Gurgles_Treatment_Final_LRYou guys were due for a reposting of this story. Here’s the first three chapters to get you started. It tells the story of Cass, a kaithrit, who takes the Treatment on a whim and struggles to manage her deicision. I’ll post the next three tomorrow.

Chapter 1: A Sample Treatment

1900 words, Pheromones, F Masturbation, Exposition

Cass fussed with the medipen in her hand. She had gotten it when she made planetfall, almost three hours ago. It was an innocuous little thing, not even as thick as her pinky finger and nowhere near as long as the inoculation cocktails she had to take before traveling to this system. Even the warning labels were smaller; there was just a single holocode printed on the side. Sure, she could scan it in with her wrist band’s ocular recording system and pull up the real warnings on the extranet, but it seemed so much more benign this way.

Nobody would guess that the contents were full of machines that would melt her brains into milk.

At least, that’s what Cass supposed it would do. Admittedly, her expectations were set by her experiences with the milk-leaking cows that seemed to exist in place of this planet’s females. Instead of working as secretaries, scientists, or anything of value, they wandered around without direction, soaking through shirts and prancing after the nearest male. Some of them seemed virtually attached to their chosen ‘bulls’, hanging off their arms in a way that would press their cream-seeping nipples against his flexing biceps, lowing contentedly whenever the man deigned to grace her with a smile, a nod, or a pants-straining erection.

This planet made her stomach turn. Cass had struggled to afford her ship – and to keep it fully fueled. She skated on the edge of disaster more times than she cared to count: fighting pirates, dodging slavers, even avoiding suffocation when a homicidal AI infested her ship and turned off the air scrubbers. She was proud of every scrape she survived and wore the scars, both physical and mental, with pride. Looking over this… pasture, she realized why it bothered her so much. It was the antithesis to her life. Where she was happy to struggle and succeed, these women were happy for no good reason at all. She didn’t think they could be anything but happy. When Cass would redouble her efforts to solve a problem, these chest-heavy milk-sluts would bat their eyelashes at a man and offer to suck his dick for help.

It didn’t matter if he agreed to help or not. They would do it anyway. Gross.

Looking back at the medipen in her hand, Cass frowned. They handed these out to everyone who arrived on planet, despite the chemical and robotic cocktail inside being illegal in most of the known universe. The only reason it was legal here was because the U.G.C. had determined that enforcing such a change would be disastrous for the local culture, perhaps even lead to war or genocide. Whatever. To her, it sounded like the kind of excuse a bunch of cock-wielding diplomats would make while having their knobs polished and dining on the galaxy’s sweetest breastmilk. She resolutely turned towards her ship, ignoring the dampness that had built up in her panties.

Cass hated herself at times like this. Here she was, trying to make an easy foodstuffs trade run, and her pussy was getting juicy at the very things she detested most. She tucked the medipen into her shirt pocket and signed the paperwork the dock-worker handed her with her fingertip. It amused her to no end that it was still called paperwork long after paper had gone the way of the dodo. Now it was all just digitally signed files lingering on datapads, watches, and holophones.

Wrinkling her nose, the petite cat-girl glanced back up at the man sharing the docking platform with her. The nametag on his shirt said his name was Bryce, and he gave off the most peculiar scent. It wasn’t the first time she had smelled it since landing here, but this was certainly the strongest exposure she’d had to it yet. She supposed all the males here exuded it, even strapping, pale blue-skinned aliens like Bryce. She brushed a strand of crimson-hued hair out of her eye as she handed his datapad back, admiring the strength of his jawline and the way his curved, rounding horns protruded out from his forehead in imitation of a bull. Inwardly, she thought, ‘The men here are definitely hornier than the women,’ and tried not to chuckle at her own lame pun.

Bryce gently nodded. “Thank ya, ma’am. We got the milkers all loaded up for you in your hold. They ought sell right nice on some of your higher class planets. I bet you turn a mighty nice profit for yourself.”

“Don’t you know it, handsome,” she answered. Shit. She must be wetter than she thought if she’s flirting with a stranger she just met. Cass clenched her hand hard enough that she felt her claws starting to furrow into her skin. That kind of thing was unacceptable. She was a professional!

The alien didn’t seem to mind much.

