Chapter 4: Bovine Awakening

2400 words, Breast and hip growth, Altered thought processes, Urges…

Cass awakened with her head feeling fuzzier than the time she drank a whole bottle of devarian wine, only this time without the pounding headache. In its place was a feeling of warmth and… rightness. It was the only way to describe the emotion, really. A wide smile spread across her face as she stretched while a new sensation rapidly made itself known to her. There was a weight on her chest, though it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was pleasant, in its own way, like having someone on top of you, snuggling.

Sitting up, the kaithrit blinked open her muzzy eyes and looked down. She had tits! There was a pair of bouncy boobs sitting right on her chest, and they were hers! Cass hugged them tightly to herself and giggled in delight. She hadn’t felt this wonderful since she first laid eyes on her ship! No, this was better! Boobs were way better than any rusty old junk-bucket. They couldn’t have been much bigger than B-cups, maybe C-cups if she was lucky. Cass hadn’t shopped for bras in so long that it was hard to judge, though she supposed she would get to catch up on it once she landed.

Once she landed… Wait. Oh shit! She had dosed herself with that bimbo-cow drug – the treatment or whatever they called it. Cass went into damage control mode, looking at the chronometer in alarm. Her arms stayed put on her chest, however. She had slept for ten hours straight! That left… She scrunched up her brow in thought… Two hours! She only had two more hours to go before she could land and get treatment for whatever this was doing to her.

Next up, Cass decided to take inventory on her body and mind. She had to know what was changing if she was going to fight it. Starting at her feet, she carefully examined her jumpsuit-encased form. They didn’t look any different, but her shins and thighs certainly looked shapelier. Thicker, and more muscular too! The kaithrit smiled a little wider as she traced a fingertip across her hips. They were definitely wider, at least two or three inches further apart than before. No one would confuse her for a boy with a body like this!

Cass’ waist was already narrow and trim, but she looked like she had two thirds of an hourglass figure. She supposed the extra mass on her breasts and hips had to come from somewhere. A rumbling grumble from below confirmed her suspicion; she was starving! She abandoned her inspection without even getting to her bust. No attempt was made to catalogue mental changes either. She had to eat!

Stumbling on her way to her quarters, Cass found that her normal stride didn’t serve her widened hips well. Bracing against the wall, she tried again, letting her body’s instincts guide her. She didn’t question where they came from or how she got them. The cat-girl just listened, letting her hips roll and sway in a gentle back and forth motion. She found that she could enhance the effect with a little focus, the resulting motion became positively lewd. It was the kind of movement that would make guys stare and follow after her, drooling.

Cass’ smile broke into a full-fledged giggle at that point. Why hadn’t she thought about doing that before? She was pretty plain before today, but she could make up for deficiencies like that with effort! She could have worn tighter clothes, gotten her hair done, and smiled more. Guys loved it when a girl smiled at them. It got them hard. Dreamily, she remembered the outline of Bryce’s cock in his pants. She had gotten him hard, at least.

Stopping in front of the food synthesizer, Cass’ grin finally left her face. She didn’t get guys hard like that before because she didn’t think like this before. She shook her head, trying to will the slutty thoughts away. They departed, but she was aware of a thrumming, low-level arousal that was keeping her nipples hard and her slit moist. Glancing down, the boob-toting cat-girl noticed that her sex had started to change too. Her lips were swollen with desire, giving her an exceedingly prominent camel toe. Cass’ cunt looked exceedingly fuckable. Even her clit was standing at attention, protruding out in a way that said, ‘Touch me. Squeeze me and see how quickly my legs spread.’

No, no, no… no! This wasn’t like her. Was it? She dialed an order of roasted fish and rice into the machinery to buy some time to think. Her thoughts seemed to come a little more slowly when she wasn’t thinking about sex, but when it came to fucking, ideas came to her as fast as moisture gathered in her cunt. Smiling at the sensation of warmth and wetness in her crotch, Cass realized she had forgotten to press the start button. Whoops! The machine dinged a second later, and she finally had what her body was craving.

Sitting down, the cat-girl dug into her meal with gusto. Her fork was practically a blur, speeding between her busily chomping mouth and plate with more gusto than she thought herself capable of. Manners took a backseat to expediting caloric intake. Cass’ open-mouthed, food-gulping display would have shocked her were she not so hungry. Before she knew it, her plate was empty, but her belly still rumbled with delirious ache. She needed more food.

Two more platefuls vanished before Cass’ rumbling gut felt satiated. The last one had been mostly greens. For some reason she was craving salad. Whatever. Her middle no longer looked like a starving model’s. There was a slight bulge of fullness in her tummy that nicely complemented her swelling bosom. She licked a smidge of dressing from her lip and squeezed her boobs. They were definitely C-cups at least. She was sure of it. Melons this nice deserved better than a B when it came to support.

