Spent the day writing items and a couple interactions for Ellie. She sells several cow-girl and lactation-related items, including cow-print bikinis and pills to instantly fill your tits up. I talked with Fen a little on it, and as an added bonus, Ellie will also be able to sell erotic fiction download codes for the codex). What’s that mean? Stories like The Treatment and Talon Rogue can finally show up in-game. So that’s gonna be pretty fucking cool! :D

I also started on a fairly lengthy talk scene with Ellie about her race, their homeworld, and her unique musk.

It’s been forever, right!?

Finally got moved into the new house, and have my office set up enough that I can work. Internet’s been up and down as we move furniture around, but it seems to be sorted out now, so it was back to stramming. Here’s what went down today:

  • I did a final edit/content pass on Anno’s content. AnnoQuest and Follower Anno, plus a nearly 10k word threesome tree, are all done and ready for code. Now I just need to con Geddy into doing it >_>
  • I wrote a codex for a reptilian, tauric race call the Leitha.
  • One of them, a female by the name of Nephelee, was designed and outlined over the course of the afternoon. She’s a Treated citizen of New Texas, and runs the gift shop. Yay for finally having taurs in the game! You can buy plenty of bovine-themed accessories and items from her, as well as the Treatment itself. Ellie, as she goes by, also has an incredibly powerful pheromone aura around her that would make Kelt or Edryn blush — watch out for massive Lust gains around her. Then again, she’s more than happy to help you get rid of all that pesky lust, too.

Tomorrow should be Ellie’s talks and item descriptions, then onto sex for the rest of the week and into next. Treated Reaha should follow.


Bullet points!

  • Wrote about 3,000 words of making Gianna’s boobs bigger or smaller. They go from C -> E -> GG -> M and back again.
  • Also wrapped up a scene discussing her former owner.
  • Gonna probably poke at a sex scene a little before bed. Not sure which. This bitch is already about 50 pages long. I’m clearly a victim of feature creep. I started writing vaginal sex and set it up to split into four different scenes depending on if you’re a taur, if Gianna is dommy (cowgirl), if she’s normal (missionary), or if she’s subby (doggy style). About 1.1k into, mostly in the intro and dommy branches. Gotta call it quits for the night here, though.
  • Talked over New Texas stuff with Savin. He may or may not be making a centaur race to have a Treated version of at the gift shop tomorrow.
  • Savin also wrote up a threesome for some characters. I don’t remember who, but it probably involved dogsluts.

Gardeford has an alternate Celise that I’m going to try and code next week at some point. Also planning to start laying down rooms like crazy whenever I need a break from Gigi, then it’ll be on to the Treatment itself.

I’m hesitant to promise anything because I’m behind on it, but if I get time this weekend, I’m going to poke at a new chapter of the Treatment as well.


alder_gianna_originalI was struggling to write more than like 1k at any given time lately, so I ran a publicized livestream today to see if it would help me focus. I’m not sure whether it was the livestream or sugar, caffeine, and tons of exercise yesterday, but it was a fucking productive stream. I jammed out over 3,000 words of Gianna titfucks. The sexy android babe now has something like 6,000+ words of assorted titfucks. One for huge tittied Gianna doing it, and two big variations on the same scene for normal boobed Gianna. PC’s with dicks that stick out the top get BJ’s on top of it.

Afterward, I jammed out 1,400 words of her talking about the planetary Governor, Big T, and her relationship to him (she’s something of an adopted daughter). There’s still a lot to go on her, though:

  • At least two more talk scenes.
  • Increasing/Decreasing her bust (probably will run around 2.5k words if the stuff I have done for lips is any indication)
  • Increasing/Decreasing her booty (same as above)
  • Changing body temperature
  • Lady-type get oral
  • Lady-type sixtynine
  • Vaginal
  • I might try to con Savin into writing anal.
  • Gardeford might be doing a tickle fetish scene? I dunno.

Then I’ve got plans for a futa expansion and a futa horsedick expansion, because alder drew that pic. (not glowy blue lines aren’t canon, but Alder didn’t like my original, shitty edit)




I’m not sure I could really condense down everything that happened when I went to Gencon into an easily digestible post. It’s one of those things where there’s just so much happening that coming to grips with it all is a challenge all its own. One easy thing I can point out is that I had fun.

I’m not sure if it actually was, but the event this year felt more crowded than last. It was pretty much impossible to get in and play D&D 5E or Pathfinder if you hadn’t signed up for them decently in advance. I spent a decent amount of time just wandering around and taking it all in, but that’s not to say it wasn’t a productive trip – far from it.

This year, I signed up for a number of writing workshops, and while I didn’t manage to hit all of them, I got to listen to Michael A. Stackpole ramble on a good bit and picked up a lot of great advice. I also snuck into some other panels, including one on starting your own game company and the like, though I feel it wasn’t nearly as informative as Stackpole’s. The advice I heard from them was more general and common sense stuff than anything particularly esoteric.

I didn’t even wind up going to the hentai dubbing or “Dungeons and Deviants” bar party either, despite planning on it. Instead of the former, I wound up drinking with a friend’s friends at a bar where the bartenders all had huge racks and low-cut shirts. And instead of the latter? Well I was hanging out with Savin and Adjatha playing 5E in our hotel room and munching pizza. Maybe next year I’ll manage to actually show up at the things I plan to show up at!


Aaaaand we’re back! Work should resume soon, though I (Savin, curse the blog’s lack of poster ID) am still getting moved into the new house. There’s no furniture yet, so… that might slow progress for a day or two.

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