‘Maybe he’s lost the ability to recognize a subtle flirtation after dealing with bovine bimbos all the time,’ Cass thought. She flashed him her best smile and hoped he wouldn’t notice how tense she was.

He did. “Miss, pardon me if I’m bein’ a mite forward, but I reckon you oughta just give the treatment a try.” He placed his sizable hands in his pockets, and her gaze inadvertently followed them, catching a look at a massive, slowly-lengthening silhouette. She jerked her eyes up to his purple ones. “You’d be a lot more relaxed and have a lot more fun. We could get somebody else to finish your delivery for ya. My brother could probably wrangle your delicate little controls.”

Cass squirmed, so wet she felt like she was audibly sloshing. It had to be the smell pouring off of him. It was probably full of pheromones. It wasn’t uncommon for some species to have such potent mating behaviors, but not being warned about them was. She was going to have a talk with Liah after this, that’s for sure. Sometimes, Cass thought the shy secretary was actually trying to get her sold into slavery. All she had to do was take a few steps away from Bryce and the cloud of… scent that followed him. The curious, inquisitive part of her still wanted to identify what its smell reminded her of. She sniffed her sensitive nose a moment later. She was strong of will. She could handle it until she was ready to fly off planet. Just a little longer.

Bryce shrugged, a motion that reminded her of a school animatic about plate-tectonics. It was like watching mountains shift about under his smooth, hairless skin. “Suit yourself, missy. Just make sure you do something with the treatment before you hit your next stop. U.G.C. peacekeepers don’t take too kindly to it showing up anywhere else, unless it’s in your bloodstream.”

“Thanks for the warning,” the cat-girl said with genuine appreciation. In between her sexual excitement and lingering disgust, she had completely forgotten about the pen in her pocket.

The bull turned away from her with an easy wave, trudging towards the lift with purpose, already checking his pad for his next job. Cass felt kind of bad. Sure, what they did to their women here was deplorable, but the people that bothered to talk to her were nothing but nice and pleasant, if a little preoccupied with fucking and milking. Her emotions warred with themselves. On one hand, she wanted nothing more than to slouch into her chair and jill off while the ship vibrated through a full-throttle take-off. On the other, she wanted to wave down Bryce, invite him in for coffee, and sample just what it was the girls here were so excited about.

Prudence won out. Cass’ willpower might have been straining as hard as Bryce’s pants, but it was strong enough to put one padded foot in front of the other until she was back in the safety of her cockpit, running through her pre-flight checks with one hand idly thumbing at an entirely too-perky nipple. Bryce’s unique aroma lingered in her nostrils, and on a whim, she used her free hand to turn down the air scrubbers a few notches. She figured if her head was swimming in them while she came, it’d be even more satisfying. Working on muscle memory, her free hand finished adjusting the controls for take off while her other released the clasp of her unisex trousers.

She looked at her reflection in the nearly-mirrored glass of her ship’s canopy, none too pleased by what she saw. She wasn’t a particularly sexy-looking woman. Sure, her face was fair, and her hair was lustrous when she remembered to wash it. But… her breasts were barely there. Her boyfriends had called them ‘cute’, sure, but cute didn’t seem to keep them around. It certainly couldn’t dole out the titfucks her first boyfriend had dreamed of. He had even offered to pay for augmentation splices. Her hips weren’t much better. Too narrow by half, her waistline would have looked more at home on a boy. At least her pussy was pretty. It popped into view as she shimmied out of her pants and pulled back on the throttle lever, perfectly pink and absolutely drenched with moisture. She couldn’t recall the last time she had been this wet.

The core spun up, and the drives kicked in, thrumming noisily through her ship’s reinforced hull as it began accelerating horizontally, slowly pitching up towards the sky as it gained speed. She looked longingly out the window, seeing an overall-clad figure bending a willing cow over a crate she had delivered, really giving it to her. It was impossible to tell from this distance, but she thought it was Bryce. Her pussy rippled with jealousy.

Easing a vibration-augmented finger into the gushing gap, she moaned out loud, letting the autopilot slowly bring her up out of the atmosphere. She was leaving this wretched planet behind almost as quickly as she was approaching a shuddering climax. Unsure whether it was due to lingering lust inside her or some long repressed desire awakened by the cow-girls, Cass was finding it particularly easy to climb to her orgasm. She was just so… so wet. It felt like cumming would be the quickest, most natural thing in the world, and with that thought clamped firmly in her dizzy brain, she blissfully quivered in her chair, juices dribbling out around the three fingers she had impaled knuckle-deep.

