Still a little under the weather, but poked out some writing and design work for Queen Irellia. Right now there’s just a ton of introduction work for them. You’ll have to do some work for the Queens before you can unlock sexytimes Irellia.


adjatha_tanuki0.5.17 Changelog:

  • Jade now sells ‘Nuki Cookies, a raccoon/kui-tan/tanuki transformative. Male characters can gain a perk that allows their balls to expand with pent-up cum, like Kiro.
  • A number of status effects for being too well endowed have been implemented. Hopefully they’re fun and not irritating/lame. Easter egg: there’s a way to get three tits or nuts at the extreme end of this.
  • Geddy coded an anal masturbation scene.
  • Lots of fixes and such.
  • Reaha’s Milkmods should be enabled.
  • Fixed some stupid bugs with easy mode.
  • Renvra’s pregnancies should be in the game, though Savin says they’re still bugged.

Sorry there’s not more, but between laying around as a sickened blob and figuring out a decent way to do ball-swelling, it’s all I had time for.

P.S. On how to get 3 balls/tits – you need balls big enough to get immobilized WITHOUT the ‘Nuki Nuts perk, then you also have to be too pay for treatment. Medical experimentation then foots the bill. Not sure it’s possible to do atm without cheating.

Art is an old “Tanuki Problems” pic by Adjatha that spawned Kiro.


magnusHey all, Alder here with a new release of Fall of Eden. Not a whole lot of new content, but I wrote some additional scenes for the Lizards and for Miranda. I’m going to try keeping to the promise of 2 releases / month, but I’m going to be limited in how much content I can put out. If I can’t get enough scenes written in time, I’ll try to compensate with more mechanical tweaks and balancing.

Play it here (Might have to wait before fen clears the cache)
Offline version
Report bugs here or on Github.
Full FoE source is available on GitHub!
FoE has a forum!

FoE has a Patreon, here.

Changelog plus a message from the wiki guy after the break.

Art is some fanart of Magnus by umphbreada.



Today I’m feeling pretty decent for the first time in like… a week. If anyone wants to see what the walking death sound like, you can pop into Savin’s youtube channel and listen to the D&D games I participated in during my sickness. Despite usage of the term “participated,” I don’t feel like I was really there in any complete sense. I’m just glad my headset cord is long enough that I could lay in my bed and veg out without letting down my friends.

Ahh, the virtues of the digital age!

I’m going to squeeze in some work on ‘Nuki Cookies tonight. Tomorrow evening I’ll try to finish them up and push the public build. I know you guys have waited long enough for it. Sorry to promise it and then totally sick through the deadline.

P.S. If I feel like shit again, it won’t happen, but I’m trying to be positive about this.


You know how last time I got sick everyone gave me shit about getting sick all the time? Well it seems to have happened. Was pretty out of it all day yesterday with a fever, hacking cough, and some quality time on the toilet. On top of that, had some family stuff happen that hits a little hard. I feel a little better today but prolly gonna take it easy.

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