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Kaede x Kiro Colored (Adjatha)

The infamous pirate Kiro getting’s what’s coming to her thanks to a very amorous ex-victim, by Adjatha.

Or out of it, since the only saddle I’ve been in lately is Roach’s in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Managed to lose myself in the Continent for a couple of days since its launch — god damn that game is amazing. Absolutely entrancing world and characters.

But fuck that fucking horse, though. Threw me off a god damn cliff. >:| (And into a pack of drowners. And down a hill. And into a patrol of angry bandits. I’m pretty sure Roach is trying to kill me.)

Anyway, back to the smutmines with me. On the agenda this week: revising some Myrellion content (Deep Caves descent, Steph Irson) and maybe writing a new Shade scene or two. I heard a bunch of people wanted to use a cocktail on her cunttail… I might end up working on a Kiro scene or two, depending on what Fen wants/needs to get her topped off ASAP. For next week: gonna be writing a Honeypot Myr stall in Gildenmere for all your lactation-fetish needs, and probably starting into the planetary dungeon.

Quick Edit: Shade scene done. Steph’s scenes before her in-person meeting have been edited. For tomorrow: more Kiro, and honeypot ants!

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Not gonna lie, between Witcher 3 coming out (HOLY FUCK, THAT GAME!) and Destiny getting a new expansion pack, actually getting shit done has been on the scarce side. I did still write up a solid chunk of a Kiro scene last night, but don’t expect a release tonight.


P.S. I just started a stream to work on some Kiro over @ FenTV/Chat (Nope, finished!)
(About 2,000 words of Kiro jammed so far. Goddamn, I hit a stride there.)
…there are 96 pages of Kiro.
(Nope, about 3,200 Kiro words written now. (Putting the finished scene on the forums to crowdsource typo hunting & editing. It’s 4000 words long.)

Next on the Kirogenda? Taking her virginity properly (and getting her panties).

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I almost didn’t bother to make a blog post today, but I’d rather try and keep minimize my failures in communication and keep closer to a mostly daily dialogue – dailalogue, if you will. Yeah, that sounds about right.

The plan was to chunk through what few bug reports have piled up and launch into writing Kiro stuff. What actually happened was that I waded through a cavalcade of bugs so deep that I had to bring the hip-waders out of retirement and go fly-fishing for working code. Two full pages of bug reports on the forums, and I didn’t even get through all of them.

One upside is that Jacques00 did a fucking solid to help cap off a credits exploit involving ‘Nuki Nuts and the New Texas milker. If you put out enough, you can break the thing now, necessitating a repair fee and a wait for it to come back online. If you put out enough to shame two or three backed-up Kiros, you can flood the town in the process and wash up on Big T’s roof.

Fun fun!

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A: I dunno, but I wrote 3,000 words of text (and edited about 500 of Kinathis’s) to finish off the goblin scenes for a certain incubus drider and his pet (the goblin). A slow tittyfuck and having her use her three-foot tongue to please lady PCs round out the last of that of the writing for that encounter.

Next week: the Minotaur King & Excellia.

No, I don’t know when I’ll have the next update for that game. Ciao!

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cheshireCatSmile37_panties_Penny0.5.37 Changelog:

  • The deep caves have been added. They’re in the western portion of “No Ant’s Land.”
  • Alpha Nyrea can be encountered in the deep caves! They should be tougher than their beta counterparts (but are relatively untested).
  • Seifyn the Nyrea has a shop down there with some new items, including a temporary defense booster and an item that will heal you (but deal lust damage).
  • The deep caves taxi has been added to the taxi network.
  • Dr. Badger can now be reported to Penny (after dealing with her Zil problem).
  • The Dzaan codex has been added to the game. Right now it auto-unlocks, but it’ll properly unlock on meeting Kaska (and a future dzaan) soon.
  • A new section has been added to the Codex to handle fiction. It has been populated with Savin’s recent moth-girl story for now. In the future, stories will be purchased from vendors as download codes for your Codex. (Inb4 “SmutStop” wants you to trade in your used Codex for the CodexOne.)

Penny in her underthings by CheshireCatSmile37!

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