Cass panted heavily, fogging up the instrumentation as the climax left her limp in her chair and panting. Holy fuck, she hadn’t had a cum like that in a long time. She gingerly extracted her digits from her supremely sensitive mound, smiling to herself at the way her glossy, pink lips clung to the departing intruders. She could charge a pretty penny for a show like that on the extranet, she was sure. Of course, only a slut would do something like that. She giggled to herself, toying with the fantasy as she licked her fingers clean. Her taste was tart – not exactly her favorite flavor – but she couldn’t repress her cat-like instincts when it came to cleanliness.

Lying back in post-orgasmic bliss, the feline spacer let her eyes drift closed for a quick cat-nap. The instrumentation would alert her if any dangers approached. Meanwhile, Bryce’s pheromones circled her ship, unrestrained, forgotten. The purifiers had never been turned up. Nothing was scrubbing the scents from the air, leaving the slowly-building scent of well-fucked kaithrit to accumulate. She dozed and dreamed, inhaling a slowly distilling soup of fuck, her pants forgotten around her ankles.

Chapter 2: The Best (or Worst) Decision

2000 words. Research, Idle female masturbation, Slight injection, Fantasizing, Slight mind control

Cass woke with a moan and a whimper, her legs splayed akimbo, pink entrance puffy and slick. Her catnap had turned into something of a wet dream, and though the details remained foggy to her, she was sure she remembered working a zipper with her mouth, feeling the mechanical teeth creak and give under immense pressure. After that, all she could remember was hot, slobbery blowjobs culminating in being bent over a crate, her huge, needy tits wobbling and sloshing with every bone-jarring thrust into her clenching nethers. Wakefulness had intruded just as she was about to orgasm in her dream. A plaintive growl wormed its way out of her throat as she tried not to slide out of her soggy chair.

What was wrong with her? She hadn’t felt like masturbating more than once a day since her first heat, and she was on pills to prevent that from happening again until she met the right one. Cass reached for her crotch, only along the way her forearm brushed by her petite nipples, turned into perky eraser nubs by her current state. She could feel the medipen sliding back across her left areola, bounced around by her motions. Had she accidentally injected herself with it and not noticed? It would certainly explain the pernicious desires thrumming through every pore of her aching body.

She yanked it out in a hurry, staring at the injector port…. It hadn’t gone off. Wiping a bead of sweat from her brow, Cass studied the benign-seeming object for the second time that day. She had dismissed it out of hand before, but perhaps… perhaps there was something to it after all. The citizens on Grand Teh had only called it “the treatment”, and the few mentions she heard in passing indicated that everyone on that planet took it once fully sexually matured. To her, it looked like the guys were normal, maybe a bit bigger and with some flashy horns, but otherwise normal. The girls… the girls… they were easy, slutty cows.

You could always pick them out at a glance by their preposterous silhouettes. Their bodies, whatever their natural inclination before, were stacked full with giant, leaking tits and wide hips. Tails lazily flicked around their lewd bodies in sensuous displays, fanning the smell of their bubbling milk and boiling cunnies into the air. Now that she stopped to think about it, Cass swore the smell lingered even now. Little did she know, the aroma was entirely of her own creation, left from her frenzied masturbation and pheremonally-induced wet dreams. The cat-girl didn’t think twice about it. The treatment held her attention.

How could Cass maintain her professionalism… her disdain for this stuff, when she was sitting here jilling off and dreaming about what it would do to her? Thinking back, she remembered the twinges of arousal that tickled through her vagina as she stopped for a snack in a cafe. The locals hadn’t even been fucking there, just eating in companionable silence. Her clit stiffened when she remembered that some of the patrons were getting milk ‘straight from the tap’. She wouldn’t admit it to herself at the time, but… it smelled good. Really good.

Cass rolled the medipen in her hand. She would have to incinerate it (or use it) soon. It was illegal everywhere else in the known galaxy. There wasn’t any harm in looking up what it actually did, right? The trader scanned the barcode into her ship’s computer and accessed the extranet.

