Continuing to work on Follower Anno. Progress is actually going much more quickly than I’d anticipated, which is good. My big dread right now is writing new sex scenes (her current set seem to cover all the bases!) and crew interaction — as one of the first followers in the game, I keep worrying that Anno’s gonna feel awfully isolated with just a couple of known-entities on the crew for me to write with.
Anyway, here’s the progress so far:

  • Five new talk scenes, out of a planned 8-10. One of them is several pages long, talking about Anno’s work in Warp Gate technology.
  • Six of Anno’s previous sex scenes have undergone extensive editing and rewriting to make them compatible with her appearance on the ship.
  • Four new items.
  • Anno’s “sleep with” material, minus “Good morning sex”
  • Options to boot Anno off your crew, then bring her back aboard. She’ll crash at her girlfriend’s place on Tavros until you come get her again.

So the real thrust right now is going to be getting through her talk scenes and some crew/off-ship interactions. I’ve also got a pretty hefty threesome scene in stock that I’ll be looking at finishing off after the talks are done.

Art of our favorite ausars at play, done by Cheshire. Fingers crossed for more busts soon! :D


More work on Gianna today. Got her talk scenes about her A.I. and her body finished up. The former spouts a lot of information on class G, or “grown,” A.I.s. The latter sets up her modular genital interface and the ability to have her shift silicone around so that she can be a small-tittied waif or giant-boobed bimbo-bot. Got at least two more talk scenes to do with her before I get into the sexytimes proper, but I might start one of the sex scenes to mix it up the next time I’m writing.

Of course, we’re into my “weekend.” Expect to see more stuff coming from me Friday/Saturday.


Bugfchibi_roaix for Fall of Eden. Going to have to do a fair amount of writing before I can push out another content release (next up is Miranda, among other things), and summer vacation is almost over. Keep the bug reports coming!

Play it here (Might have to wait before fen clears the cache)
Offline version
Report bugs here or in the comments.
Full FoE source is now available on GitHub!
FoE now has a forum!

Version 0.3k3

  • Fixed a few Cale related bugs.
  • Fixed a Cale bug that would break the cheat Cavalcade fuck if you were pure female (this seems to have spread to other scenes too).
  • Fixed an error in lust gain that was causing unintentional massive lust spikes.
  • Fixed an error where nasty Miranda wouldn’t let you through the main gate, even if you had a pass.
  • Fixed inn companion prompt.
  • Added a Bleed status effect. Any form of healing will remove it.
  • Fixed an error in job stat growth. Lib and Cha were swapped.

Last night I got the map for New Texas drawn up. Savin and I had encounters planned out, but we hadn’t laid out how we wanted the rooms to go till last night. I went ahead and converted it to a google spreadsheet for ease of modification.

Also on the block is Gianna the companion droid. I’ve started digging into her talk scenes (finally) and overhauled her introduction encounter to make it feel a little more natural. Savin called it something of an “info dump” originally. She’ll be hanging out in the milking barn on New Texas, keeping an eye on the milkers and relieving anyone with excess tension.


This one is pretty small and just me working to tune the pregnancy system a little bit. Venus pitcher pregnancy wasn’t entirely satisfactory previously. Gedan also got Saendra working, I hear.

0.02.44 Changelog:

  • Belly Update: bellyDescript overhauled to have a great deal more adjectives and a few more nouns. The appearance screen has also been modified to include a blurb about the size of your belly. During pregnancies, this sentence will split off into its own paragraph.
  • Updated Venus Pitcher pregnancy stuff. When they make you pregnant, there’s now a bolded bit about it at the end of the scene to help explain why you’re suddenly so full. Also appearance screen stuff has been updated to work better with it.
  • Fixed a few potential errors in venus pitcher pregs that could pop up in places.
  • Saendra had some fixes to her post-quest content courtesy of Gedan.

I spent some time going over Savin’s ant-doc and throwing my two cents in here or there. I’m looking forward to idea jamming with him on it once he gets up. Also of note, I’m going to be reviewing a submission for the first planet by JimThermic involving a small expansion to the jungle and some creatures that unsurprisingly feed on cum. Hooray, ball expansion!

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