Hi, Alder here. Some info from the guy running the wikis (yes, all three of them. Neither I or Fen host/run them):

So, as some of you may have realized there has been issues involving the Wikispaces Wiki’s of Fall of Eden, Corruption of Champions, and Trials in Tainted Space. 

Wikispaces has been bought out by an Education Company in February 2014, and recently, they have been making drastic changes to the policy of Wikispaces, such as, no more free subscriptions and no more pornographic content. I (Deathdealers747/Anthonyk747) only recently found out about the pornographic change. 
Due to the change in policy, I’ve moved a bulk of the content (with the help of Orain staff and volunteers) to a MediaWiki site called: Orain. 
Currently, all of the pages are converted and imported to the new Orain MediaWiki pages, with exception to the Images, which I will upload manually to ensure that they have “Fair Use” Licensing attached to them, and with exception to the ease of finding the pages within the Wiki. Also, on the new Orain platform, due to them being a non-profit, there will be no subscription fee; however, due to their massive help in moving the Wikis over, I’ve told them that it’ll be OK to place an advertisement or two on the pages of the Wiki.
There will be a lot to get to used to due to the fact that Orain is only a year old and is a non-profit Wiki site. Profitable Wiki sites, such as, Wikispaces and Wikia, have much better Wiki Engines. So, I’m working with Orain to help establish some form of a light Visual Editor, but they cannot afford to upgrade to a good, useful Visual Editor due to severe restrictions on their server specs. 
The new Wikis are still in very rough shape, due to the transfer, but in due time, with the help of you and others like you, it’ll be back in its shining glory!
What does this mean to you? 
Well, editing won’t be as clear-cut, for now. Instead of having a Visual Heading 2, you’ll have “== Heading 2 ==” shown in the Text Editor. 
You’ll also have to send an email (address provided below) in order to request Membership of that Wiki. 
Discussions and Commenting won’t be the same as Wikispaces. It’s all in a very basic MediaWiki format.
Useful Links
https://corruptionofchampions.orain.org/wiki/Main_Page — This is the new CoC Wiki Main Page.
https://fallofedenthegame.orain.org/wiki/Main_Page — This is the new FoE Wiki Main Page.
https://trialsintaintedspace.orain.org/wiki/Main_Page — This is the new TiTS Wiki Main Page.
FenWikis123@gmail.com — This is the official email address of Wiki’s that are associated with Fenoxo’s content/game productions. 
AlderWikis123@gmail.com — This is the official email address of Wiki’s that are associated with Alder’s content/game productions.

So today I spent some time on Pussybloom and Pussyblossom to fill the oft-requested niche of “things that grow me a snatch”.

growing_three_cuntsThey came out pretty great, but they’re very pricy (9-to-16k). You’ll be able to get them at Sera’s next patch, but I need to do some retooling of the plural vaginas function and the appearance screen to make sure all the new equipment displays properly. Pussybloom will only give you one pussy. Pussyblossom will give you up to three. Either has the potential to restore hymens or increase capacity. I’ll leave you with a taste where it’s working properly:


P.S. Seeing things like “gashs” and “pussys” in the descriptions made me cringe SO HARD.


Hey guys,

The service that’s hosting the CoC, TiTS, and FoE wikis is being a shit and, for a variety of reasons, the people who’re running the wikis are having to move their data over to a new service. Please be patient. Neither Fen, Geddy, or I are actually responsible for the wikis, and we can’t comment to when they’ll be back or on what service, and we’re not 100% up to date on exactly what’s going on with the projects. Rest assured, though,  the wikis will be back as soon as possible — though I imagine it’s a boat load of work to migrate all that information.

See Alder’s post above for an update on what’s going on!

Hel Sprite -Cropsy


CoC 0.9.2 – More Bugfixan Patchnotesgedan

  • Fixed some issues relating to how certain morning event scenes conclude, actually allowing progress through them.
  • Urta x Scylla should trigger again.
  • Tamani’s Daugters should diminish at the proper rate.
  • Hardcoded around some potential item slot issues. Somehow, certain slots were becoming “locked” again inadvertently.
    • We dunno what was causing them to save in the locked state, but the least we can do is force the initial 3 slots to always be available. [Investigation Intensifies]
  • Cleaned up a few more D3-fight status effects that could cause issues later on down the line.
    • There are probably more- the combat system SHOULD be cleaning them up, but it isn’t, so I’ve taken to handling it manually.
  • Minor content tweaks:
    • Essrayles content should now only make references to multiple tit rows when the player actually has more than a single row of boobs.
    • Some more cock indexing issues should be fixed with the Herm Centauress.
  • Fixed being able to discover D3 without having Zetaz’s map.

Wordy words after the break.  (more…)


Public release ETA: Wednesday.

0.5.7 Changelog:

  • Yancy has been added to New Texas in the milking barn. He has a total of six scenes, though all require a milky PC to access. Thanks to Savin and JimThermic for chipping in four of them!
  • Valeria bust added (by Shou)
  • Some more Millie.
  • Some tweaks to the appearance screen and descriptors courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Various bug fixes

Sorry for the small patch. Hoping to accelerate releases this week.

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