Wednesday Edit: Back in the saddle after taking yesterday off to work through a bit of illness. Feeling a little better today, so back to work.

That said, to my distinct horror, I’ve just found out that Fen sent me the six or eight hours of him dicking around playing video games while Roll20 was down during Tomb of Whores. So now I need to go cull out THOSE videos. Except there’s no way to tell when it starts/ends until I’ve already downloaded them. Dammit, Fen!


Monday Edit: So many subscribers oh my god. I’ll be uploading the Tomb of Whores videos from ~a year ago all through the day. Up to part 10 of 70 (yes, fucking seventy videos. Uuuuggghhh) as of writing.

I’ve put up the first twenty parts of Tomb of Whores. I think that’s enough for today! Next several parts will go up tomorrow.


250 (Make that 350! Woah!) (Make that FIVE HUNDRED SIX HUNDRED SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHT HUNDRED NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. Holy shiiiit!) YouTube subscribers get! :D Holy crap, that was fast. You guys are awesome!

Cass, Issy, Sera, and Loa Orgy -Adj

Couple of quick updates on the YouTube and/or D&D front:

  • New video up today. Very tight session, starring several cetes of insane, rage-filled honey badgers.
  • Holy crap YouTube is being an annoying piece of shit.
  • I’m going to try and start uploading the Tomb of Whores / Boobs&D 1 videos to the channel, thanks to Fen for having them tucked away on DropBox before Twitch decided to go full douchebag. No guarantees on that, though, and it’ll be slow going. That’s 24 hours of 1080p video. R.I.P. my internet.
  • As far as I know, some Boobs&D 2 / Fall of the Order of Light donations are still unfulfilled. I’m sorry it’s been super slow. :/ Sinarra’s still chugging through them.

Old smutty D&D art by Adjatha of the original Vee&D characters. R.I.P. Cass and Sera. Adj also has a pretty hot series of D&D Bad Ends pics on his FA from Fenoxo’s game. Worth checking out!


menacingFurryBallsMy internet access is going to be a bit spotty for the next week for a variety of reasons, but I’m still planning on GETTING SHIT DONE. Don’t expect a new build this week (unless Gedan decides to churn one out). Do expect me to still be coding some things in to drop next week.

Here’s the list of things I might work on (Likely only some of these will get poked, depending on my mood):

  • Next Treatment Chapter – I’m way behind on these.
  • The 10,000 word story I owe some tiers of Offbeatr backers.
  • Some stuff for hardlight-dildo equipped panties and Anno that Savin wrote.
  • Fast transit systems for moving to the remote sections of Tarkus/Mhen’ga.
  • A varmint lassoing minigame for New Texas.
  • Bess coding – she is a serious nightmare of epic proportions, but I’d really like to at least get to where you can encounter her and have some sexytimes. Also, Mr. Thermic, if you’re reading this – if your next submission looks like this, I’m going to find you and do horrible things to you. I am a man with a certain set of skills. A very specific set of skills. Skills that aren’t enough to stop me from crying while trying to code Bess.
  • Writing the Treatment – I’ve got some planning done for it already, and I’m hoping I can chug out the core parts of it fairly quickly.
  • Writing a bull mechanic or Big T. for new texas.
  • Lane the hypnotist.

I’ll definitely have something to show for the time regardless. October should be a great month for TiTS. I expect we’ll be moving into planet 4 soonish.

Also, there’s a guy that’s been poking at updating the character viewer for TiTS (and CoC too I guess). He’s got a thread up and needs save files to test with. I can’t promise anything will ever come of it, but I can say that giving him saves to play with will make progress more likely.

Image source: the latest Southpark episode.


Hey, guys, Savin here!Saendra -Chesh

Spent an hour or two hashing through some lingering balance and gameplay issues with Fen and Geddy, some of the fruit of which you can see in Fen’s post below. Yay, critical hits! Hopefully handguns will actually be good now, too!

I wrote up some sissy faux-cow buttfucking yesterday as a little addition to the varmint wrangling minigame on New Texas. :3 Also mostly done with writing the adventure Geddy and I’ve been working on. Just have the last zone and some combat texts left to write. Also maybe possibly a starship dogfight…. need to figure out the mechanics behind that before I can do much writing, though.

