Looks like I won’t have Embry ready for release tonight. I did get all the pre-sex stuff done and got through some of the sex. Saturday night for sure.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go blow off some steam before I flip my desk in frustration.

P.S. Don’t go see the new Hobbit. It’s a fucking shit movie.


I’ve roughed out all of Embry’s non-sex stuff. That’s actually well over half her code, but I still have to get everything linked together and working. Not a lot exciting to report tonight, so I’m out.

Cautiously optimistic that she’ll be in a presentable state by Wednesday.


xpr_commission_fenoxo_penny_color_h02I get people coming to me and saying “Fen, why can’t we just have the horsecock of our dreams at this very moment?”

Soz I sez, “Oi, thank dat Alkabro guy, it’ll be a thing nex pach. Ye jus gotta search ’round on Tarkus.”

Seriously though, Alkahest wrote up this thing where there’s basically a horse-cock dildo/onahole that you can use, resulting in having a horse dick. I went ahead and coded it along with some stuff he wrote for using it on Penny. There’ll probably be some bugs in her scenes that’ll need addressed, but it should work well.

Okay, now I can go work on that transgender waitress. (Update: Got through about 600 lines of code for her. She’s got something like 11 talk scenes, yeesh.)

Penny by Xpray


I feel obligated to remind people of this after Savin & Co did their best to make everyone think it’s an abandoned project. I did some more work on the first foe, one I’m calling the Drider Incuboss. As you’d imagine, he’s a male drider with a goblin riding strapped onto his fore dick. He wields a spear, and the player can attempt to free the goblin mid-fight with mixed results. I jammed out about 1,500 words of stuff for him yesterday, though a lot of it is just notes and markup. It mostly covers all his combat texts save for an attack or too. Then I just need to do the stuff for the goblin and get into win/loss sex.

D3 is going to be very slow going, but I do intend to get it done. Here’s where I’m at in a nutshell:

  • 25% Drider Incuboss Encounter
  • 5% Minotaur King & Excellia
  • 5% Lethice
  • 0% Victory Epilogues & Choices

Of course Saturday is over and gone. Time to get back to work on TiTS. I’m going to tackle JimThermic’s Embry next. She’s a solid 100ish pages, which means I might have a tough time having her ready to go on Wednesday. We’ll see.



Hey folks, Savin here,
Syri Panties Bulge (Cheshire)
So Myrellion’s finally rolling out! Excepting the Gold Myr ambassador (and an eventual male nyrea I want to write), most of the DMZ’s content’s been written for a while, hence the quick progress. I believe we still have a waitress and an adorable Gold Myr girl left to see there.

What’s next on the writing block? For me, at least, it’s Kressia, one of the two cities you’ll be able to visit on Myrellion. A Gold Myr city near the capital that’s been seized by the Scarlet Federation, it was to serve as the jumping-off point for the final push to conquer the Golds, until the U.G.C. arrived in orbit and forced a cease fire. The town’s basics and map are more or less laid out, and I’ve started work on one of the NPCs you’ll meet there: Lieve Thyrsa, a Red Myr scout officer, as well as her harem of “trench wives.” Lieve herself is exclusively interested in other women, and it’s been fun writing her very different interactions with both sexes — don’t worry, though, gentlemen: she’s quite willing to share her harem with masculine PCs as well! Fun for everyone (especially if you let her use her aphrodisiac venom on you)!

I’ve also picked up writing the Christmas event, or as I’m calling it, Puppyslutmas. Your choice of Syri or Anno invite you to their wealthy parents’ Christmas party, comfortably situated in a high-rise complex on Ausaril. It’s looking to be a fairly complex event, and I’m already 8 pages in and not even at the party yet.

Oh, and I may or may not have just gotten to play through Gedan’s build of starship combat in The Silence. It’s pretty fuckin’ sweet!

(Syri Panties by Cheshire!)

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