her face, but part of her was secretly glad. She’d rather Cass – the Cass that could think – want this arrangement with her faculties about her. Something that she had been reading nagged at her, and she fumbled for her datapad, scrolling through it in a hurry, hunting for the useful passage.

Yeah, really. I’m definitely clear now. I mean, I don’t think I’d want to turn down sex – it feels too good now, you know? But I could navigate by hand if I wanted to right now,” Cass answered, watching curiously. She added as an afterthought, “Do you want me to?

Shelly shook her head, ignoring the request. She found the desired passage and read it aloud. “Girls with this particular mutation find their priorities and intelligence restored to galactic normal after receiving vaginal contact with fresh sperm. The effect will persist anywhere between thirty minutes and two hours, at which point it will gradually taper off, acting like an accelerated version of the mental transformation brought on by the treatment. Some girls report longer lasting periods of clarity and slower loss of intelligence when filled with larger or more virile loads.

Cass nodded slowly when Shelly’s eyes fell on her. Her drooping ears perked up as a question occurred to her. It looked like the nurse expected her to say something. “The last time this happened, it was different. I didn’t feel so… so obedient.” She scrunched up her nose as she thought. On the old Cass, it would’ve been cute. On the new one, it was positively adorable. “Like, I’m only asking this question because I feel like you expect me to ask questions and say things. Is that another effect from the treatment?

Shelly smiled guiltily. “That’s an effect of my… cum. It uh… it fades with time unless you keep taking more. I can fix that though.” She leaned down to Cass and took the cow-girl’s chin in her hand, tipping her pouting lips back until they were inches apart and eye to eye. She spoke quietly and slowly, with absolute sincerity in her voice, “What I want you to do more than anything else is be yourself, whether that’s a smart ship captain or a cum-crazed cow-girl, okay? The sexiest thing you could be to me… is yourself.

Cass shuddered, and for once, she kissed someone of her own volition. If picking up a horny, dickgirl nurse would let her stay free and give her all the pleasure her treatment-enhanced body could handle, well… that was just fine.


Chapter 8: Slipping Free

3604 words, blowjob, bimbofication, sensory overload, lactation, big tits, luscious lips

Cass, practically glowing, sashayed out of the clinic. Where once she had unremarkable hips, she now bore a widened gait that forced her to wiggle with every step. If she kept her feet together, a visible gap between her legs would leave her camel toe on display. The skintight jumpsuit didn’t help any. The fabric was so sheer that Cass could feel the station’s tenants running their eyes over the swollen, cum-soaked nub of her clit. Their curious gazes and embarrassed reactions would’ve sent her scurrying into a corner to die of shame before, but today, she had a hard time feeling anything other than pride.

She smiled wider and picked up her pace, reveling in the feel of double cumloads squishing against her Treatment-enhanced netherlips as she pranced toward her ship. It was hard not to smile. Her mind was as clear and sharp as it ever was before, yet her thoughts and emotions carried an undercurrent of sensory bliss that was hard to ignore. Her biggest fear – reduced intelligence – could be countered by a simple quickie in a back room, and any lingering shame she felt at fucking her wits back was boiling away under the heat of her sexual awakening.

Brushing past a leering rahn, she licked her puffy, expanded lips on her way to the hangar, marveling at the taste of Shelly’s lingering flecks of cum. Cass doubted she’d ever tire of that taste. It was like a mouthful of almond-flavored champagne – no, it was like sweet wine with a hint of walnut. Every time she tried to pin down the flavor, its tang would flutter across her tastebuds in a whole new way. Not that the actual flavor mattered, of course. The cum-stuffed cow-cat gave up on comparing her lover’s taste and focused on the important fact: Shelly’s cum was fucking delicious.

Cass resolved to blow her friend once they were underway. The Dzaan had told her that she needed to go to New Texas post-haste, and the increasingly curvaceous kaithrit had a hard time caring why. She was too busy surfing on a wave of enhanced sensations and total sexual satiation. Even with the ability to think more clearly, it was hard to bother.