Chewing on her lip, Cass wandered back towards her cockpit and plunked herself down in her chair, letting her legs spread open so that her lovely-looking snatch would be on display. Cockpit was definitely the perfect name for this room. She could lower the armrests, recline the chair a little further back and let someone… someone hung like Bryce… rail her through the long, lonely near-lightspeed journey. Maybe her titties would get big enough for her stud to suckle from, since everybody needs a pick me up in between massive cumshots, right? She could use one of those right about now.

The chronometer indicated there were only ninety minutes until her arrival at Tavros Station. Cass burped and wondered how to entertain herself until arrival. Oh! She could finish compiling her changes. Using computers and making lists and stuff were something she was good at. She didn’t really feel dumber, but she definitely seemed to be slipping up a little more than usual. Her smile came back. She just couldn’t seem to stay upset today. She was feeling really good. It must be the boobs. She finally had boobs!

Reluctantly, she stopped staring at her jugs and booted up a text editor. Finding the command to create a columned display took her a few seconds of idly clicking around, but she found it. She labelled the left side ‘pros’ and the right side ‘cons’. Cass didn’t really want to focus on anything negative right now, so she started with the pros.

First (and in all caps), the cat-girl wrote, ‘boobs.’ They were half the reason she had taken the treatment in the first place after all, and they looked great! The front of her skin-tight suit bulged out wonderfully around them, and her nipples, oh wow, her nipples! They had gotten bigger! How hadn’t she noticed earlier? The tips jutted out, each easily as thick as the medipen she had used yesterday, and the flesh around them was so puffy that you could trace the edges of them through her concealing garment. Cass hastily added ‘great nipples’ to her list, then she touched one. It felt like there was a buzzer running straight from it up into her brain, shooting good feelings into her whenever it got touched. She giggled and wrote ‘great nipples’ again.

Cass tapped her chin, letting one hand continue to circle and stroke around her pebbly, sensitive nub. The longer she touched it, the better she felt, which reminded her of how wonderful everything seemed since waking up. She felt.. eu… euph… super good! She penned ‘super good’ on the list and giggled. It was a complete understatement, but she didn’t want to stop to hunt for a better word when there were so many other things to document.

Next, she wrote ‘sexy cunt,’ and boy, was it ever! Cass pulled open the jumpsuit, peeling it down past her waist for a better look at her swollen pussy-lips. Normally they were pert and pink. Today, they were larger and redder, obviously needy and engorged. There wasn’t even any hair around it any more, just smooth, kissably wet skin. Her legs splayed wider. She had to see what such a fuckable twat felt like on the inside! Slowly, she rubbed her hand down across her dewy mound. It felt slippery and sexy and perfect in all the right ways.

Cass immediately curled her middle finger down and into her slit. It entered without any resistance. Her tunnel was even wetter than the entrance, and it felt wonderfully elastic. She was able to cram two more fingers in without a hint of discomfort. Cass’ eyes lit up. The treatment must have given her a cunt designed for fucking big boys, like Bryce! She giggled in ecstatic delirium and squeezed, discovering whole new sets of muscles and instincts inside her altered quim. Clamping down around her fingers, the strengthened tunnel rippled, milking her digits for all they were worth. If it was a cock inside her instead… she’d be able to wring every single drop from it.

It took more willpower than it should have to withdraw her slick hand from her sopping fuckhole, but Cass was determined to catalogue her changes now. She wouldn’t let herself be distracted, even if she was smearing pussy-juice all over the keyboard with one hand and twirling a nipple with the other. ‘Fuckable cunt’ found its way onto the list, followed shortly by ‘cock-milking muscles.’ She giggled at that one and wondered what it would feel like to be milked. Wasn’t that one of the things that was going to happen to her?

The topless woman in the chair stopped to think about that. She remembered that she didn’t always want to be milked. She definitely didn’t want to yesterday, but today… today she had tits. And great nipples! Her hand switched to the other side of her slowly-expanding bust automatically. Both sides needed affection, after all. Cass sagely considered the idea that her old opinion was one born out of jealousy. She had hated the milky cow-girls for having huge, perfect racks that got all the male attention, but now that she had her own, milking was definitely getting more palatable, wasn’t it? Her areolae felt tight, tingly, and sensitive. Every touch was pure pleasure. Having them suckled until she squirted would be great.

