nazuu_linera_clothedSavin’s Cameron, the faux cow rancher, is coded and good to go, along with a varmint roping game. It uses the normal combat system but gives you a lasso to use in the interim. Note that characters who are low level or have low physiques will get wrekt by these things. Everything is bigger in New Texas, after all.

I’ll be scattering the remnants of Gianna’s silicone shipment out in the field for those who want to brave the dangers in order to have a plusher companion. Then I just have to write 30 or so room descriptions to cover the pastures and such.

Art is Linera the AI programmer. She’s one of Gedan’s pet projects, and I’m hoping she’ll someday see the light. The picture was drawn by Nazuu.

P.S. Lane’s Author: Gonna try and alternate between him and Bess a few hours each day when I have time.

P.P.S. Fuck Bess. I’ll probably spend hours upon hours just getting into her customization menus and finishing and her recruitment. No idea when or if she’ll actually playable.


Kaede x Cass (Adjatha)Storytime, kids! I’ve been working on a new TiTS story for a while now. Kinda burned at the moment, and not sure where to go with it. Until I figure that out, here you go: the next chapter in Kaede’s adventures, taking place right smack dab in the middle of Fen’s The Treatment.

In other news, the beefy little quest starring The Silence‘s Kara Volke is now done, which sets up a new sexable NPC on Myrellion and leads into a sizable dungeon I’ll be writing a little down the line. Next up, getting some more P4 stuff sorted, including a potential encounter with Steph Irson herself! :D

I have a Patreon now! If you like this story, come gimme a tip! <3

Art by the awesome (in order of appearance): Adjatha (Cass and Kaede… if Fen had his way), Shou (Busty busts!), JamesAB (Footjobs!), and Nazuu (Showerfaps!)


Gats has been busy with his own stuff lately and hasn’t been up for busts, but Shou’s schedule just cleared up, so now I had to whip up this:


Gedan will need to do a little polishing of my hacky code, but it’s pretty good thus far. We’ve got a Kaede bust so far, and Shou’s gonna focus on bust-less characters rather than adding more dupes for now.kaede


PZero_Gianna_SuperiorI coded in some Tease enhancements, courtesy of someone who didn’t give me a name to credit for them, but whatever Couch. They’re pretty good and round out the variety a good bit. There’s now things like rubbing your nipples with your tails, playing with cunt-tails, and otherwise showing off your assets in new ways.

I also had to spend a fair amount of time catching up on business stuff and emails – you guys left me plenty of those to catch up on, and I still have one big email needing me to devote some more time to it. Also, Gedan and Savin put together a Trello for TiTS. Trello is basically a nice little tool for keeping track of goals and to-do lists. Obviously ours is already gigantic and more than fills my one monitor. Someday. Someday… I’ll catch up.

Pzero is responsible for this Gianna sucking a horsecock. Well, Pzero and my wallet, because I commissioned it.


0.5.4 Changelog (Mediocre Edition):

  • Treatment has been enabled for herms and sexless character. I did not have much time, so nothing special YET. ATM they either get the male or female path as randomly selected.
  • Many mentions of “your legs” have been fixed to “your [pc.legs]“.
  • Ram horns should stop crumbling away immediately.
  • Some fixes to how treatment TFs are displayed. There were some muck-ups with the parser.

Next update from me should come on Monday.

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