Tiptoeing out the staff entrance, the dzaan nurse wasn’t far behind. Luck, however, was not on her side. She bumped into a male colleague while trying to slip her daybag past the automatic door.

Worse yet, it was R’kch. The hulking speinstrin orderly had never really liked her. His race could read pheromones like others read holonovels, and Shelly’s pheromones were anything but normal.

The gray-skinned alien impassively folded his arms across his chest. Both were thick enough to easily stop her if their owner was so inclined. His creased brow had taken on the cast of a thundercloud. “Your shift isn’t over for another three hours. Where you going, nurse?

R’kch always did that – overemphasized the word nurse. She suspected it was a way of mocking what he saw as a lack of femininity. Shelly had to get out of this fast, before he smelled all the sex on her… or anyone checked the exam room. There was no way to clean up all juices that had fallen on the floor. She’d never make it off station if they thought she’d taken advantage of a patient.

I had a family emergency,” Shelly gambled. She was never much of a liar, but then again, this wasn’t entirely a lie. Cass was going to be in a family way very soon, if she wasn’t already. The nurse tried to look worried; it wasn’t hard, though her worry was more about getting kept away from her bovine-afflicted kitten than any relative.

Fortunately, R’kch bought it. “Whatever. You better not be dumping another slime flu patient on me.

The lithe nurse squirmed past him. “Nothing of the sort.” Another truth used to serve the purpose of a lie. Maybe she was better at it than she thought.

Her heels clicked noisily as she walked down the hall towards the hangar, trying to appear unhurried. Her dick, hastily crammed back into her panties, was getting hard again. She cursed herself for not taping it down better, feeling it snake up out of the waistband to make a very unladylike lump in the frilly white fabric – her blessing and her curse. Dzaan alphas were called that for a reason. They often accumulated extended harems and had libidos to match. Once a dzaan got it in her head that she was going to fuck someone, there was no stopping her erection. Shelly was no exception. Her cock felt like it was going to tear her panties off any second now.

The nurse, still wearing her uniform, forced her way through the crowds, following the double-stuffed slut’s directions. The further she walked, the more engorged her erection became, jutting further and further out of concealment. True, it was technically covered, but she doubted that anyone could miss it either.

She blushed, feeling her balls churning up a fresh load for her Treated cumslut, and sprinted the rest of the way to Cass’ ship. The sensation of her cockhead bouncing back and forth beneath the silken fabric soon had her smearing it with pre. The web of pre-ejaculate only thickened as she wound her way between the starship hulls.


By the time Shelly was climbing up the gangplank, Cass had finished applying her lip gloss. It was a gift from a friend years back, forgotten in a time of a drab, everyday existence with small boobs and not a whole lot of excitement. The kaithrit cow took in her changed face in the ship’s bathroom while layering on layer after layer of the gleaming cosmetic.

She was hot.

There was no denying it. Old, unchanged, unfucked Cass would’ve been jealous of a keen-eyed girl wearing a face like that. Vapid, cum-hungry Cass of an hour ago would’ve tried to seduce her. The new Cass… the one she got to be right now… she merely smiled and painted on another layer. Blemishes had vanished from her brow. Her cheeks had smoothed, giving a flawless complexion that would render makeup unnecessary. That would be fine, she figured. She hadn’t liked makeup before.

Nubby horns had finally appeared on her forehead. She poked one, thinking it might hurt. It felt much the same as poking a fingernail. Not really bad, just different. The surfaces of the horns were smooth, as if lightly buffed, and her hair would catch on them in the cutest ways, framing a gleaming pair of angel bow lips. She caught a lock and looked at it. Had it lightened? She narrowed her eyes and considered what she was seeing. It definitely had. Those strands were still red-tinged, but near the roots they had turned almost strawberry blonde.

Putting down the tube, she looked at the girl in the mirror. That girl looked like she wanted to have fun, and lots of it. She was the kind of girl that would go out to a club wearing next to nothing, all to tease and titillate until she wound up wrapped around a hunky alien’s arm. Cass used to hate girls like that. Now? She realized she had been a little jealous of them. They were free and dared to put themselves out there while she had hidden away in her ship, resentful.