Cass giggled at that revelation. Of course flat-chested her didn’t want to get milked, she didn’t have the boobs for it. The new Cass would love it though. Her tits were nice and ached to be handled. Her own squeezes were nice, but having some big, strong hands working her teats, particularly hands that were used to dealing with such delicious breasts…. That would be perfect. Yes, when she started lactating, she would love it. The sensation emanating from her udders confirmed it.

Writing ‘milkgasms’ on the list, Cass decided she would try to think of any potential downsides. Immediately, she wrote down ‘dumb,’ ‘cow,’ and ‘bimbo.’ She paused after, considering the words on the display. Sure, cows were terran animals, but these were animal girls, not dumb milk-factories! She herself could be described as a cat-girl, an admittedly attractive one. Besides, giving milk would feel good. She was more and more sure of it with each passing second. Even if she wound up losing her pointy ears and getting silly cow ones, that wouldn’t be that bad. It was a cute look! Bryce would like it!

Cass deleted ‘cow’ and moved on. ‘Bimbo’ was still there. She remembered REALLY hating that word yesterday. It was like, a word for stupid girls who spent all their time focusing on being pretty and sex. She put both hands on her breasts to help her think. The rhythmic tugging seemed to focus her thoughts. Her cunt drooled down the insides of her partially-opened suit’s leggings. There was something wrong about her conception of bimbos. If they were stupid, well and truly dumb, then how come they were so much better at looking hot and getting fucked than supposedly smarter girls? Maybe… maybe bimbos were simply girls who excelled at social inter… things. Instead of reading or doing math, they learned how best to fondle a cock or to tease a man into her bedroom.

Stretching her leg, the cat-girl pressed the delete key with her toe, erasing the offending word. That was better. Being pretty and knowing her way around a dick were valuable life skills, ones that could make her feel even better. Her pussy practically bubbled in agreement. Dumb was the only con remaining, and Cass was pretty sure that she had that one figured out. The article had said her eye… I.Q. wouldn’t actually drop. The treatment was just reordering her priorities a little bit.

Worry crept into her expression, and Cass dutifully stopped tugging her nipples long enough to replace ‘dumb’ with ‘changing me.’ That was it. She was going to be different than she used to be. She supposed she already was. A sweet, almost strawberry-like taste on her tongue made her smile once more. She was cleaning her juices off her fingers again, and this time she didn’t want to stop. Her cunt not only felt great, it tasted great!

Cass went back for seconds, her list forgotten on the screen. One hand stayed on her enhanced chest, tugging at her nipples, unaware of the tiny, white droplets that were starting to fleck the fur on her forearms. The cursor onscreen blinked accusingly. Cass turned off the display with a toe. There were way more pros than cons, and every time her digits slipped inside her box, her eyes closed, imagining it was Bryce’s flared member slipping into her ready, fuckable pussy.

The cabin was starting to smell like cunt again, but it was a sweeter, more pheromone-dense aroma. Cass wondered if anyone at Tavros would want to see her cockpit.

Chapter 5: Wants and Needs

2600 words, need, exhibitionism, temptation, deflowering, shemale on female sex, squirting, potential impregnation.

The Cass that sauntered out of the rusted, well-used freighter and onto Tavros Station was a different woman from the asexual waif that set out on a mission a day ago. That girl had been thin, confident, and more concerned with profit and pride than base, sexual gratification. She wouldn’t recognize the attractive, slutty-looking kaithrit that practically oozed out onto the deck, catching the eye of every male in sight with her less than modest garb, unaware of just how well it exposed her body to any who dared look.

Cass’ mind reeled. She had planned to stop in at the clinic and get this ‘treatment’ stuff pulled out of her bloodstream before it did any more damage. It was making her feel all weird and gooey… particularly between the legs. She took a mincing step, trying to keep her legs together, feeling an immediate, palpable onset of wetness. Okay, she felt more than a little gooey. How was she getting horny already? She had just spent an hour lazily toying with her box, dipping slick digits in and out of her soaking-wet honeypot, flicking her thumb back and forth across her engorged clitty to cum again and again. The memories were making her wetter, and she froze in momentary indecision.

The ship was right there. She could run back inside and jill off until she had mastered her urges enough to navigate to the clinic. Only… as soon as she stepped back out here, the deckhands would look her way again, and she’d be slick once more. Her whole body felt primed and ready to fuck, and to be frank, it scared her a little. The list she had back in her cockpit – damn, she loved that name – had been great for assuaging her regretful conscience, but out here, in familiar territory, she realized that she didn’t want to just grab any old dick and fuck… yet. She could get a disease from that! Her thoughts shifted slightly on the backs of strengthened, new priorities: it would be best to fuck someone that she knew. Someone that cared about her. A cure could wait until her tits got a skosh bigger.

