manaa_TiTS_tentaclesLots of things got done recently. Gedan added a font size increase/decrease option to the options menu for me. I got all the rooms written for New Texas’ main path and the milking barn. I also coded them. I also coded Savin’s prostate milker, so we’ve got at least one kind of milker available in the barn.

I also finished up the first variant of Gianna’s vaginal scenes – there’s going to be four. Centaurs and centaur-likes will get centaur-style. Subby Gianna will get doggie-styled. Normal Gianna will get missionary, and dommy Gianna will ride the PC cow-girl. I wrote cow-girl first, though she winds up not being very dommy at the end. I’m realizing now just how vanilla my tastes can be relative to the rest of the internet.

Oh, and the new Cheshire busts were added.

Oh, and I blew up Gedan with missiles. Lots of missiles.

Sweet sweet fanart by Manaa, who apparently doesn’t have a gallery yet.

Update: Jammed out 1,500ish words of Gianna missionary.


Naleen_FemaleI know some of you are going insane from boredom. Well, I’m back on the horse for now, though I have one more disappearance this next month before things stabilize for a good long while.

None of you care about that crap, I’m sure, so let’s get right into the meat of things. Firstly, we’ve started packing the Adobe AIR executable in with android builds again. That means the .apk’s are about triple the size they used to be but that you won’t need to have Adobe AIR installed. There’s two lines of reason for this. One, some devices don’t have access to the google app store to grab it, and two, some people don’t like to download two different files with it.

Along with that, the android version is going show up on Mikandi for about $4 for those of you who prefer the mobile flavor. Free versions will continue to flow from Fenoxo.com as you would expect. That should provide an easy way to keep things up to date (while giving me yet another place to manage uploads to – CURSES!).

Savin has been plugging away pretty awesomely during my slacking. I’m going to dump out a backer release Wednesday that can hopefully contain some new New Texas content followed up by a freebie build the following Saturday or Sunday. One of my personal goals is to get a solid 30 or so rooms of New Texas in along with enough Gianna for people to enjoy. Also, Savin’s taur and prostate milker. What a buttslut.

Now with that out of the way, I’m going to chug through bug reports and get cracking on these rooms before Third runs D&D tonight.

(Also, if anyone is missing replies to emails, shoot me another one. I think I’ve sorted them all, but I came across one that had slipped through the cracks for months and I’d like to prevent that from happening!)

Naleen female by the ever-awesome CheshireCatSmile37!


Fen thought ya’ll might enjoy this.Bob the Bastard

Fall of the Order of Light is DONE. I’ve sent it to Fen and Sin for a final look over, and hopefully JR and some of my other editbros will take a look through as well to make sure it’s in prime form. I’m going to be making the finalized PDF tonight and uploading it for Sin to distribute to all the Boobs&D backers. You guys rock!


Logan Concept -E3DX Saturday Edit: Ellie is finished! Treated Reaha may end up being a bigger project than I bargained for (this keeps happening :<), but that's still the next project I'll be tackling. Expect cowdomme and vigorous milkings to commence on Monday.

Once I'm done with work today, I'm going to be throwing the monster stats for Fall of the Order of Light together and shipping it off to Sinarra and Fen to double check.

From Friday:
Work continues apace on Ellie. Finished her main vaginal and anal scenes this morning, as well as the scene for tauric PCs mounting her for some hard taur-on-taur dickings. With one scene left to do (Ellie mounts a PC for tail-pegging), I'm sure she'll be done tomorrow. I'm gonna break for the rest of the afternoon to poke at Treated Reaha, which is the next major project on my to-do list. In the meantime, check out this model Echo3DX did of Logan, a character for a Super Secret Project that Geddy and I are plotting.

On an unrelated note, I got the parts for a new computer yesterday afternoon. I’ve never built my own rig before, but I’mma be trying after work today! Wish me luck.


Alder miranda ink003_lowHi all, Alder here with a new Fall of Eden update!

I’ve added quite a few new scenes, including FoE’s first sexy bad end (if you lose to the new boss added). Both Terry and Miranda have gotten some new content, and the next segment of the main quest has been added (follow Jeanne’s instructions and search the forest).

In addition to this, the usual batch of typos and bugfixes. For full list, see the changelog below.

Play it here (Might have to wait before fen clears the cache)
Offline version
Report bugs here or in the comments.
Full FoE source is now available on GitHub!
FoE now has a forum!

Version 0.3l

  • Misc bug fixes and typos.
  • Corrected a colossal cavalcade of crappy code (more typos and parser tags).
  • Added shortcut keys for exploration buttons (right side): 6-0
  • Gwendy no longer joins you at 100% lust.
  • Cale’s shop is implemented. Note that a lot of the stuff he sells is completely useless at this point in time.
  • Reduced spawn rate of felines to be roughly equal to the other mobs in the plains.
  • Added stat descriptions to levelup screen. Still kinda vague, but should give people a hunch of what they’re getting.
  • Fixed a bug in Cale where he would repeat his virgin scenes.
  • Fixed a bug in Cale where the scene would break for female PCs fucking him with a strapon.
  • Miranda tavern public bj.
  • Added a subby Miranda sex scene: Take Anal (in her home, choose passive).
  • Added the dryad glade, the next part of the main quest. Includes a bossfight and a bad end.
  • Added Momo the dragon-girl (LD and QB). Only initial scenes atm.
  • Added some scenes for follower Terry.
  • Added a pretty expansive sex scene for follower Terry.

The artwork is lines by PZero, and colors by me.

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