Well, that was going to change right now! Cass picked the tube back up and smeared on one more layer of lip gloss. The door hissed open, revealing a very drippy Shelly. Droplets of pre splattered the seam of the portal between them.

The orange-skinned nurse blushed so deeply she nearly turned crimson, but it didn’t stop her dick from throbbing so hard that her skirt jerked upward, splattering flecks of clear goo across Cass’ increasingly sex-stained jumpsuit. “Ohh… sorry.

The cum-stuffed cow-girl flicked her doubled tails behind herself, ignoring the way their tips had poofed out, and grinned mischievously. Everything was going according to plan! Accessing Treatment-gifted ideas, she wrapped one hand around Shelly’s length and stroked. Her fingers knew exactly where to fall. They flowed across the leaking prick like water, and she purred in the back of her throat, employing her feline heritage to its fullest. “Shelly, babe, have you ever flown a starship?

Shelly inhaled sharply, involuntarily thrusting herself against Cass’ relentless palm. It was cute, the way her eyes started to roll back before focusing in on the bimbofied cat-cow’s own. They held a questioning, unsure look that was swiftly borne away on a tide of phallic pleasure.

Cass winked back, still pumping, and teased, “If you can’t fly this ship, how am I going to give you a blowjob while you drive?

The dzaan alpha struggled with that. She’d have to give up the handjob, at least for a little bit, but the payoff would be more than worth it. Moaning, she struggled to find the words. “I have my license b-but…” Shelly whimpered and withdrew, panting now. “I’ve never flown anything like this before. You’ll have to help me.” She tossed her cum stained skirt away. It hit the wall with a splat, ever so slowly sliding toward the floor. “In between licks.

Cass’ mind thrilled as she licked the dzaan’s wonderful lubricant from her fingers. Her pleasure-hungry hindbrain and starplotting cortex would both get to engage at once. There was no hiding from the fact that she was getting addicted to the pleasure her enhanced body offered, true. Her pussy sang to her of the delights it could provide, each lip in harmony with the other. Her clit pounded out a bass line, linked to so many neurons in her pleasure centers that she knew touching it would be as good as a full body massage. Even her mouth felt puffy and swollen with erotic potential. She loved to feel it seal around her finger while she suckled the last drops of her lover’s hallowed goo from her digit. Even her tongue was getting flat and smooth, remade for pleasure. Oral was going to be awesome.

Shelly walked toward the cabin – no, cockpit – with an excited wiggle. Cass followed, still thinking. Would she wind up a slave to her traitorous nervous system? And not just when her intellect was focused on sexual exploits. Would the pleasant tingles and shivers from her cunt slowly eat away at her desires to do anything but fuck and suck? She tugged a nipple. It was a test, she told herself. Of course it felt divine. Cass’ pussy dribbled into her suit, carrying out some of the cum. Sighing, she released the troublesome nub and sank to her knees alongside the captain’s chair – her chair.

No. It wasn’t her chair anymore. It was Shelly’s now, or would be when she lost herself in her next erotic haze. Her thoughts blew away her excitement like a chill morning breeze.

Cass, what’s wrong?” Shelly was looking at her, concern in her eyes.

A smile tugged at the corners of the bovine kaithrit’s mouth, though she felt little joy. The nurse was considerate and caring, even when she was desperately in need of relief. Cass could read her friend’s unwavering desire in every pumping vein of the steel-hard cock. “I just realized… I can’t be the captain anymore.” She looked away. “What good is a captain who can’t think about anything but making everyone around her get off?

She added, “I’d wind up crashing us into a black hole in an hour tops.

Shelly graced her with a warm, caring smile, though worry never left the corners of her violet eyes. “Kitten…” She didn’t know where the pet name came from, but it felt right. “…you’ll always be the captain, but even the best captains know when to let their first mate take the wheel.” She flicked her eyes towards the juice-filled divide at the junction of Cass’ thighs, remembering the cum that had gotten there before her. “…Or in my case, second mate. Look, it doesn’t matter! If we don’t get out of here soon, I’ll probably wind up in the jail, and you’ll probably wind up in a brothel. Just start this thing and I’ll explain my plan on the way.

