renezuo_vanaeOr so I say. I had something like eight rooms to polish off along with a text for finding/unlocking the dungeon in the first place. I’m sure there’s more parts that it’s missing, but I probably won’t realize it until code-time. A long time ago, Gedan promised to code it if I wrote it. I won’t be holding him too firmly to that. Next Saturday I’ll be trying to code some of the stuff. Those who wind up listening if I stream will undoubtedly hear lots of bitching about how literally everything is better in TiTS.

Now I’m gonna chip at the Treatment some more. Dudes got a lot of changes left to get finalized.

Vanae art by Renezuo.



 By Jollyjack.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be writing the last ten room descriptions we need for the first part of Dungeon 3.


Saendra Nude (Snow)Savin here,

The Nyrea are done! Yay! Bug amazons ahoy. And hey, I even kicked out content for getting oviposited by them and filled with eggs. Who’d have thought *I* would have the next preggers content done, eh? Pretty soon we’ll have to actually make the nursery visitable… Anyway. Tomorrow I’m going to finish some of the bar content for Myrellion (a bartender and drinks, plus the obligatory STEPH IRSON: GALACTIC HUNTRESS episode). The rest of the day’s going to be spent reviewing some of the content that’s been finished and making sure everything jives. I’ve mentioned to Fen the possibility of making the caverns/deep caves (the explorable combat zone for the planet) open to the PC first since the two cities on the planet (Gildenmere and Kressia) have next to zero content finished. Either way, we still need a workable map and the dread room descriptions.

Next week is going to be finishing off a pretty neat (and pretty complex!) adventure I’ve cooked up for the planet, starring The Silence‘s Kara Volke and one of Victor Steele’s many, many bastards. Expect some gunslinging and catgirl sex in the near future.

Also I hear Fen’s done editing a certain item that gives the player everyone’s favorite equine equipment.

Art of everyone’s favorite bitchkitten floofsloot halfbreed smuggler by Snow-Mishibari. (I’d link her gallery but fuckin’ FA’s been down forever)


Vanae_HuntressI don’t usually get much done on these days, but I did do some work going over a submitted item that guarantees a horsecock and will tie in with a way to give Penny one eventually. I figure it should get coded soonish.

Also got seven more busts from Cheshire and added them in. Enjoy!


kilikis_goblinSo after struggling to write all day AGAIN, I gave up and played some Destiny. Then, after finishing the weekly nightfall strike with Gedan, I was suddenly able to plow through a gigantic pile  of cock growth and horse-cock transformation. I’m up to 2,000 words and hoping I can crack 2,500 or 3,000 before I call it in for tonight. Most likely, the source of my malaise is from cutting back on my caffeine to one diet soda a day and removing alcohol from my diet while also starting to work out regularly once more.

Brain chemistry is all out whack, but I caved and had a second soda. You can probably thank for my restored vitality.

Anyway, I’m into the dick transformations now. Just gotta do knotty and nubby horse-dicks, then I can move onto the canine ones. Here’s a sample:

[pc.EachCock] surges out of its sheath in unison with its identically{ mottled/ colored} brothers, getting thicker, longer, and veinier by the minute. You can almost taste the pheromones pouring off your lengthened rods, and while you enjoy it, you bet it would have the cow-girls mewling in delight. You grab hold of the swelling dicks, one in each hand, and stroke, feeling the extra inches pour out of your sheaths. You’re getting longer and harder than you were before, and the pleasure mounts and mounts, threatening to send you past a precipice that has your {new, }flaring tips nearly doubling in size.

CoC Goblin fanart by Kilikis.


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