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Sorry for not posting for a while. All set up on the new computer now, and pretty comfortably moved into the new house to boot. Even found a new shooting range nearby, and plinked off about a hundred rounds yesterday.

Like Fen mentioned below, he convinced me into writing a pretty hefty Gianna Anal scene (because what else would the Analmancer write?). She’s a tough cookie to write for — so much variation! I think I did a pretty decent job, though, all things considered. I also got some convincing to write a small set of new scenes for Anno: fucking her, and getting fucked by her, using the hardlight strapon available from Aliss. Thanks be to Fen for the [vagOrAss] parser tag making my life easier. Also included is a scene of her buying the thing from Aliss, and then her putting her own spin on the strapon hardware to give herself a variety of fun options when wearing her strapon.

Today’s Goal: Finish the last bit of Anno Strapon Funtimes, and then finish off one of Reaha’s “Addiction Therapy” scenes.

Anno playing with some bones (Syri, Kaede) by Cheshire.


Saturday I chugged through part of a unified bad end for the Mantis-girl I’m writing for Alder’s game. I’m not sure I should say too much about her, so we’ll leave it at that.

Today I jammed out around 2,000 words of Gianna oral on girls. It’s mostly variation, with about 800 words dedicated to girls with super-sized clits. Then I played a bunch of Destiny. I gotta say – the game needs more missions and content. It feels a little too sparse, but the gunplay and weapons themselves tend to be fun enough that I’m still grinding my way to level 23.

Then I got back to work! I’ve had complaints about the starting area being confusion for a while. I’ve shifted the elevators away from the in/out functionality to make movement a little clearer and did some work to make sure they’d display correctly. I’m gonna jam back into trying to finish that lady-type scene for Gianna I started this morning. Ciao!

Wordcount Update: Hit 2700 on the pussy-licking scene. It isn’t THAT long, it just has a LOT of variation. Also jammed out another 500 or so words of a more confident, dommy Gianna teasing the PC about sucking him off with her big, silicone-padded lips. Not sure if I’ll be able to reuse much of the text for her other personalities, so this might wind up being as varied as her vaginal sex scenes are. Also, Savin wrote something like 2k+ words of anal for her. Rejoice!

TiTS Site Update: Looks like rackspace has sorted their issues, but the server isn’t running and my web guy hasn’t been on skype to start it back up again. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more info.


Looks like Rackspace is having some issues. The site isn’t dead or anything. It’ll be back.


Roaslin Alder_PZero_lowNew Fall of Eden update! Both the quest system, the combat turn order and the party screen are new neat additions. As for scenes, Terry has gotten a bunch (still only one large sex scene though). It should also be easier/more intuitive to find Lei and progress the main story now.

In other news, I’ve started a patreon for FoE here.

UPDATE: Thanks a lot for your support!

Play it here (Might have to wait before fen clears the cache)
Offline version
Report bugs here or in the comments.
Full FoE source is now available on GitHub!
FoE now has a forum!

Version 0.3m

  • The usual array of corrections to grammatical missteps and parser flailing.
  • Misc opening times in Rigard shops fixed.
  • Added a combat turn order listing, replacing the rather vague initiative listing.
  • Changed the color of the sleep/wait/explore buttons to make it more clear when they are available.
  • Changed color of level up button to green.
  • Changed the approach gates sequence to make finding Lei more intuitive (thanks Del!). Lei’s sequence has also been modified. Might result in some weirdness since I poked around at the flags.
  • Added a new scene to Magnus, if you went and learned magic from Jeanne (a pretty short thing, but things make more sense now).
  • Added TFs to Terry. This doesn’t quite work the same way as usual TFs, but look around and I’m sure you’ll figure out how to do it.
    • This includes some temporary and partially implemented items. Some of these can currently ONLY be gotten through cheating (debug in the tent).
  • Added a “check cum amount” to Terry (in his pet section). You have to become a bit intimate with him before unlocking it.
  • Introduced a quest tracking mechanism, and coded a few of the main quest bits.

The artwork is lines by PZero, and colors by me.


Renezuo_DroidVariantsIt’s late and I’d like to get some more stuff in for an eventual release. I started coding TheDarkMaster’s goblins as a potential thing for today’s release, but I’m not really happy with them. They’re a little dark/cruel/rapey compared to the rest of TiTS, and there’s some serious cleanup needing to be done in the editing department to match the rest.

I was surprised to see that project was about a year old, and in a fit of inspiration, I dug out another very old project to work on – Yammi. Yammi is an indentured servant working at “Iced Teats Frozen Treats” and written by longtime fan and pen pal of mine. She’s had a follower expansion that’s been sitting in the wings… since before the Offbeatr. She needs some sex stuff filled in, but the rest of her is some Grade A universe building and sexy iced cream vending.

People have asked me about my thoughts on Destiny, and I think Penny Arcade has the best takes on it thus far. It’s basically Halo with baked-in multiplayer. For those that don’t know, I ate, drank, and breathed Halo for a significant portion of my life. I’m really enjoying it at level 15 or so, but it’s far too soon to make any kind of judgement call on how long it will last. Another day or two of play and I’ll have gotten my money’s worth, which is all I care about. If I’m still having fun past that? Gravy.

Art: Renezuo drew me some various Futa Giannas, because why not.

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