The fear in her voice lent Shelly’s voice an air of command. Cass reached up and punched in the activation sequence without thinking. “Once the engines are running, you’ll need to engage the hovercoils and retract the landing gear.” She spoke quickly, as fearful of the scenario as her friend. Her finger stabbed into the display to send off a copy of the same flight plan she had filed for her last trip to New Texas. “Then just ease the throttle forward. Maneuvering should be the same as with smaller ships – just a little slower. Coordinates for the gate are in the computer.

Cass shook her head; her body had acted on autopilot – like when she was in the Treatment’s sexual daze. Only, she was back to normal. She remembered the effects the dzaan’s cum had on her, the way it made her even more docile and obedient. Shelly had freed her from that, she thought, but in times of stress, the alien nurse still seemed capable of compelling her. Cass shrugged to herself. There was nothing to do about it. Accepting inevitabilities was something she was getting uncomfortably good at.

Instead of worrying about it, she turned back to her friend’s dick. She could pick out its unique smell, the pheromone fingerprint that was buried under layers of cum, pre-cum, and her own pussy juice. It was beautiful, like a work of art, and Cass would have been blind to it days ago. She gingerly extended her finger to stroke it as she felt the acceleration compensators kick in, letting her feel only the barest hints of inertia. The pheromone cloud grew stronger. Cass barely remembered to ask what the plan was.

Shelly made an approving-sounding sigh. “You are way too good at that, Captain Kitten.” The orange-skinned alien smiled at her, barely keeping the ship straight as it exited the hangar into the cold void. At the same time, her rod slipped into a wet enclosure that felt as warm and radiant as a sun.

Cass spoke quietly around the dzaan’s still-dribbling tip. “The plan?” Part of her wanted to exult in someone calling her captain. Part of her wanted to strangle Shelly for attaching a pet name to the title. The rest of her wanted her to take her lacquered lips to the base of that wonderful smelling prick and slowly suck. She could thank her friend and complain later. She slipped lower.

Shelly tried, to her credit. She really did. She’d open her mouth and get a syllable out, but Cass’ tongue would hit her just right, stealing the dick-girl’s thoughts away with eager fellatio.

Cass could taste herself, still. Like strawberries. Did it matter that she used to think vaginas were gross? Not really, Cass decided around the mouthful of cock. She used to think broccoli was gross too. She swirled her tongue around Shelly’s girth, cleaning off the thick coat of sexual juices. Her throat bobbed, swallowing. She’d never get tired of these flavors. At least she was liking more things instead of less. Even with her mind intact, she was coming to enjoy being Treated.

The only sounds above the constant thrum of the ship’s power core were the beeps of the control console and the noisy slurping emanating from Shelly’s crotch. Cass was working her faster and faster the further they got from the station, displaying an eagerness for sucking cock that would prove constant across her varied mental states. The cow-cat marvelled. It was like veils were being pulled away from her mind. Sucking dick was awesome! She could twirl her tongue and make Shelly gasp. She could suck deep into the back of her throat and listen to appreciative groans. Those inches of sensitive flesh were like a control panel for the lusty nurse.

Cass whirled her tongue and shivered when tasty droplets burst from the tip. The nurse wasn’t cumming yet, but her pre was getting thicker and tastier by the moment. The kaithrit’s gloss-painted lips glittered in the cabin’s varied lights as they slid up and down the pole. She hollowed her cheeks, sucking, tugging at her lover’s dick with physics-powered pleasure. Her tongue flicked out across the dzaan’s sack, smearing it with saliva until it gleamed. The skin there was salty and warm. It touched the deepest depths of Cass’ brain. She wanted what was inside there. She wanted the cum.

Finding the seam in her onyx suit, Cass’ hands peeled it open. Two fresh, bouncing jugs spilled out, capped by nipples that looked painfully erect. Thin white streams dribbled down the undersides immediately. She tugged them unthinkingly. Cascades of pleasure and desire were rolling across her consciousness with so much force that there was hardly room for anything else. Her world dissolved into eager, creative slurping and the feeling her fingers closing tightly around her nipples. She tugged. Her milk let down. Her pussy wept juices. Most importantly, she came.

