[BACKER | TITS] Busy Bizzy

First backer patch of the month o’clock.

Gunning for a rapid-fire month this month I think.

0.7.283 Changelog:

  • Bizzy the Kitty Camgirl has been added. You’ll get a message from her as long as you’ve unlocked Zeng Shi and have deep pockets. Written by Nonesuch.
  • DrunkZombie has built us a cool modular storage system that is available in a couple of different places for you to stash various types of gear in. This touched some save code, and I’ve given it a good eyeballing and a test but you should absolutely consider keeping backup saves for the short term in case we’ve missed something!
  • Jacques has delivered his usual assortment of typo fixes and tweaks all over the place.

Files should be up as soon as Buildbro gets done!

[Public | TiTS] Cherry Pie

Milky Kiro drawn by Sulcate!

Public patch time! Cherry’s content is largely finished. Now I just need to badger Adjatha into finishing her galotian helper!

Edit: Pushed out a quick tweak that should fix Big Tiddy Goth GF. Will peep at the Cherry issues after jamming food in face.

0.7.282 Changelog:

  • You can now fuck Cherry in her room… assuming you’ve found a way to deal with her paralytic skin.¬† …or not.
  • You can now feed Cherry bubbles from your Bubble Buddy (a TamaniCorp (TM) product!)
  • You can now “Blow Bubbles” with Cherry – which means stuffing a sextoy into her throat and face-fucking that… with a decent variety of outcomes and choices depending on how voluminous your loving can be.
  • Bug & Typo Fixes!
  • (ImagePack Only – available here) Lorelei’s busts have been added to the game. Unfortunately I pushed the new patch to the blog before merging this code fork in, so she’s only visible if you grab the image pack version for right now. Never fear – she’ll be there in all future variants of all patches.
  • Known Bug: The check for being able to lift Cherry is backwards for the “lift&fuck” scene. Sorry!

This may seem like a light month for content… and that’s because it is! There’s good reasons for it, though – I swear. I struggled through reviewing something like seven months worth of backlogged submissions, many of them well over 100 pages. Less important intrusions were activities like finding a new place to live and going to Atlanta for a weekend to enjoy Furry Weekend Atlanta (and give a panel on our games)!

I like to think that once I’m securely in my dwelling productivity will increase owing the having a proper office space. Check back in 30 days, I guess!

New This Month:

  • New Treatment variant: Faux Cow with a new cheat code (“fauxcow”) to force you to get it on your next Treatment dose!
  • New Transformation Item: Reptilum
  • New NPCs: Velta, Big Tiddy Goth GF, and Lorelei
  • NPCs with new scenes: Ceria, Cherry, male SecOp, Paige, Dane
  • New Expansion: Breedwell received an expansion for premium breeders!

[Backers | CoC2] Codex Asmutes

I and most of the other writers have spent this last week writing up codices! It’s super exciting and interesting work, let me tell you ūüėõ

The good news is, there’s at least one lewd boi in this patch.

0.2.1 Patch Notes:

  • The Codex tab is now unlocked in the Journal. We’ve added a bunch of new codices as well, about ~20 by my count. You unlock codex entries for races by meeting NPCs of that race; certain dialogue options can unlock Lore codices, and story/character progression unlocks mechanical ones. Unlocking entries is currently not retroactive for existing characters.
  • Ninian the Pixie twink can now be encountered in the Old Forest (written by BubbleLord).

[Backers | CoC2] Right of Conquest

Are you a bad enough dude to take down Chief Argoth?

Alright, it’s time for another dungeon — a big one, full of big green raiders ready to pillage your booty if you aren’t careful. In addition, everyone’s favorite minotaur can now plant his seed in your womb if you let him, so go ahead and be the best little cow you can be.

0.2.0 Patch Notes:

  • The sidequest¬†Right of Conquest can now be finished. You need to either win or lose to Arona several times in succession, which will cause her to ask for your help in dealing with her brother. The quest includes a new dungeon, with all the bosses, bad ends, and new scenes you’d expect. Balanced for Level 4 parties.
    • Please Note: The follow-up for the quest (recruiting Arona, visiting her sister, etc.) isn’t implemented yet. It’ll be a bit before you can go back into the camp after you finish the quest, so get anything from the shop that you want.
  • Brint can now impregnate the PC (written by Wsan).
  • Goblin TF has been added (written by BubbleLord).
  • Usual assortment of bugfixes.
  • Edit: Hotfix is now live with a fix for the Kitsune temple’s locks breaking and a load screen crash issue. Thanks for your patience!

If you want to play the new patch now, you can get backer access here!

[Backers | TiTS] Trials in Tainted Coding

Not to toot my own horn, but the review backlog is done. Err… mostly, anyway. I may have farmed out a piece or two to Adjatha or Savin to handle so that I could get back to booking on the content train, but we don’t talk about that here. Not at all.

No, sir (or madam).