Out in the vastness of space, there was precious little to do during the hours-long slogs between jump gates. Some captains passed their time with video games. Others subsumed themselves in baser pursuits, surrounding themselves in harems or using virtual reality devices to simulate one. Cass? Cass usually read. Sometimes she’d grab a holo if it looked interesting, but she always liked to read the texts first. Major corporations invariably wound up diluting the original author’s intent.

Browsing databanks was nothing new to her.

Circling slowly, the progress indicator slowly filled, and the article the pen linked was displayed. Her desire to scowl at the dripping, vacant-eyed slut displayed under the title nearly overcame the pleasant twinges it unleashed in her pussy. Nearly. She scrolled down to the start of the text. It was an eight paragraph history of the compound and its effect on society. The report was so glowing that it left no doubt in her mind: a native of the planet had written it. Probably a guy, busy getting his rod polished for doing a job by his pregnant, bovine girl. Cass specifically avoided the term ‘good’ job, because such a woman was unlikely to be able to make any judgement of quality from her position – or any position for that matter.

Sighing, the aroused transport pilot scrolled past to the meat of the article: the compounds at work and their effects. Her brow furrowed at what she saw. Fully eighty percent of the medipen’s ingredients were tagged as classified and hidden. The other twenty percent seemed to be a combination of sex hormones, reprogrammable microsurgeons whose instructions were too encrypted to decipher, and high grade, brain-chemistry altering drugs. None of those looked that nefarious. They were things that were already being used to treat depression, anxiety, or traumatic stress disorders. Odd.

Cass made a note to get in contact with a hacker friend to figure out what the U.G.C. wasn’t telling her. She would put her credits on the government using the stuff for less… sensual purposes. Maybe that’s why they let the people of Grand Teh continue to use in the face of galactic law. She scrolled on, so intent on the article that it actually overcame her arousal. Her nostrils flared with each breath anyway, drinking in Bryce’s residual musk.

The effects on women came next. Cass inhaled sharply at what they revealed: mental changes over the course of forty-eight hours, starting with rapid loss of willpower and ending with a huge dip in perceived intelligence. Both seemed relative to the user’s original aptitude, so particularly strong-willed women seemed best able to handle their new drives and shorter attention spans. The text went on to explain that users’ I.Q.s didn’t actually drop either; the new cows just had difficulty maintaining motivation to take the test. Adding promises that higher scorers would receive milkings and fucking reversed that trend. There were other changes as well: a slight oral fixation, sexual submissiveness, and in big, bold letters… euphoria. It was supposed to start slow and ramp up towards the end. Grand Teh hasn’t had a reported case of depression from a woman in… centuries.

The physical changes were slower; they took almost a whole week to finalize and were a little more unreliable. The only constant was days of pleasantly tingling breast growth peaking in sudden and unstoppable lactation. Treated girls needed to be milked every hour or they would start to dribble. The leakage was designed to provide an outflow for the excess cream these cows made. Unlike natural lactation, these women were never meant to stop producing. The sensation of having full breasts was described as akin to what a man feels just before orgasm: both uncomfortable and pleasant.

There were other, lesser changes, but they lacked consistency. Most women would get an immediate boost to their libido. Others wouldn’t turn into dick-obsessed cum-sluts for a while. Ten days was the current record. Some didn’t even get that much hornier. A solid ten percent of them still practiced monogamy. Cass raised an eyebrow at that. How could they do that with all those burly men around, smelling so nice. She eased a finger back between her legs, promising herself that it was just to let off steam. This stuff wasn’t turning her on. The denial was thicker than the scent of her need in the air.

The masturbating feline kept reading, sometimes flicking her gaze to the pen longingly. It would be so simple to prick herself with it and sink into depravity like one of those carefree cows. They didn’t have to worry about pirates or border crossings or how to afford fuel and food tomorrow. Their only worries were finding lovers to fuck and mouths to press against their slobbering teats, and even if they couldn’t, you’d be hard-pressed to find one who wasn’t smiling anyway. A positive outlook was apparently mandatory.

Shaking her head, she kept reading. There were hundreds of other potential changes. None of them seemed that bad: cravings for sexual fluids, lip growth, smoother skin, more sensitive pleasure receptors. The list went on and on! Cass read through every single one, circling her clit with her fingers all the while, realizing that none would pose an insurmountable obstacle, not even growing a cow tail or fur on her lower legs. She burrowed her finger inside her soaked box, no longer able to hold it back, and began to buck against her hand for the second time today, still ready.