Shelly’s cock didn’t even have the good sense to give her a mouthful when she wanted, but it did pulse eagerly. The orange skin at her crotch was starting to shine as brightly as the kaithrit’s glossed lips, covered in coat after coat of spit and secondhand beauty product. Cass wasn’t slowing either. The black fabric at her crotch got even darker. At long last, the space-age material failed under the constant fluid output. Cum welled up through microscopic rents, dripping out. Milk hosed over it all. Meanwhile, Cass kept bobbing up and down, her eyelids closed, hiding the way her eyes had rolled back and her pupils dilated.

When Shelly finally did cum, Cass didn’t visibly respond. Her hands kept frantically milking a tide of creamy milk across the deck. Her thighs were still quivering. But she did respond with her mouth, twisting her tongue into a cum-catching channel that would pour every drop right into her belly. Her throat opened instinctively, and she gleefully accepted what felt like a gallon of heavenly goo directly into her waiting belly. The best part was getting to taste it while it flowed over her tastebuds.

Cass’ mouth didn’t stop sucking, squeezing, or tugging until the dzaan’s load was fully expended. Every single drop was cared for, savored, and devoured. The pleasure-wracked penis was worshipfully cleaned of every drop. When it emerged, it gleamed, polished with spit and lipgloss. It was beautiful. The euphoric bimbo crossed her eyes to focus on it, tugging on her teats with thought-smothering enthusiasm.

Damn, Kitten!” Shelly protested, slumping weakly into the chair’s padding. The cabin air was redolent with sexual scents, strawberry and otherwise. The both breathed in lungfuls of it, but only Shelly bothered to talk. “I don’t think I’ll be able to tell you much of anything while you’re doing that.

Cass noted, clinically, that the nurse’s erection had stayed hard. She tore her attention away from it reluctantly, a little dazed. The clarity granted by her satiated pussy hadn’t started to fade yet, but living in the moment had been so wonderfully freeing. She batted lashes that seemed longer than they ought to be and fixed her gaze on Shelly’s eyes. They were the most brilliant purple. “I didn’t hear you complaining! Besides, you said I was the Captain here, and the Captain wanted to thank you.” She found a droplet of precum on the orange woman’s thigh and lapped it up, her tongue wiggling sensuously.

When Cass looked back up, her eyes were misted with moisture. “You’ve been good to me. Better than most would be.” She kissed the trembling penis. “Thank you.

Shelly hooked a finger under Cass’ chin and tipped the newly-minted bimbo’s head back. Cass’ lips were puckered invitingly, and she didn’t even realize it. It was her new default look. The drained dickgirl bent low and kissed her. Cass’ lips tingled, and her tits started dripping again. Didn’t she just empty those? She was melting into the oral lock, extending her tongue – Shelly broke away, smiling.

Hey!” Cass groused. “Why’d you stop!

The alien nurse rose, and gestured grandly to the chair. “Because I wanted the Captain to sit in her chair while I brief her on my idea.” She paused, looking very official despite her lack of pants, skirt, or undies. “Then I’m going to watch you go all brainless and slutty.” She grinned wickedly, eyes gleaming excitedly. “Then I’m going to fuck your brains back into you.

Cass climbed into her seat. Her boobs jiggled, but the dripping had stopped for now. “And what’s your idea?

Shelly explained, and Cass nodded. The dzaan was going to get herself treated, get a bigger, even more productive dick, and then she was going to fuck Cass so full of cum that the milky cat-cow wouldn’t have a problem thinking straight – wouldn’t have a problem doing her job. They could probably steal a milker from the hold for their own personal use. Maybe even sell the resulting cream.

Neither spent any time thinking about potential complications like pregnancy, but their bodies sure did. Dzaan alphas had famously virile sperm. Cass’ ovaries were so excited from the Treatment that they could almost glow. Her boobs hadn’t even finished growing yet. It was going to be a long, sensual journey.