0.5.4 Changelog (Mediocre Edition):

  • Treatment has been enabled for herms and sexless character. I did not have much time, so nothing special YET. ATM they either get the male or female path as randomly selected.
  • Many mentions of “your legs” have been fixed to “your [pc.legs]“.
  • Ram horns should stop crumbling away immediately.
  • Some fixes to how treatment TFs are displayed. There were some muck-ups with the parser.

Next update from me should come on Monday.


terry_cmarenagaAlder here with a new batch of FoE! I noted that the changelog had grown to substantial size, so here goes!

Play it here (Might have to wait before fen clears the cache)
Offline version
Report bugs here or in the comments.
Full FoE source is now available on GitHub!
FoE now has a forum!

I’ve started a Patreon for FoE here. This update contains the first batch of Patreon sponsored content, look forward to more!

Version 0.3o

  • Various bugfixes in new content.
  • A fuckton of typo fixes, courtesy to Johnathan_Roberts.
  • Another fuckton of typo fixes, courtesy to Spiegelmeister.
  • Rosalin TFs:
    • Moth TF.
  • Foxberries can now be picked in the forest, making it possible to craft the Vulpinix potion.
  • Terry horsecock worship scene (Huuuuge), written by LukaDoc and QuietBrowser.
  • Added the first of hopefully many scenes from Patreon sponsored writer LonelyRonin:
    • Naga encounter
    • Naga loss (requires pussy)
  • Added a bunch of more random encounters to Rigard, written by Del and sponsored by Patreon.
  • Added the first of hopefully many scenes from Patreon sponsored writer Jo Rhade:
    • Equines win, fuck mare (requires real cock)
  • Fixed a bug in Terry when you attempt the horsecock TF scene as a pure female player.
  • Fixed a bug in Kiai’s toy scenes. The text should be more readable now when it talks about the various toys.
  • Included an experimental hunting system (in debug). It allows you to search for specific enemies and events. Will most likely be gated behind some mechanic later so as to not be abused.

Gonna dump a public build tomorrow whether I get herm/intersex going or not. For now, just a backer build because I’m in a hurry.

0.5.3 Changelog [Backers]:

  • Male Treatment effects are coded and active. It may be buggy as sin… so look out for that. I went through a full course on one character with no problems, but I wouldn’t be surprised that some of the multicock stuff might have issues.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

Herm stuff will wind up just being bits of one or the other (or just purely one path or the other). Keep your fingers crossed that we can get that working. As soon as I get herms/unsexed finished, I’m taking a break from Treatment stuff for a while. Will be writing and coding my butt off.



V-KoMale treatment is finished being written at long last. It’s about as big as the female treatment, maybe a little bigger (mostly thanks to the fappy dick TF scenes I wrote). Horsedicks. Horsedicks with knots or nubs. Dogdicks. Dogdicks with nubs. Cat dicks. Variants for multiples. Rare quad-ball proc. Rare ram horn proc. Horn growth up to 8″ long. All written.

Not sure on an ETA for rare procs and herms are. The aim right now is to have male stuff working by tomorrow and some basic herm support Wednesday. We’ll see. I for one am ready to move onto something non-TF based.

V-Ko by CheshireCatSmile37

Update: Coded all the mental stuff for dudes. Waiting on some of the editors to look over the other stuff before I get into that.


renezuo_vanaeOr so I say. I had something like eight rooms to polish off along with a text for finding/unlocking the dungeon in the first place. I’m sure there’s more parts that it’s missing, but I probably won’t realize it until code-time. A long time ago, Gedan promised to code it if I wrote it. I won’t be holding him too firmly to that. Next Saturday I’ll be trying to code some of the stuff. Those who wind up listening if I stream will undoubtedly hear lots of bitching about how literally everything is better in TiTS.

Now I’m gonna chip at the Treatment some more. Dudes got a lot of changes left to get finalized.

Vanae art by Renezuo.

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