Men. The heading jumped out at her. There was far less to be said about the effects of the treatment on them. Bigger dicks, more virile semen, swollen balls, and growth or enlargement of horns. A boost in confidence was normal as was a need to ejaculate every few hours. Apparently going without a good, ball-draining cum made it even harder for them to focus than the women, but otherwise they got to think more or less as normal. Go figure.

Cass had a tiny, whimper-inducing orgasm while she was reading about ball-draining, but she let her fingers continue to plunge in and out of her folds all the same. She felt like she could go for another, no problem. Her netherlips were swollen and inflamed, as puffy as they’d ever been. She had a vivid thought of turning the ship around to find Bryce. She wondered what the mammoth in his pants looked like.

The next paragraph answered her question for her. Many men gained animalistic sheaths or flared heads. Sometimes both. The clinical-looking pictures vaguely resembled terran horse-cocks to her untrained eye, though there were different patternings and prominent, raised veins that ran along both sides. She bet those would feel wonderful sliding in and out of her, if she could fit it.

Last, and most importantly, every single male got his own, musky pheromones. Cass stopped jilling there. The extranet page had come to an abrupt end there, and more importantly, she remembered that she had tuned her ship to allow Bryce’s pheromones to linger. Were they clouding her judgement? She brought her soaked fingertips up to her pebbly nipples, pinching one. A blissful tremor worked its way up and down her spine, and for the first time, she became aware of the state of her thighs. She was soaked past her knees.

Regretfully, Cass punched in air scrubbers up to full blast. It didn’t seem to help. Her cabin still reeked of a horny pussy’s pussy. Her juices had gotten everywhere. It smelled worse than her bedroom had during her heat. She sighed, sprawling in her own mess. Fuck it, she hadn’t had this much fun in a long time. For all her bluster and pride, her life was a painful, almost joyless struggle. She looked back at the monitor, briefly considered the incinerator, and picked up the medipen.

The treatment didn’t actually make those girls dumber… just happier. Cass rolled the cylinder full of potential back and forth. She supposed it might fuck with her priorities a little too. Could she still captain a ship under its effects? Her mind answered with an eager, syrupy-wet yes. Or was that her pussy? Glaring down at herself, she gave her increasingly tender slit an angry caress. Did it even matter? Cass held the pen’s port against a breast and wondered how big it would get as she thumbed the activation prong.

She heard more than felt the quiet ‘snick’ of it releasing its payload, and her body convulsed as the resulting orgasm threw her to the floor. Against the cold deckplates, she somehow managed to hold the tip of the pen against her writhing body until pleasure and burning need overran her thoughts. As her body finally sagged, she caught one final glimpse of the pen, pressed against the creamy skin of her petite breast, before she blacked out, adrift in ecstasy and her own puddled fluids.

Chapter 3: Coming to Terms

2100 words, Mental Changes, Scent, Shifting Priorities, Slight Physical Transformation.

The chronometer indicated that a scant few minutes had passed since Cass’ fateful decision. She blinked her eyes, rubbing her head as she gradually came to. That… that was the best orgasm of her life. She shivered in remembered pleasure as she climbed up onto her feet, the fur-covered parts of her slicked down by her copious drippings and the rest of her totally soaked. For the first time since landing on Grand Teh, her pussy felt like it had been well and truly sated.

Wincing, the fucked-out cat-girl withdrew the medipen from her meager bust. Just how long did she have before the changes started in earnest? She felt like she could detect something already, a certain sense of easy peace inside her. It was probably just the targeted tranquilizers kicking in, making her mind more amenable to the coming changes. Would she even notice when it started reorganizing her priorities? The article didn’t say.

Cass battled with her own worries and uncertainties as she stalked towards her shower, leaving the mess in her cabin for later. She couldn’t mop up the floor if she was still dripping everywhere, after all. Her hand released the medipen into a garbage port for incineration. It had served its use, and for the life of her, Cass couldn’t figure out why she had thought using it was a good idea. It was probably all the pheromones that had been clogging up the air, tickling her nose with every breath, and keeping her pussy moist and pliant. She made a note to seek help at the next planet. They could surely do a system purge before this stuff had too much of an effect on her. If she was lucky, she’d come out of this with decent-sized tits and a peppier outlook. Would that be so bad?

