4WXnfXEWriting some more scenes for the first part of Lethice’s throne room (the drider incuboss and his toy, Mitzi the goblin). I might have bit off more than I can chew. Got a variety of scenes to pen with him and the goblin, and then of course there’s the option to take her as a slave… Damnit.

Whatever. Not totally dead, but makin’ progress.

Update: Jammed out about 3,000 words of stuff for Dungeon 3. Mostly one for vagina-wielders to write a drider incubus’s dick (win scene) and to get a quick oral orgasm from the drider’s goblin slut. Next time I’ll probably pick up doing the “slow blow” version of the scene. Should hopefully be able to milk it for at least 1,500 words. Dohohohoh.

I tried to do a little bugfixing over my weekend on TiTS, but Github was being DDoSed, so I wound up giving then. I’ll hit it again tonight – I’ve got almost two pages of the things to sort through.

I also know some folks are itching for a CoC update to get all the newest bug fixes if nothing else. I don’t have an ETA on that. There’s a ton of stuff on Github Geddy or I will have to sort, and neither one of us is liable to focus on it for a bit. I just want to give you guys a proper ending (…and maybe a goblin slave).

Update2: Logged three hours in the TiTS bugfix mines. I’ve got half a page of report threads left to sort, but I may have bumped most of the hardest ones into that batch. I expect I’ll be spending at least 2-3 hours on it again tomorrow. One highlight was rebuilding the cockNoun function to work better with tail genitalia (and be more efficient in general). It should also no longer spew repetitive adjectives like “Canine dog-cock”, “equine horse-cock”, etc.


laylaHey, Alder here with a new Fall of Eden update. A new character, Layla the chimera, penned by LD and QB. One of these days I’ll find the time and energy to write something myself again >_>

There’s a bit of content that’s been building up, but I’m waiting to add it before an editor has been over them. I’ll try to push a little bit more stuff for Burrows, but I think I’ll be transitioning to working on Rigard pretty soon. Bull tower should be added sometime in the near future too.

Play it here (Might have to wait before fen clears the cache)
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Report bugs here or on Github.
Full FoE source is available on GitHub!
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Changelog after the break.



Shou_Kaede_LineraAn illegal transformative item, Gush comes distributed in a handy subdermal spraypen for those who have problems with needles. It’ll make your breasts swell up and leak milk (or whatever your normal fluid is) at the expense of a heightened libido. It can also make you lactate faster, have breasts that can more efficiently store higher quantities, or even double the number of nipples you have.

fen_imp_icon_by_jacques00It’ll come with two bad ends, a regular one and a New Texas one, though neither is particularly lengthy. To get them you’ll need maxxed libido and really, really big tits.

Some TiTS OC funtimes by Shou! Here’s hoping she gets over her creeping crud soon!


Just a quick notice to all our writers – Savin and I have updated the bounty board with a bunch of new projects – ten or so as of right now, spread across Gildenmere, Kressia, and No Man’s Land.

I didn’t really get to write today, but I did get a new hard drive installed – I was almost out of space, and honestly, I should be adding a 2TB for additional storage sooner rather than later. You can see the sad state of my HDD space in my latest twitter post.fen_imp_icon_by_jacques00


fen_imp_icon_by_jacques00If we ever get TiTS-level technology, I totally want my nose replaced with a crazy cyborg nose, because I am sick of your shit, sinuses.

Still wrote about 900 words yesterday, and the worst passed on my weekend, leaving me able to function for this week. I’m going to be focusing on trying to write more this week, which means less new builds/content likely while I jam an item and an NPC out.

Currently on my docket are a male gold myr stripper named Dally and Gush, a throbb-like item that focuses on breasts and lactation.

Update: 3200 words of Gushwrites get! Let’s see if I can beat that tomorrow.

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