Dealing with some crushing insomnia atm, so probably not going to get much done today besides catching up on my emails.


Savin here!

1424806447.shouyousei_geddyb (Small)

I finally finished Lieve, the red myr scout to be found outside the Kressia gates on Myrellion. She’s definitely been one of my favorite characters to work on so far — and with a base content at 31k words, she’s also the biggest going in! Since I still had most of the day ahead of me, I plugged away at a female taur x Flahne scene, since I discovered (much to my surprise) there was no way for a girltaur to bone Flahne as-is. My hopes of playing a big, busty, leithan cow-girl were dashed right out of the gates! With that out of the way, I’ll be hopping on Fen’s bandwagon and doing some futa Gianna stuff — mostly giving her a draconic dick befitting the Kiha name (and maybe a doggy-cock, too, we’ll see. Customizable futa are pretty great, right?) plus a way to use it on the PC.

Probably wrap up the week starting into one of a couple merchants I’ve been mulling over: either a dashing smuggler dude (human? Kaithrit? Something else? Who knows!) or a married couple of myr who don’t mind using the space over their shop for some kinky shenanigans. We’ll see which grabs my fancy when the time comes!

Oh, and shout-out to the pack of anons who left an edit-storm all over Lieve’s document the last couple of days. Always appreciate proofreaders!Anno Icon

Art of Linara about to throw her new pet puppy a bone done by Shou. Speaking of whom — we’ll be doing our previously-Wednesday-scheduled stream on Thursday (tomorrow) this week! Look to be moving it permanently, so stay tuned.


Raskvel_MaleBeen a long day, but there’s a few things kicking around on my end. Firstly, I’m about 600 lines of code deep into Nonesuch’s male raskvel gang. I haven’t even hit the sex scenes yet – I’m gonna have my hands full fiddling with some special snowflake item shit with every NPC shopkeepr on tarkus to get them to support a variant where the PC can get some randomized “treasure”.

The combat shouldn’t be too difficult. I wager I can get that banged out and functional in an hour or two, but the sex scenes might be a headache of variation. I took a glance and they looked a bit more fiddly the usual fare I have to code. Still hoping I can jam them out soonish.

Also, after being prodded by Gedan about it for the umpteenth time, I took a crack at making vaginas more expansive. It should be quite a bit easier to make things fit in the future.


Art is an old Raskvel male bust Gats did up ageeees ago.


jacques00_nehzara_MDI decided to finish up some half-finished stuff that’s been sitting in my backlog for a good long while – namely some half-finished Gianna customization that had been left on the backburner in the face of her 90+ pages of content.

Originally, I had jokingly added some blurbs for her appearance screen to describe a futanari version of Gianna, then included a version of the 69 scene where she would have one. Today I finally made it possible to slap a donger on her to use with those scenes. KihaCorp Android Cocks will be able to be purchased from Anno on Tarkus (or in your ship, I guess). Savin jokingly mentioned something about a dragon-cock, so if he does that, I’ll code it. I also tried to con him into writing her a proper futa scene, but who knows if he will.

Later tonight I’ll be working on side projects like CoC/mystery project.

Art is Nehzara, drawn by Jacques00 and posted to placate Kaizer_Z’s claims of favoritism.


So Switch, creator of Euphorian Tide (which you can still download from the links page) has a Patreon up for his next game with some pretty impressive art. Switch is a pretty decent writer, and probably a better coder than me, if you want to take a look.

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