Entering the cramped stall, she thumbed on the shower. Normally she’d engage the sonic setting and let it massage the dirt off her body, but as she was already soaked, she opted for a deluge of liquid H2O. That would wash the filth off her body for sure. She didn’t count on just how good the warm fluid coursing over her tender nipples and well-used sex would feel. She had to turn away to catch her breath while ringlets of liquid flowed down her lithe form. Several long moments passed before the kaithrit felt comfortable enough to grab the soap and try again. This time, she was ready, gritting her teeth and dutifully scrubbing around her erogenous zones. She did linger a little longer than normal on her nipples, moaning softly as she worked, but Cass somehow kept from indulging herself.

The cat-girl checked her nude body out in the mirror before toweling off. She supposed her nipples weren’t going to stop being puckered and sensitive anytime soon. A glance down at her feminine pinkness confirmed that her womanhood wasn’t likely to calm down either. She sighed, resigned. Just how badly had she fucked up this time? This was worse than the time she had nearly been captured by lorian slavers. Cass shrugged and spun about. Maybe it was a little bit of pleasant, post-orgasmic excitement, but she found her gaze lingering on her tight bottom. Sure, it was small, but she had cute, well-formed cheeks. She resisted the urge to squeeze them and finished drying.

The clothes Cass had been wearing were ruined or needed washed at a minimum. She would have to dig into her wardrobe for something different. Even her comfortable shirt had been stained by her traitorous fingers’ lecherous activities. Pressing a recessed button on the riveted wall, the kaithrit opened her personal cargo hatch. There wasn’t much in there, just a few changes of clothes she had packed away in case of emergency, but at least one outfit caught her eye. It was an elastic one-piece she had gotten as a gift from Xenogen biotech after making a rush trip to deliver some lab equipment to a remote outpost. She had stowed it away without ever intending to wear it, but now, the shimmering black fabric seemed like a good idea.

Cass told herself that the outfit’s one-size fits all design would be perfect for when her body invariably started changing. Her choice had nothing at all to do with the way it would hug her pert ass or display her suddenly much more prominent nipples. Sure, she only had little bumps for boobs, but the sensitive tips had been protruding all day, and the areolae looked so delightfully puffy. The patented ultralastic was easy to slip her feet into, and rolling it up her legs proved even more effortless than she had thought it would be. Weren’t slinky clothes like this supposed to be a pain to squeeze into? Cass shrugged once more and pulled it up over her hips. Just as she thought, the black jumpsuit hugged her ass beautifully. Why, it even looked like she had a slight gap between her thighs! That was impossible, of course. Cass had ludicrously narrow hips.

Pulling up higher, the cat-girl shivered as the slick-feeling fabric pressed into her sensitive slit. It wasn’t painful like a wedgie. She just didn’t expect the one-piece to mold so closely to her mound. Cass smiled down at herself. She had to admit, her cunt looked pretty all wrapped up in glossy black, even if she didn’t normally think of it in such a vulgar way. To her, it was usually her vagina or pussy when she was horny, but all wrapped up with her swollen lips and clit on display, it looked like a twat. Maybe even a cooze. Did anyone even call them that nowadays? She shrugged, liking the sounds of the words as she slipped her arms into the sleeves.

“Cunt,” Cass mouthed aloud, getting a feel for it. Thinking about the word had made her damp. She giggled while the jumpsuit’s front slowly sealed, pressing tightly against her budding breasts. As she predicted, her nipples were as plain as the luminance from the ship’s artificial lighting. You could even see where the edges of her areolae started to puff up. She was completely clothed, but she might as well have been naked for all her garment concealed. The Xenogen biotech logo appeared to float above the miniature curve at the top of her chest, and she sighed. If someone saw her like this, they’d think she was the kind of woman trying to compensate for a lack of curves with slutty clothing.

Fuck. The cat-girl stomped her foot in anger. Keeping ahead of this thing was going to be harder than she thought. She took off towards her cabin at a run, all thoughts of changing clothes left behind in the open container she had forgotten to close.

Inside the familiar confines of her cockpit, Cass examined the damage. The floor had dried off already thanks to her ship’s environmental controls. She could still hear the ventilation fans spinning to draw away the last of the pheromone-laden moisture. The only casualty appeared to be the faux-leather cushions of her chair. They were still musky and wet, partially soaked through by her orgasmic leavings. It smelled nicer than she remembered. Weird. Regardless, she had no way to properly clean that mess up, and she HAD to get to her console. The xeno-gifted suit was so shiny that it just had to be waterproof, right?

