[Backers] 0.7.47 More Del Slootin’

0.7.47 Changelog:

  • Del’s move to Canadia Station has been reworked. It takes longer to happen on its own, and you can also talk to Beth Carver directly about getting Del left along at Tarkus or sent to Kally’s sooner.
  • If you play your cards right in the above, there’s a bit of fun with Beth’s palm…
  • Regular, unmodded Del can wind up at Kally’s, though all you can do at the moment with her is buy drinks. If you want more of that stuff, you’ll have to ask Savin.
  • New busts: Riya
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

Art source: a fan-commissioned version of Captain Steele, commed by Zeroabsl and drawn by Reindonut.

[Backers] 0.7.46 Super-sized Del

0.7.46 Changelog:

  • You can now give Del a synthsheath once she’s on Canadia Station.
  • New Bust: Mrs Reasner.
  • Fixed a story’s unlock item not actually unlocking the story.

Next up: non-shemale on Canadia Station, then a muscular lizard dude written by Aullama. Someday I’ll get more time to write, I swear.

[PUBLIC PATCH] 0.7.45 – I Dream of Venie

0.7.45 Changelog:

  • Venus Pitcher dreams have been added to the game for those with a high submission score to the pitchers, penned by eSuccubus. (There’s a lot there too, even a bit for dicknipple folks and bimbos.)
  • A bad-end for submitting to the venus pitchers too much has been added to the game.
  • Hardlight Anti-grav Thong has been added. If nothing else, the name is worth a giggle!
  • Some bugfixes.

What’s New Since Last Public Patch?

  • Random egg drops when system time is around easter.
  • Rare drops that unlock sexy stories in your codex.
  • Basic resistance display has been added to the sense menu.
  • Added betting petplay with Syri.
  • Hugging or Kissing Syri added.
  • Even more Syri scenes added.
  • A small event between Kiro and Kally has been added.
  • New busts: Gwen the Puazi, Crystal Goo Shopkeeper (from the silly mode crystal goo village), Luna Lunason, an uncoded submission (once again, artists ahead of everyone else), zil hoverfly, zil hornet, james, vending machine, RK Lah, Sally, Syri.
  • New NPCs: Brandy the Cow-girl, Gil, Liamme.
  • New Location with NPCs: The (F/B)ucking Bronco Saloon.
  • New Items: Amazona Sweet Tea, New Ewe, Breeder’s Bliss, a cold-damaging weapon (sold by Anno).
  • New Encounter: the Sub-Tuner collar.
  • New masturbation options.

Smoochy boochies, and enjoy the weekend! (Fanart by Avalanto – image is a link to his instagram)

Quick Fenreport

Hey guys, just touching base and posting something so furry song parodies aren’t forever at the top of the frontpage!

I did some reviewing and a bit of writing today, not much on the coding front I’m afraid. I’ve lined up a really good writer to write some dreams about venus pitchers, and I’m going to try to whip up a bad-end. Hopefully it’s good! I also reviewed a solid chunk of an 80+ page male character that ought to help fill out the burly beefcake quotient.

Additionally I did some prep-work on the custom follower for an Offbeatr reward, but I’m stuck waiting on the guy to okay the notes before I slog into it.


It made me giggle. All credit (blame) to Night Trap.

I like big snouts and I cannot lie
you other furries can’t deny
That when a dog walks with an itty bitty waist
and a long thing in yo face
you get sprung, wanna stick out tough
cause you notice that snout was stuffed
deep in the face she’s wearing
I’m yiffed and I can’t stop staring oh
dobie, I wanna get wit’cha
and take your picture
my packmates tried to warn me
but that snout you got makes me so horny

Oooh, Rump-o’-fur-skin
you say you want to get in my Benz?
Well, yiff me, yiff me, cause I ain’t no average furry
I’ve seen her pantin’, to hell with romancin’
She’s sweat, wet,
got it going like an animal vet
I’m tired of magazines
sayin’ flat face are the thing
You take the average canine and ask him ’bout
She gotta pack much snout

So, Furries (yeah), Furries (yeah),
Has your girlfriend got the snout? (Hell yeah!)
Tell ’em to yiff it (yiff it) yiff it (yiff it)
Yiff that healthy snout!
Baby got snout! (Tavros fits with the Mhen’ga Muzzle)
Baby got snout! (Tavros fits with the Mhen’ga Muzzle)

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.44 -eBoobers

0.7.44 Changelog:

  • Many stories added to the game as rare drops on different planets.
  • Mhen’ga: BXBI (I & II), Satyr Slave
  • Tarkus: |||||||| and Fuck the System
  • Myrellion: Captured By The Demons, Fuck the System, and another drop chance for Satyr Slave (whynot).
  • I also just realized I never gave Kotep’s “Becoming One of the Girls” a drop chance. We’ll fix that up next patch. All stories should come with links to their author’s blog of choice and permission for use in game has been attained.
  • Rudimentary resistance display has been added to the sense display menu.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.

When is public patch? SOON. By which I mean likely this Friday night. I would say Thursday night, but I have a previous engagement to tend to.


[Backers] Trials in Tainted Petplay

Digging through submissions sometimes feels like running on an endless treadmill. The total number of emails in my box remains roughly the same. Anyhow, new patch. New stuff. <3

0.7.43 Changelog:

  • You can now bet a day of being the other’s pet with Syri. It’s harder to win than her normal bet, though.
  • New Ewe now has a version of the “Wooly” perk implemented. It’s pretty much entirely cosmetic, but there you have it.
  • New busts: Gwen the Puazi, Crystal Goo Shopkeeper (from the silly mode crystal goo village), Luna Lunason, an uncoded submission (once again, artists ahead of everyone else), zil hoverfly, zil hornet, james, vending machine, RK Lah, Sally.
  • Many fixes and tweaks.

James bust by Adjatha!

[Backers] Brandymoo. Moo.

Moo moo moo moo moo. Moo.

Brandy actually has a bit of tangled development history. I rejected her original submission until her author came back with some slight tweaks and edits for her. She even had a bust done before I rejected her that first time because someone put it on the artist workpage. Craziness! Anyway, here she is, complete with Adjatha-drawn bust.

0.7.42 Changelog:

  • Brandy has been added to New Texas.
  • New Texas had a few rooms added to the road to stretch it out a bit. It was starting to get a little packed-in for a rural ranch area!
  • Sera’s collar has been added to the collar list.
  • Jacques00 went ahead and coded an Amazona Sweet Tea transformative.

Brandy’s bust by Adjatha of course!


Hey guys, I haven’t been able to work much on the game because things have been super busy at chez Fenoxo. Hopefully by next week things should settle out back to normal. I do still want to get a backer patch out this week.

Thank you for your patience.

And yay, my Fiancee is finally moved in!

[Backers] 0.7.41! Sleepy Sheepy

0.7.41 Changelog:

  • New item – Ovinium (Name subject to change). It’s a sheep transformation, not an egg thing. We may update the name – I’m waiting on feedback from its authors.
  • New Item – Breeder’s Bliss. It puts the user into heat or rut as applicable.
  • Various tweaks and bugfixes.

Edit: Man it took me forever to update this post. Sorry about that! I went ahead and rebuilt the rare drops system to be less retarded, and I’ve started putting in some new fiction entry unlocks as rare drops. First on the menu is Kotep’s BXBI. Yes I do have permission to use it in game, as well as a few other stories of his.

Next patch will probably drop Monday or Tuesday. Stay rad over the weekend, ya’ll.

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