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Bug people, anyway.

I’ve been finishing several small side projects lately, just to break the monotony of all ant-girls, all the time. A few new codices (for a race of giant psionic predators, some kitsune-themed arctic amazons, and a race of futa lizard girls), some new items (kaithrit TF, leithan TF, red myr venom pots and gold myr honey wine), plus a public bath house in Kressia operated by a semi-religious order of slutty nuns. Some forumites even inspired me to write up a short doc wherein you can acquire a unique Grey Goo and wear her as armor — if you’ve beaten Deck 13, anyway. I’m hoping to finish the last side project on my backlog today: training to use hunting bows (tipped with chemical darts) with Tanis, the leithan scout on Mhen’ga. Totally not a Kelt joke at all. Nope.

Beta NyreaAfter that, the big project I’ve been steadily working on the last week or so is adding a Xenogen Biotech office to the DMZ of Myrellion. The shop is helmed by a chubby futa dzaan who doesn’t mind trading pleasure for discounts on her wares, and the big, beardy head researcher on the planet, Dr. Byron McAllister. You’ll be able to help the good doctor find the test materials he needs to complete work on both red and gold myr TF items, and help him analyze the early human trials on a pair of very eager candidates. I’ll start writing the TFs themselves next week (unless I can con Fenbro into doing the Gold Myr TF…). Possibly a nyrea TF as well, if I can figure out how that’d even work.

Art of the (beta) nyrea huntress, by Shoupuppy. God damn, she turned out cute.

P.S. I finally beat Pillars of Eternity last night. Holy crap that game was good. Except the final boss — fuck that guy. Now get hyped for Battlefront 3.


It took entirely too long tracing down some more CoC bugs last night, but I did slip out a stealth fix last night.

0.9.4C (The C doesn’t show on the title screen):

  • It’s now possible to leave Helia’s dungeon. (Bug introduced by open source refactoring)
  • Rubi’s closet and sex scenes should now work properly. (Bug introduced by open source refactoring)
  • Fixed a scene crash in D3 involving the doppleganger. (Didn’t check who was to blame for this one; sue me)

Also, TiTS has gotten talked about on some podcasts!

I doubt any of those people actually read my blog, but I’m honored to get mentioned by the mainstream. Hopefully someday I can make something non-smutty enough to get people seriously talking about it!

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I’ve been struggling on and off to get into Dally. It kind of shows – his wordcount is barely 3,200 words. But I had a bit of a breakthrough tonight and jammed out a solid 2,000 for a scene where he dances for you… and lets you touch him… and lets you jerk him off wherever. And maybe the PC might get swarmed by horny myr girls curious for a taste if he goes off in the PC’s face…

I think it’s pretty good stuff, and Frogapus chipped in some editing behind my writing in spite of me using the wrong “affect” in the previous post (before I corrected it).

The aim for tomorrow is to nail some troublesome bugs that surfaced in the last patch for CoC, finish my tax shit (last minute harder, amirite?), and try to finish this Dally dance stuff so that I can start throwing it into the game.

Savin’s got some stuff piling up that needs coded too, but I might not have time tomorrow.

P.S. Netflix’s Daredevil is awesome.


We should have the saves situation handled. For some reason it didn’t affect my machine. This is what happens when people pull out core functionality to “improve” the game – more bugs.

0.9.3b (Note it doesn’t show the ‘b’ on the ingame display):

  • Loading saves should work again.

0.9.4 Changelog:

  • Oodles of typo fixes. Thanks Prisoner416!~
  • Fixed some weird stuff going on with parser logic in a Shouldra scene.
  • The Marble/Amily freakout scene won’t happen if Marble is gone from camp.
  • The doppleganger in dungeon 3 now has a vagina if you’re genderless… and makes you grow one if you sex it.
  • Fixed some broken masturbation shit after someone “cleaned it up”
  • A few other odds and ends that got swallowed up in the massive typo commit.

It looks like I actually got through doing most of the lagging CoC typo reports. I’m going to try and keep up on them a little better in the future, but no promises. I’m off to write Dally for TiTS now. Lata!


das_pyorno_tamani_colors0.9.3 Changelog:

  • Kid A should be able to be given a weapon.
  • Bugfixes from IndirectOne too numerous to cover.
  • A new Scylla scene. To proc it, you need to have had a threesome with Urta and the nun, NOT have the Opal Ring (check your key items), and check the bar very early in the morning or in the early afternoon. Basically it’s two other herm furries from the guard plugging away at her lipples, and you get to take her mouth.

I didn’t get to edit the new scene as I would have liked, so it’s likely very rough. If anyone feels like giving me a breakdown of the problems in bug reports I’ll try to charge through them all tomorrow.

I STILL have to look at the forum bug reports for CoC. The github repo is MOSTLY cleared, but I’m sure there’s a list a mile long on the forums waiting for me. I might keep pushing this stuff until we get caught up before I get back into TiTS for a bit. CoC never should’ve languished this far behind.

Tamani bust by DasPyorno, though it looks like his tumblr is gone :{

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