[Backers] More Ardia + Addiction

0.7.196 Changelog:

  • Ardia’s “Relax” menu has been added to the game. It includes a variety of drinks!
  • A subset of adult activities has been added to the relax menu as well, starting with a single choice that branches quite a bit. All the routes aren’t done yet, however, so please be patient.
  • Some support for modifying Ardia’s dick in a certain way was added, but no way to do it has yet been put in. Somewhere, Fenoxo is twirling his mustache menacingly.
  • A basic setup for being addicted to Ardia has been created!
  • A few fixes to Argosh’s statline were applied.
  • It is now possible to spacewalk to the mine airlock from the hanger and vice versa at any time if you have the spacesuit and have already repaired the power conduit (or snuck up the with slaves and let the pirates deal with it).
  • Dryspell has received a number of fixes for consistency’s sake thanks to TheRealDrunkZombie.
  • Some support for cuddling Paige was added, written by B and coded by Lighterfluid. Thanks guys!
  • Jacques00 is back and fixing bugs!

Art of Cascade V Helsing’s Captain Steele by Kinkymation

P.S. I might slip another patch out tonight if I manage to get the scene for Ardia written that I want to write. Also, I’ll probably be streaming some Overwatch later on my twitch. (NOPE! Something IRL came up.) Guess who played Overwatch for a couple hours on Twitch and then still wrote 1,200 words after? THIS GUY! Not going to code horsification of Ardia tonight since I’d like Savin to review it first. Gotta stay in character!


[Backers] Sneaky Sneaky…

Ardia in her slave uniform, as depicted by our own Adjatha.

0.7.195 Changelog:

  • It is now possible to get caught up with a shipment of pleasure slaves and fake your way into the second level of Zheng Shi… assuming you have a slave uniform on your person, culminating in a meeting with a pirate officer (Agrosh) and a cute Dzaan slave (Ardia)!
  • New NPC: Ardia, though her sexytimes are still a work in progress. They’ll be rolling out in the days to come.
  • Wsan is now properly credited for the Forgehound.
  • The forgehound is now slightly less resistant to kinetic attacks and hugely resistant to fire damage.
  • New Bust: Ardia.
  • Fisianna can no longer crash your game by pegging you. Whew! Crisis averted!

Coming soon: more Ardia interactions, the slyveren slavebreaker enemy (if you’ve let any slaves free), room descriptions (and a lot more rooms) for the forge level.

[Backers] [TiTS] More Bug Fixes

0.7.194 Changelog:

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, most of them in Syri’s Quest on Uveto. I’m gonna call some of them out below so it sounds like I did more.
  • You can no longer access Syri’s Mhen’ga on Uveto by going into an Anno-related sub-menu.
  • You should now be able to start the Uveto portion of Syriquest even if you haven’t unlocked the taxi station yet.
  • You can no longer hand Syri [SPOILERY ITEM] again and again.
  • The map of the second floor of Zheng Shi will no longer appear while you’re in your ship.
  • Schora’s statblock no longer includes furry skin. I’m sure nobody else plays a character habitually infected with furpies… but ya know…
  • Assorted typo fixes.

Edit: Update, I mentioned to HugsAlright, writer of Erra and numerous other charming NPCs that I would link his Patreon. Check it out!

[Public | CoC2] Amazonian Pelvis-Crushing

Sorry we’ve been away for a little bit, but CoC2 is back with some more content this weekend! We’ve got our next mob in the game: Arona the orc futazon, accompanied by a gang of her tribeswomen all looking for some booty to pillage. Along with them, you’ll be able to fight alongside a preview version of the next companion, Brint.

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.18 Patch Notes:

  • Arona and the Orc Warband have been added to the Foothills. You must be at least Level 3 to encounter them at the moment, and whenever you engage in a fight with them, you’ll be automatically joined by our next companion Brint the Minotaur (written by Wsan). Brint is a much-needed beefyboi for this encounter, and when he’s fully implemented, he should make low-level questing much easier. Note that there is a reverse-gangbang scene you can’t currently access until some TF effects are added in to increase Libido or cum volume.
  • A critical bug wherein Armor was rendered effectively useless has been squashed. Whoops.
  • You can flee from combat now!
  • Cleave has been changed to only do 100% damage/hit, rather than 130% with each hit. Arona and Brint both have Cleave and oh boy was that messy when they started using it against each other.
  • Mobile browsers should no longer cut off at the top (reminder that we only officially support Chrome and Firefox. Use other things at own risk.)

While you guys chew on this stuff, Drake and DCL are going back into the UI mines for the Journal (I think the questlog is the next thing, specifically) and I’m writing the orc dungeon that Arona will eventually lead off to before you can recruit her.

As a side note, for those of you struggling with the new fight (it’s a hard one!), keep an eye on the little colored gems in the top-right of each character’s card. That represents Threat, and the redder it is, the more likely a target is to be attacked. And that goes for your side and the enemy, so try and focus fire with your companions! Arona’s a tank, not a damage-dealer, so consider taking down her comrades before moving on to her. That’s worked for me, anyway!

Thicc amazon cock and balls courtesy of DCL.

[Backers] A Few Syri Quest Fixes

It’s my weekend, so I haven’t taken comprehensive pass through these reports, but I tried to file down some of the biggest rough points I’ve seen. Jacques00 hasn’t been tagging the bug reports like he has been in the past, so I’m going to make an effort to take a few swings at the backlog here and there.

