AF_PennyA new TiTS backer build has arrived! The full patch notes can be found over at the TiTS site. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s all I could cram in before I ran out of time this week. A big thanks to Frogapus, Lukadoc, and Savin for chipping in scenes for the Sydians. Hopefully we can get some male Raskvel and female Sydians to round things out in the future. Also, immense thanks to Gedan for the pimpin’ new level up screen. Stat allocation has never looked so fly.

Next week I plan to tackle the rest of the rooms so that I can spread the encounters out across the planet’s surface, then hit up filling Novahome to the brim with as many NPCs as I can get. That should get the pre-showdown stuff taken care of so that the following week I can destroy the final dungeon and move on to other things.

AF took a crack at Penny despite furries not being his thing. Prettygood.jpg.


Adjatha_Penny_Horse_Color_CorrectedI got the bare bones of the milk system sorted out. There’s no items for starting lactation yet, but if you can bump into the younger venus pitchers enough, you should be able to start down the path of milkhood. Alternatively, save editing milkMultiplier to 100 is a good place to start. Oh, and one other note: older player files will not be producing milk at the correct rate – you’ll want to save edit milkRate up to 10 or keep visiting venus pitchers to get that fixed.

I’ll try and get some items in to make this less laborious soon.

Full patch notes can be found on the tainted space site.

Inevitable Penny horsecock mod is inevitable. Art by Adjatha (link goes to messy version).


TiTS got two egg-themed backer patches today! Notes over here.

FoE got some UI updates (see the post below).

Have some delicious egg-doodles Pee-kay was kind enough to share in Fenchat earlier today and enjoy what’s left of the holiday (futa version available on his tumblr)!


Testing out some interesting things with Fall of Eden. This “update” doesn’t have any new content. This isn’t the official 0.3f, I just want some feedback on the new GUI. The regular version is still available. I’m working on a few new content blocks, and at least one of them should be in the real update, when I push that out.

Update: Some of the comments were addressed, see updated changelog.


Play the experimental version here (Might have to wait before fen clears the cache). The regular version is still available here
Offline version
Report bugs here or in the comments.
Full FoE source is now available on GitHub!

Version 0.3f (still named 0.3e)

  • Complete rewrite of the Graphical User Interface, based on Raphael.js (a wrapper around SVG). Still a few kinks left to work out with it, especially testing browser compatability.
  • Known GUI bugs:
  1. Button flicker in Chrome (works in firefox).
  2. Slight lag at start of combat when old sprites might show up.


Version 0.3f2

  • Fixed a bug with disabled buttons not rendering properly.
  • Removed text selections on the buttons (it is still technically possible, but not by pressing/dragging on the buttons)
  • Changed the default button font to Impact and added a black outline for readability.
  • Known GUI bugs:
  1. Toggle pictures option doesn’t do anything.
  2. Toggle key shortcuts doesn’t do anything.
  3. (The two listed in 0.3f)

Just a heads up that tomorrow I intend to do some Easter-themed work for TiTS. If anyone has any oviposition, egg, or candy-themed ideas they want to jam out into a fully fleshed event, I’ll be paging through the TiTS event submissions in search of something worth adding.


Please don’t give me ideas. I can make those fine on my own. I want content!

Wassat? CoC bug fixing? Changelog:

  • Fixed incorrect checks for certain followers during the “Call Her Out” scene in Marble Purification. Note that not every follower has special texts.
  • Marble’s quest should now not start until she has been a follower for 200+ hours.
  • Purified Marble can now be impregnated, as I beleive TheDarkMaster intended.
  • Marble no longer gives gifts or sleeps with the PC at night while away.
  • Marble’s pregnancies will now go into stasis while she is out on purification errands.
  • Marble’s purification has been properly gated off to pure Marble only.
  • Nursing from pure Marble now reduces fatigue instead of adding it. Whoops!
  • Nursing from Marble in the morning while she away on purification quest should now be a non-issue since you can no longer start it while addicted to her. This was how the quest was written and specified; I’m simply coding it as written. Many of the texts don’t make sense if you’re still addicted.
  • Giving lactaid to pure Marble should no longer give a blank screen.
  • Fixed two typos in Urta quest
  • Fixed Ceraph taken breast rows not contributing to the odds of a Ceraph bodypart dream.
  • Fixed a slight logic issue for very high lactation in the Scylla alley cat scene.
  • Fixed the intro to visiting Urta’s place getting skipped in certain conditions.
  • Fixed a variety of other issues.
  • Kinda fixed a weird Jasun incongruety that could pop up.
  • Fixed arriving at a sand witch with zero HP causing her to inexplicably lose by lust.
  • Fixed a crash with Izumi if you decline smoking, fight her, run away, and then come back to her cave.

Went to write the succubus gardener for CoC’s Dungeon 3 and got hit by a total and complete dearth of motivation, so I wrote some stuff for Sydians in TiTS. I got a cunt-tail milking scene and an anal victory scene done. Together they total about 2700 words.

WARNING: Explicit Content
The content you are about to view may be considered offensive and/or inappropriate. Furthermore, this content may be considered adult content, if you are not of legal age or are easily offended, you are required to click the exit button.