On a completely unrelated note, since Fenoxo’s completely abandoned uploading the community’s D&D games to YouTube and the group I used to record for doesn’t meet any more… I’ve decided to start up a new YouTube channel for our D&D games! I literally put it together this morning, so there’s all of one video up atm, but more to follow. I’m going to be posting sessions either the night of or morning after they occur, and with 3-5 games a week between the various DMs, we should be keeping up a steady pace of uploads.

Thursday Edit: Another video up! Next one should be on Saturday or Sunday.

Speaking of YouTubes, AnonymousMan (that guy what done Cursed) has been uploading TONS of videos to his YouTube channel: Character Select. I don’t recall it ever being posted here before, so… plugs for the plug god! I recommend the Silent Hunter series of videos, in which I ram destroyers with a submarine. It turns out as well as you expect.

Sultry Saendra supplied by Cheshire!

Also, check out some neat shit Geddy rigged up for said adventure:



Finally did something that should have been in the game forever. Critical hits. Basic melee and ranged attacks can crit for double damage (PC’s only). Mercs have a perk that currently boosts it to 15%, though I might scale that back to 10%. I also slightly buffed pretty much all the starter weapons, reduced ZK rifle damage slightly, and tweaked things elsewhere.


Bad News: I doubt I’ll have a playable Bess/Ben by the end of the week. As complex as Gianna is, Bess is an order of magnitude more complex. I wrote Gianna with a full knowledge of everything TiTS can do and in a way that let me cleanly and easily handle what variations there were without too much effort. Bess is essentially JimThermic’s first submission and yet is vastly more complicated than Ember and has options we haven’t even worked out for PCs yet (example: hairstyle). It’s also written in a way that’s going to require some new parser calls be put together.

What that means is that in addition to being 3x as long as Gianna, it also takes much more time  to code per word. We’ll see what I can do this week, but don’t have high hopes. Next week I’ll probably take a break from her to work on The Treatment, potentially a bull mechanic (+tractor), and a milker stall. New Texas just needs the restaurant coded, the previous 3 things I mentioned and Big T. to be complete. Despite putting Big T. as a nod to some of Savin’s D&D games, he doesn’t have interest in writing the guy, so I’ve got another one on my plate. Four writing projects. Then I can finally get on to Ant Planet.

Oh, and I need to write some fields for the player to go around in lassoing varmints for Gianna’s silicone quest too, but Savin already wrote the lassoing.

Grumpoxo Out.


peekay_anno20.02.55 (Bugfixes) Changelog:

  • Fixes a crash in Gianna’s buttfuck scene.
  • Fixes a metric pound of typos. That’s right, we fixed a nonexistent unit of measurement worth of typos.
  • Half-leithan appearance screens should be way better off.
  • Half-leithans should start with tails.
  • Crotch teases should no longer crash for half-leithans.
  • Ellie’s public use scene should no longer crash.
  • Half-leithans can choose heights up to 9′ at start. Fuck you, Savin.
  • Beth’s Broads should no longer have a screwy exit.
  • Ausar treats should be able to properly switch nagafeet to dogfeet.
  • Combat items should now clear from your inventory when they hit 0 quantity.
  • Follow Anno should no longer be exploitable for infinite cash with certain perks.
  • Vanae milkbaths and such should properly swell balls again.
  • Anno’s sleep with options unscrewed.
  • Fixed a bug with ballsDescript that could lead to weird, floaty commas.
  • Fixed a pandaneen item crash bug
  • Kelly should no longer comment on cunt tails that have been removed.
  • Mimbranes now require 33+ lust to sexytime with when the PC wins.
  • Fixed a Penny scene crash.
  • Ellie’s introduction scenes should display in the proper order.
  • Fixed an error that could cause the Goozooka to overlap other specials for certain PCs.
  • Added an option to nope the fuck out of saving Kiro.
  • Corrected Gianna’s silicone display screen to show the correct amount of silicone used by her lips.
  • Static burst now properly uses 5 energy instead of 50.
  • Removed furry futa femdom.

Annobutt by Peekay! (He’s got an amazing Helia and Urta up over there too!)

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