Cass’ plans to visit the clinic were forgotten once more, dismissed by a renewed focus on the slowly growing, insidious lust. Her fingers definitely wouldn’t cut it. They felt great – better than they ever had before, but she knew, deeply and instinctually, that the heat of a swollen cock stretching her walls would give her what her body craved. It would give her cunt a cum she’d feel all the way up in her swollen tits.

Licking her lips, the formerly plain cat-girl started walking, a vague plan assembling in her mind with speed and precision that would have stunned her former self. Kaede. Kaede lived on Tavros, and Kaede had a penis – no, a cock. It had been red and veiny with a big, thick bulb down at the base. At the time, the younger Cass had run away blushing, and Kaede hadn’t stopped stroking it. She must not have seen her friend peeking through the bathroom door.

Kaede wasn’t a stranger. She’d be clean… or clean enough anyway. The need was severe enough that things like STD’s wouldn’t dissuade her for long. Cass’ hands ran through her hair, idly arranging it to hang more pleasingly around her face. Teasing part of one bang down in front of her forehead, she finished her do and smiled, eager and vapid. Kaede’s door wasn’t very far off, and once Cass got in the door, she was sure her friend would help her. Never mind that neither of them had ever shown a hint of sapphic desire in all the years they had known each other. Cass was oozing sensuality, and Kaede had a dick. It was simple math: dick + cunt = fuck.

Behind her, the halls were lined with straining skirts, slick genitals, and pants that threatened to burst. She had managed to meet most of their gazes and extend a flirty wink or a saucy lick of her lips, all while pre-occupied with her plans.

Cass’ swaying hips slowly stopped swaying, letting her soaked bodysuit give one last, quiet squish as she settled into position in front of the door. She examined herself, judging herself to make sure she’d give her friend the erection she’d need. Her growing titties were nice and round, maybe D-cups now, and her nipples… wow! They were so puffy, and they were getting bigger to match her expanding mammaries for sure. Best of all, they were clearly outlined in the inky fabric that hugged her body like a glove. Her belly was taut, not overly muscled but lacking any significant deposits of fat. Rolling out to the sides, her hips weren’t bad either. She was still a little small in that department, but she was sure that focusing on her stride would keep Kaede’s eyes locked on her bubbly, suit-supported backside while she moved.

Whoa! Cass’ eyes widened as she was checking her back out. As a kaithrit, she was used to the comfortable counterbalances that her dual, cat-like tails provided, but they looked a little different now. The tips were seemed much fluffier, maybe a little more bovine in appearance? They were at an odd middle ground, and a flickering of doubt passed under Cass lust-hooded gaze.

The door opened before she could dwell on it. “Cass? Is that… you? What in the void happened to you, girl?”

Endorphins thrummed through Cass’ system. Her eyes flicked down to Kaede’s pajama-bottoms, picking out the subtle bulge of her friend’s canine sheath through the fabric’s folds with alacrity. She forgot to worry about going cow and smiled nervously. If she showed how eager she was feeling, her friend might shut her out, or worse, call the peacekeepers to get her to a clinic. The horny cat-girl played it cool. “I picked up some gene mods. Figured I could get better jobs if I looked a little prettier.” She placed a reassuring hand on her friend’s arm. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Cass,” Kaede yawned. She wiped bits of fuzz out of her eyes and stepped back to let her friend in. “The damned V.I. didn’t even wait for you to buzz before waking me.”

A tinny voice spoke through Kaede’s intercom speakers, “A guest has entered the apar-“

A boot slammed into an access panel, cutting the V.I. short. “Shut it, goddamnit! I got company!” Kaede growled.

Cass slipped into the apartment while her friend was distracted, leaving the irritated half-ausar to hold the door and fight with her virtual intelligence. She took the opportunity to settle down on the couch. Her legs spread on their own accord, and she didn’t even notice. After all, it wasn’t uncommon for the two of them to laze about like that, and it wouldn’t interfere with her plans. She eased the seal of her suit down to the halfway mark, exposing the top half of her creamy udders’ cleavage. Puffs of pheromone-laden scent, sealed inside from her long walk here, escaped, invisible.

Kaede turned after closing the door and stared for a moment. Her kaithrit friend had always been one to deny her sexuality rather than express it. Never in a million solar years did she think she’d see Cass in a vacuum-tight suit, sprawled on her couch with huge tits and an incredibly pronounced camel toe. She blushed and shook her head. “I guess you got all that from Xenogen, given the suit. Damn, how much did that cost you?” The half-ausar noticed breasts – boobs even – on her friend, and she could definitely catch the more feminine curvature of her friend’s waistline. It looked like a second puberty had snuck up on Cass and slammed her upside of the head with a sack full of sexuality.