She sat down in her accumulated pussy juices to take care of business, giving her bottom a nice little wiggle against the slickness as she settled in. The navigation console reported that she was only seven hours out from the warp gate. Then, after fifteen minutes through the warp tunnel, she would be within five hours of proper medical facilities. She just had to hold onto herself for twelve hours. A smile crept across her face when she realized that her skills at simple addition had yet to be affected.

Cass ran a diagnostic to check the contents of her ship’s atmosphere. After earlier, she had to be sure that every single ounce of Bryce’s insidious odor had been removed from her ship. The computer chirped the results, reporting that the only pheromones in her ship were her own, and even those were fading in number with the filters running. Her chair still smelled nice, at least. Cass found herself wondering if it would be stained to smell that way. If it did, she might just have to keep it.

Wait… what? The cat-girl shook her head. She had seriously just considered letting her cabin reek of sex because ‘it smelled nice’? Since when did she start thinking that cunt-juice was a pleasing aroma? Her sensitive nose crinkled as she tested the air. The trouble was, it DID smell good. She couldn’t come up with anything about it that was remotely unpleasant. At the same time, she knew that there was something wrong with that. The only people she had met that would think something like that were… were… the cow-girls of Grand Teh.

Scowling, Cass logged back into the extranet article on the treatment. Was this a physical or a mental change? She didn’t remember. Idly, she hoped it was a physical change. It was comforting to think that her nose’s scent receptors had been tweaked instead of having her neurons reorganized. Fuck, that was a mental one. “Opinions on both the flavor and aroma of reproductive fluids can shift to pleasant enjoyment, but more often, the treated individual will quickly come to regard them as favorite sensations.”

The kaithrit smiled around a finger that had wound its way into her mouth and hummed in delight. It did taste good! She recoiled a second later, eyeing the traitorous digit warily. It was slick with spit and residual pussy-juice that she had swiped up from her seat. Her feline instincts chose that moment to rear back up, and she dutifully began to bathe her finger in saliva, not stopping until it was completely clean. This was going to be harder than she thought. Worse still, her nipples were starting to feel tender.

Cass’ gaze roved across her onyx-wrapped form. Was her chest getting bigger? It certainly looked bigger. Normally she could look down the whole of her chest without any obstruction, but her boobs seemed to provide a tiny bit of overhang today. Boobs was the wrong word, though. Boobs were big, bouncy orbs that guys liked to grope and girls would look at with envy. She still had bee-stings, even if they were bigger bee-stings now. Her hands grabbed hold of the burgeoning flesh and pressed it together, generating a small amount of cleavage. There was no way she could hide the grin she sported the display. That’s not to say that she was in love with the idea of having big boobs. She didn’t want people to think she was a slut, after all. It’s just… she did kind of like the idea of people paying attention to her for once, thinking she was pretty.

Looking at her reflection, she was surprised by what she saw. The cat-girl that the glass showed her looked like an entirely different person. Whereas she was a plain, narrow girl who didn’t worry much about sex, this sex-kitten wore clothing so thin it might have been shrink-wrapped on. She had her hands playing over her chest in a slow, hypnotic pattern, and her mouth was spread into the kind of simple smile that seemed to ooze a desire for social interactions of all kinds. It didn’t matter that her soon-to-be-boobs were small or that her hips weren’t that wide (they didn’t look too scrawny, though).

That girl looked like she had her shit together, and slowly, Cass realized it was her. She really looked like that. Maybe she was dressed a little on the revealing side, but she had never thought she could look that sexually appealing. Some of her friends had dragged her out to clubs when she was younger and always outshone her. Right now, they would look like raw gemstones next to her polished, shining brilliance. Her smile got a little wider, and she felt a little better.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t slept in almost a full cycle, and with the sating of her sexual needs, her exhaustion was starting to catch up to her. Cass chewed at her bottom lip. If she was asleep, she couldn’t try to fight the changes, subtle though they were. Her eyelids fluttered closed, and she slouched back a little bit. Her breasts might grow faster if she let her body rest, though. Her thighs drifted apart as her mind slipped into the emptiness of sleep.