0.7.193 Changelog:

  • Spitroasting Myrra now properly uses hardlight strapons.
  • Fixes Mhen’ga and Uveto texts blending together in one of Syri’s scenes.
  • You can no longer infinitely steal data for cash during Syri’s quest.
  • Several typo fixes for Syriquest.
  • Security robots can no longer respawn mid-fight outside of boss fights.
  • Several places where the company was referred to as “Hakon” have been corrected to “Haskarn”.
  • You can no longer move after proccing a security bot encounter on the upper floor of Syriquest.
  • New Bust: Calnor.
  • Schora and Calnor have both had a few nerfs applied that should make them less unfair.


Commander Schora in the shower by Ucite!

0.7.192 Changelog:

  • Syri’s quest is now enabled! To start it, you’ve got to have her panties. After hitting that relationship marker (which procs randomly when landing at Mhen’ga), Burt will notify you that her job ended and she’s left. You can bump into her again at the Uveto Taxi station to get started! I’m pretty proud of Savin for this one. On the bugtesting playthrough I did, it really felt like the textual equivalent of something you would bump into while playing a triple-A game like Mass Effect.
  • New Busts: Schora, Akkadi Security Bots, Maike, Torra, and Valden
  • A new enemy, by Wsan, is active on the “Forge” levels of Zheng Shi: the Forgehound. He’s a big leithan boy with some Dzaan mods to make for extra fun. Enjoy!
  • Geddanium rings got adjusted. Instead of increasing all tease-type damage the PC deals, they now count as a free “REALLY LIKES” sexual attribute for the purposes of teasing.
  • <3

Enjoy the patch! Big shout out to lighterfluid and whimsalot for putting together the Syriquest code!

[Backers] Smol Patch

Fentaur by Mr.Pink

The wife is going to bed, and my work computer is in the bedroom, so I’ve got to push this out before Geddy gets me Syriquest merged in. Oh well! Additionally, the path for sneaking up with a shipment of slaves needs a small revision or two that I’m waiting on Savin to address before I can move with that. I wound up working up a map for the “forge” level of Zheng Shi and getting the elevator working with some placeholdered areas before rolling onto coding Wsan’s Forgehound enemy. It’s a pretty decent-sized beastie, but hopefully I can have him together tomorrow night  (along with Syri’s stuff). Ciao!

0.7.191 Changelog:

  • The last chunk of the Zheng Shi mines has been rolled into place. There are still a few smaller details to populate the mines with, but we’re going to be moving on soon.
  • The spacesuit in Zheng Shi can now be assembled and used to spacewalk out into the void.
  • A new fight! The excavation bot can be faced during the aforementioned spacewalk.
  • A new rare drop on Zheng Shi – Geddanium ring piercing! Put it on anywhere in order to take more damage from and deal more damage to a target.
  • The Zheng Shi slave uniform can now have its zipper adjusted to reveal body parts for easy access!
  • New Items: Slutty Jumper Jumpsuit and Jumper Jumpsuit! They can rarely drop from the Bored Jumper enemies.
  • Maike’s maximum lust has been raised to 125.

Zheng Shi Mines: Rooms Complete

Got the rooms written and laid out! Also set up grabbing the spacesuit and jamming the helmet on. Then I took a swing at the slavesuit that can be used to bluff Maike. It now has the proper tooltip and options for unzipping the various zippers to expose parts of yourself in a submenu of the appearance screen (as its author intended). Once I have the spacewalk done, I’ll push out a new patch.

P.S. Syriquest got coded by a volunteer coder, so I’ll be reviewing that and taking a quick quality pass on it before pushing it out this week as well.

TL;DR: New content soon!

Laying the Dragon

This story chains off the previous one, Mind-Altered Masturbation! You don’t need to read it if you don’t want to. Suffice to say, my self-insert of a minotaur gets a little bit mental reprogrammed to lust after a specific dragon-girl! The rest is history!

(Linera comes from Gedan)

By: Fenoxo
Tags: M/F, Mind Control, Mental Programming, Hyper, Breeding, Dragon-girl, Minotaur, Cum Inflation, and More!
V1.0: Basic edit pass done.

Fen snagged the gravcuffs in one hand and thrusted. The force alone was sufficient to lift Linera off the ground and produce the distinct outline of his bulging, over-swollen cock in her once taut midsection. Lust and anger swirled together as he pounded away at her sopping, draconic cunt, his every stroke producing gushes of mixed pre and pussy-juice.

She had dared to fuck with his head! Her devilishly clever code seized control of his cybernetics, turned his psionic powers around on him, and filled his mind with nothing but desire and affection for the curvaceous dragon-girl. This was all her fault! She’s the one that made his cock ache incessantly at the thought of her pussy! She’s the one who’s lingering programming had compelled him to track her down across entire star systems. Three days attempting to untangle his brain wasn’t enough to shake the desire to sink hilt-deep in dragon-pussy from his psyche, but it was enough long for him to seize control of it and make it his own.

Just like Linera.


Just an update that I’m mostly doing better now. Yesterday I finished off the scene I mentioned in the previous post, did a short story, started another short story, coordinated some new writing commissions, made two new rare drops for the Jumper, made a new piercing and put it on the global rare table for Zheng Shi, and made a “hasPiercingOfClass” function (well, refined it. I started it a while back) to easily test if the PC is wearing a specific piercing anywhere on their body (used for a piercing that increasing lust damage taken and dealt to scaled enemies).


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