The increasingly cow-like kaithrit, simmering in her own wetness by this point, answered, “Not too much. Let’s just say I found a way to pay for this without breaking my credit account.” Her mind was busy judging how horny her friend was by the blushing on her face, surreptitiously stealing glances for the tent she expected to spring up any moment now. Cass estimated the couch’s stability and the force she would put on it if she bent her legs up and let Kaede pound away at her. It would hold.

The half-ausar had started walking back over while the kaithrit talked, but she stopped halfway there, nose wrinkling. “Is that… a new perfume?” She audibly sniffed a few times. Her sheath visibly twitched, expanding.

Cass twirled her strawberry-colored hair and failed to suppress a giggle. Her hands lowered the suit’s seal to her navel. It was still technically modest – the sable fabric adhered tightly to her stiff nipples, hanging on tightly. The skin of her belly was soaked with sweat and a little of something else. She dimly realized the whole of her lower body was marinating in her leaking excitement. Every inch of her must smell like the sweet, sweet folds of her horny cunt.

“Cass… what… ooohhh, that is nice…” Kaede murmured, drifting closer, nose-first. Old instincts died hard. Cass’s well-licked fingers were testament to that. Twitching, the ausar’s length emerged at last. It was just the tip, but the cat-girl could see its rosy coloration practically glow through her friend’s nightie. It was bobbing to the beat of the shemale’s heart, swelling inches pouring out of the confines of her flesh and into the looser embrace of her silky garb. The bottom, where the knot would be, popped out a second later. Kaede’s nose was an inch away from Cass’ breasts, breathing hard. She could feel it on her nipples and failed to suppress a dreamy moan.

The dog-girl didn’t seem to notice. Her hands fell on either side of Cass’ head, gripping the couch in a grip that would be white-knuckled if it weren’t for the dusky fur, and her nose slipped between the cat-girl’s surprisingly slick mounds. Cass didn’t mind that her friend had just shoved her face into her tits. She didn’t mind that her free hand was edging her slinky one-piece’s seal lower either. Her pussy tasted fresh air, and she sighed. The air smelled strongly of her – fruity, almost like strawberries. It made her head swim and her friend’s nose edge closer, seeking the source.

Every single neuron in Cass’ brain was alight and firing at once, suffusing her body in perfect ecstasy and excitement. Her form quivered in the pre-orgasmic glow that treated girls got when they were about to get fucked, and she wasn’t even feeling it at full strength yet. She had never felt this good, not even cumming back on her ship. Fuck getting cured, Cass wanted to let this stuff go a little longer and see just how good it could make her feel. If you told her the apocalypse was coming tomorrow, she’d probably keep smiling and fucking until it took her.

Kaede’s ears felt great in the full-figured feline’s grip. Cass used them to pull the lusty half-ausar down her toned belly. The warmth of a saliva-coated tongue pressed against her skin, leaving a transparent trail behind. The dog-dicked woman shuddered, staining her shift with pre, and made a sound halfway between a groan and a canine growl. Cass’ only response was to guide her friend further south, pushing until Kaede was tasting strawberry-flavored pussy-juice, a scant few inches from her leaking delta, the source of her fruity taste.

Neither girl was fully in control of herself any more. Their bodies were on complete autopilot: Cass’ at the behest of rampant, new needs and Kaede’s driven by an artificial rut her friend’s pheromones had induced. The ausar pulled down, out of the cat-girl’s relatively feeble grip, burying her nose directly into the plump, leaking labia. Her tongue flicked out rapid fire, like some kind of fleshy spear, plunging into the folds again and again, replacing slick secretions with equally slippery saliva. She swallowed every drop of liquid Cass that she could get at, pushing her friend’s legs up as she did for easier access.

The kaithrit’s brain felt effervescent. She was bubbling over with sex, shuddering and shaking from sexual thrills that kept her thoughts scattered and her plans simple. “Fuck,” was her mantra and “Suck” her creed. Her thighs quivered when Kaede found her clit, and a bomb went off in her head. Squirts of girlcum erupted from her like a geyser. Cass had never squirted before; it felt like every single one of her worries and concerns had been melted down into a molten tide and shot out through her channel. Her body sagged. Tiny twitches ran through her thighs. This plan was everything she had hoped for and then some.

Slowly, the curvy cat-girl became aware of the withdraw of Kaede’s tongue. Her unfocused eyes took some time to locate her friend’s, and what she saw made her twat clench. The dickgirl was looming over her, hands holding up Cass’ ankles, dick positioned at her entrance, with a snarl painted on her face. Kaede growled long and low in the back of her throat. It was the only warning Cass got before she had her first real fuck. Her hymen’s tearing should have hurt. To her it felt like a fulfillment of purpose.

Purity was something the old Cass had held onto, though she never knew if she was doing it out of nervous fear or a true desire to save herself for her soulmate. Her nerves sang. All those years felt wasted. She had stubbornly kept her legs closed when the secret to perfect pleasure was having the strength to open herself and her legs to a lover, any lover. Sleeping around didn’t make you a bad person. It let you share happiness. She looked at Kaede’s body in wonder. Who better to be her first fuck than her best friend?

A throbbing, hard cock was inside Cass, and it was perfect. She was in nirvana. It was the kind of feeling that would drive a drug addict to sell out his family for another fix, only all she had to get hers was spread her legs for the horny shemale and let the rut take over. Indeed, she did just that; her thighs drifted far enough apart that she found herself wondering if she was ever this flexible before. That thought vanished under a jolt of pleasure from a particularly powerful thrust. Still, she felt like she should be doing something. Wasn’t the girl expected to do something during sex? She was just lying there and taking it, awash in chemical love and pinned to a soon-to-be ruined couch.

Kaede’s breasts brushed past her face, and Cass acted thoughtlessly. Her mouth captured a nipple and suckled. The movement was natural. Nipples were there to be suckled and mouths to suck, and doing so helped her to stay focused and conscious. Meanwhile, her cunt rippled, doing what it was meant to do. She wasn’t really in control of the muscles down there at this point, but they were rapidly learning what to do. They pumped Kaede’s cock in ways that would shame a professional courtesan and impress the breeders of Onacron Six.

Cass giggled and tried not to drool too hard over Kaede’s tit as the dick-girl climaxed. The hardness of the swelling knot triggered another orgasm of her own, but she had felt like she was having an orgasm for the past five minutes of solid rutting. Pleasure was quickly becoming her natural state. She found the strength to grab Kaede’s ass and pull, ensuring she was completely and totally inside, and deep within Cass, something relaxed.

Salty, virile cum speared through her dilated cervix, directly into her welcoming womb.

Kaede passed out in Cass’ arms, but Cass’ powerful slit held her friend in place, undulating and sliding in ways that extracted every single drop.

Cass wondered what it would feel like with someone bigger.

Chapter 6: A Chance For A Cure

2,300 words, intelligence gain and subsequent loss, clinic visit, grinding through clothes, female on male, messy cumshot.

When Cass awoke from her sweaty, contented slumber, Kaede was still asleep, snoring softly. The shemale’s length was still half-hard inside the kaithrit’s clutching slit, having spent itself inside inside the cum-slickened canal numerous times. Regretfully, Cass eased herself out from under her friend’s slumbering form and tried not to giggle at the feeling of her friend’s seed rolling down the inside of her thighs. She was absolutely stuffed with it! The spunk was thick inside her womb. It clung to her insides like an anxious lover, just the way she liked it.

Cass dressed as quietly as she could, chewing her lower lip nervously. She didn’t really want to wake Kaede. She wasn’t sure what do with herself, to be honest. The repeated orgasms had left her clearheaded for once. Her pencil-thick nipples weren’t demanding her attention. Her spunk-bathed lips weren’t aching to be played with either. They radiated a feeling of contented fullness much like her stomach after a wonderful meal. For once, she could think.

Sighing, Cass couldn’t believe she had just fucked her childhood friend. No, fucking was too mild a term for it. They had rutted like beasts – indulgently mated until the whole of the apartment smelled like sweat and pussy. A thrill of pleasure radiated up Cass’ spine, either from the observation or the press of the slinky, onyx fabric against her swollen netherlips, sealing Kaede’s cum deeply inside her, where it belonged. That seemed… wrong somehow, but she could not deny how powerfully right it felt.

Cass zipped the Xenogen Biotech branded suit up past her nipples, hiding the glistening areolae under the thinnest veneer of modesty. There was no hiding them now; they stuck out much more prominently than before her tryst. Perhaps they were inflamed from the constant, rhythmic tugging that she had indulged in time and time again, or perhaps, they were simply growing even larger. If this kept up, her tits would have swollen teats in no time.

Oh shit! The treatment! It came back to Cass in a flash, and now that she was modest (or as close as she was going to get today), she remembered what she had meant to do all this time: see a doctor. She could beat this. She could get the treatment halted before it progressed any further. All she had to do was ignore the nagging reassurances from her breasts that they would feel even better if they were bigger – ignore how wonderful her shrink-wrapped form felt.

Cass silently slipped out the door. She wasn’t sure how long she would keep her wits about her, and the clinic was just down the way. Doing math to keep her mind off how her twat squelched with every step, stuffed with Kaede’s gooey love as it was, she lost herself in abstract calculations that would have seemed a foreign language to her an hour ago. Old knowledge was resurfacing left and right, floating up like driftwood from a wrecked ship after a turbulent storm, only this driftwood was aloft on a sea of sensation and desire.

Her hips still swayed, rocked back and forth as she walked. It was as automatic as eating or breathing. The envious, lustful gazes that followed the hypnotic motions slid off the sides of her awareness, beneath her notice. She was lost in a world of numbers and figures, rattling through her multiplication tables, exercising her mind like a long-dormant muscle. The awkward laughter of teenage boys did not even disturb her, even if their somewhat masculine voices activated temporarily sated glands in her pussy. Her snatch got wetter inside the jumpsuit, not that she could tell with all cum inside.

Can I, uh… help you with something… miss?

Cass nearly jumped out of the tightly-sealed suit in surprise. The clinic’s receptionist was staring at her tits, both awestruck and a little disdainful of how the well-formed mounds were put on display. Smiling, Cass brushed her hair from her eyes to buy herself time to put her words together, wincing as her pinky brushed against a sore spot on her forehead. “I… I need to see a doctor. I got dosed with something called “the treatment.” It’s a mutagen from Grand Teh that turns you into a big-tittied cow bimbo, and I need to stop it before I wind up mooing and tugging on my teats all day!

The receptionist’s mouth worked while her hands shuffled forms about. She eventually found what she was looking for and passed it Cass’ way. “Okay… uh, just fill out this form. I’ll let you know when someone can see you.

Cass took the printed paper with a frown and turned to find a seat in the waiting room. She wasn’t prepared for how crowded it was. Every single chair was filled with a different species suffering a different malady. The tables, normally magazine-covered, had each been turned into seats for aliens, some sick, some mutated. Tavros was filling up with planet rushers, and the medical staff were finding themselves increasingly overwhelmed with all the injuries and body-twisting infections.

Chewing on her a puffy lip (when had it gotten so big?), Cass filled out the form as fast as she could. She knew damn well that treatment victims weren’t supposed to be this lucid. Kaede’s hard-fucking cum-injector had left her with a probable pregnancy and the faculties to save herself. All she had to do was list off everything she could remember about her medical history and the treatment itself, then hope the staff here could do something to halt its advance.

The pen she had been provided with scrawled across the page as fast as she could move it, heedless of punctuation or spelling mistakes. The only thing that mattered was getting the facts down before her oversexed body sent her into another slutty spiral of cock-craving debauchery.

Cass’ tongue sensuously licked her plump lips. A minute later, she caught herself scrawling the dots on her ‘i’s as little hearts. Clinical terms like ‘vagina’ and ‘penis’ gradually morphed into pussy and dick, then cunt and cock. She breathed heavily. Her legs spread, but she finished the paperwork.

Her hips swayed obscenely when she walked back up to the counter, this time of her own volition. She liked the way the other patients looked her. Even the way a doctor stumbled through a sentence as he admired her. Cass groaned and tried valiantly not to imagine the nurse at the counter naked. It didn’t work. The girl’s nipples looked perky to Cass. A simple flick would have her peeled out of her top and in the kaithrit’s mouth, getting nice and hard. Her own sprang to attention under her jumpsuit, visibly engorging as the paperwork changed hands.

Mentally, she didn’t notice her priorities shifting. She couldn’t tell that her neurons were dynamically reorganizing or that her blood was filling with sex hormones. All she knew was that everyone around her was taking on a whole new light. The kui-tan in the corner’s fur would be so much fun to play with while she bounced on his cock, emptying his swollen balls into her until he passed out or pushed her off. Even the middle-aged half-ausar veteran in the corner seemed to have his own charm. Sure, he wasn’t fighting fit anymore, but there was something to be said about experience. The look in his eyes told her that he could teach her a thing or two.

Miss?” the nurse at the desk asked the doe-eyed cat-girl.

Cass realized she was about to start drooling and shook her head, vainly attempting to master herself. She managed to do was toss her hair into a fiery halo instead. Since that didn’t work, she just opened her mouth and said the first thing to find its way out. “Yeah, cutie?

Have a seat. We’ll call for you when we’re ready for you,” the blushing woman explained. “You’ve been standing there daydreaming for almost two minutes.” The blush quickly faded as the nurse tried to get the slutty-looking kaithrit to comply.

Oh, sure thing!” Cass chirped as she spun on her heels. There was no considering the commands she had been given. She simply obeyed them. Had she been thinking more clearly, Cass might have wondered why she was so willing. Instead, she let the nurse’s order be her purpose. And why not? The nurse was in a uniform. You’re supposed to listen to uniformed people.

Cass’ brow furrowed with a new problem. How could she take a seat when all the chairs were full? Her pussy, wet with her own lubricants, seemed to provide the answer. She could sit in a lap! But whose lap to sit in? She looked around anxiously, her tails flicking behind her, then settled back on the kui-tan. It didn’t look like there was anything wrong with him, and the front of his jumpsuit had a gorgeous-looking bulge that sent a pleasant ache through her body. Both sets of treatment-enlarged lips started to drool. It helped that he was staring at her tits, too spellbound to realize that she was leering right back.

Sauntering up to him, the curvacious kaithrit batted her considerable eyelashes. Gosh, they were long! The words tumbled out of her mouth in a river of sugary sweetness. “Hey there, babe. My legs are awful tired from waiting around this place. Would you mind if I sat in your lap a little while, just to rest up?” She chewed on her lower lip, a gesture that her treatment-boosted subconscious calculated would look incredibly cute. Watching his pants start to strain confirmed it.

U-u-uhhh… sure. I guess,” he stammered, obviously a little uncomfortable but too enraptured by the body in front of him to turn down a chance to feel her pressing against his swelling crotch.

Cass bent over to kiss him. She had meant to plant it on his cheek, but it found its way onto his lips instead. Whoops! Since she was already lip-locking him, she went ahead and let her tongue slip inside, giving him a hot, wet french. His hands went to push her back, but they found her tits instead. His resistance melted into gentle, accepting groping, and Cass was happy to let him. Hands felt so good on her sensitive chest, and her nipples were so desperately, achingly hot. They fizzed and sparked like live wires the whole way up into her brain. It felt very, very right.

Still, she had been commanded to have a seat, and unless this smiling stud told her to fuck him right now (she would), she was going to sit. Cass languidly broke away from exchanging saliva to mouth, “Thanks.” Then, she promptly spun in place, tearing her tits out of his hands, and planted her ass directly into the kui-tan’s tenting crotch. Despite there being two layers of clothing between his tumescent boner and her lush ass, he sighed and his dick jumped. She squirmed, feeling his tip press against her tailhole on its way through her well-rounded cheeks. When had they gotten so big and so sensitive? She resolved to check what they looked like in the mirror later.

Cass squirmed from side to side as she tried to settle in. His lap was WARM, and best of all, his cock felt fucking hot against her backdoor. A quiet moan sounded from behind her, accompanied by a few unsubtle twitches from below. Smiling mischievously, Cass just kept going. She’d squirm down, up, then side to side, dragging his dick along for the ride. The kui-tan’s hands fell on her waist, but she picked them up and put them on her breasts, guiding his hands to her nipples.

Now that felt right! What had she been so worried about when she got here? Her lips pursed in a vacant smile, her eyelids lowered, and her hips danced on the male’s lap, driven by a subconscious autopilot. Cogent thoughts came apart under static charges of pleasure from her nipples. Worries dissolved into a puddle of arousal before oozing out into her pussy. She placed her hand on his leg, high enough that should could feel his balls swelling, and let the ecstasy occupy her.

Time lost all meaning to the thoughtlessly grinding cat-girl. She certainly didn’t notice the reddish bumps on her forehead getting a little more prominant. Instead, she floated in a euphoric, smiling haze. Her neighbors were watching her, rapt, making her slit that much wetter. One had even surreptitiously slipped a hand inside his trousers. Somehow she remembered to smile at him and fondle the kui-tan’s expanding balls at the same time.

His cock started jumping underneath her at the same time that Cass’ name was called. She didn’t want to stand up until he finished, but the nurse at the door seemed pretty insistent. Cass rose up, her cum-soaked clit so swollen that a blind man could spot it from fifty yards out, and looked over her shoulder, pouting. Her former seat was weakly thrusting his hips up into the air, twitching wildly, launching huge globules of seed into his pants. A damp, wet stain appeared as his hugely swollen nuts dumped their virile load against the fluid-resistant fabric. It never stood a chance.

The left pant leg flooded faster than the right, but both inflated with steaming-hot jizz in seconds. Globules of semen spurted out the top of his waistband and into his shirt. The easy-breathing fabric wicked it up immediately, turning the chest of it partially transparent as spooge rolled out of his bottoms and drenched the shoes below. Feeling a little bad that she didn’t squeeze it out of him herself, Cass gave him a thank you kiss before sashaying towards the nurse holding the door. Her victim was still squirting out more when it closed behind her.