No, we talk about things like the long-promised¬†Faux Cow finally making its way into the game… or the endless excuses for why these things took so long in the first place. We also talk about how absolutely banging this titty-fuck animation is, even if the artpack doesn’t play well with Gifs right now (Neither does the blog. You’ll have to view it on Furaffinity for now). Sometimes I talk about streaming, like I did this afternoon. There were lots of interruptions, but some solid progress on coding the 50+ pages of backlogged Cherry content was made.

Check it out. 0.7.281 Changelog:

  • Faux Cow has been written & coded by Skom (and they did a great job!) and presented for your inspection by yours truly. Note that it has not been extensively tested, so there may be save-crippling bugs present. Note the cheat “fauxcow” should force your next Treatment dose to make you a faux cow.
  • Reptilum (by Zavos) finally got a look-over by yours truly, had the text punched up here or there, and got added to Gene’s inventory. Wanna look like a lizard? Give it a go.
  • Velta (by Franks, coded by DrunkZombie) was added to the game. She’s related to Riya… and as you might expect from someone related to Riya, she is: A. human and B. quite a handful in the bedroom.
  • You can now meet a big tiddy goth GF on extrameet and have crazy, fucked up sex with her. Written by Fr0sty and coded by Gedan.
  • Paige got a new scene: body worship. Big thanks to B for writing another titanic sex scene and lighterfluid for coding it.
  • A new titfuck scene for the male SecOp in Zheng Shi exists. It also comes with the option to get some extra mass up top, if that’s your cup of tea. Written by¬†Natetheman223 and coded by Jacques00.
  • Ceria got some new scenes by William. Check out the doggy-style on her! (Coded by DrunkZombie.)
  • Cherry (of Cherry’s Tap-Hall) can now be tipped with Bubble Buddy bubbles. She can also invite you back to her room for a bit of fun, but there’s a lot of placeholder stuff for the moment. I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting another minute more!
  • Lots of fixes for typos and bugs, including Lorelei’s capacity.

Ship work is going to be happening too, but I adore Cherry’s content too much to ignore. The more crimson rahn, the better.

Submissions Closed [Mostly]

Hey guys. Submissions are kicking my ass still. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been talking about them repeatedly on the blog posts. From the 14th of this month on, we’ve had at least one new submission get added to the pile on a daily basis, which is making it damn hard for me to get current. I’m almost caught up to the 6th of this month though, sooo… I would be damn close if it wasn’t for the big uptick in submissions.

Because of this, I am no longer accepting submissions for new characters. New items and expansions for existing characters are all I will accept for the time being.

We’ve been real thin on patches while I’ve been trying to dig us out of this quagmire, and I’m not comfortable with that continuing in the long term. Once I’ve had some chance to do some actual game development again, I’ll see about tweaking the floodgates back open… but for now, let’s slow it down a bit.

P.S. I’m also waiting on new glasses. Reading everything in giant fonts makes me feel old. :/

Fenoxo Update

A quick update on my work – firstly, reviewing has been slow because there’s a number of things I’ve come across that are soooo close to being up to par that I’ve been trying to self-edit them. Additionally, I’ve had some content slide into my box via side-channels to look over as well, forcing me to delegate some of it to Adjatha and review the rest myself. A bit of good news, though: an excellently written “Faux Cow” path for the treatment sailed right through my review with flying colors. I’m honestly not convinced I could do it better.

So look forward to that, I guess.

Also, since the ship code has been going so slowly, I’ve started laying out plans for building a simpler system in the interim. It won’t contain the same ambition as the other system (which is NOT abandoned or anything). I just want to have things laid out so we can finally steal the Sidewinder and finish Zheng Shi’s main arc.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are approximately 20 pages more of treated male zil for me to review~

Additionally, a fan reached out to me to let me know that they were making their own game (though I don’t think with blackjack and hookers quite yet). It looks like he’s got a public build up on his Patreon if you wanna give another game a try! Check out Rimhaven!

[Backers | CoC2] Who Let The Dogs Out

… out of your womb, that is. Because Lupine pregnancy is now enabled!

0.1.23 Patch Notes:

  • The PC can now be knocked up by Garret and the Lupine Scout. Garret has special reactions to being a daddy. (By The Observer)
  • Kinu has a new scene (also by Observer).
  • Shar has a new story, and her Appearance screen is active.
  • Evelyn’s crippling parser issues have been resolved. Enjoy at your leisure.
  • Blue Egg + Sweet Cream now stops lactation properly.

What’s next? Drake’s working on implementing OrcQuest, and DCL is hopefully going to have most if not all the busts for the quest done ahead of its release. On the side here is Arona’s big sister, the tribe’s seeress and a cleric of Lumia.

For my part, I’m working on some new Etheryn scenes now that I’ve got Shar in a good place. Let the little elf get a real taste of your dick!

As always, you can get backer access here.

[Backers | TiTS] Lorelei the Rogue & Breedwell Premium

Hey guys, Fenoxo here, back from FWA and clocking some hours on TiTS stuff. Before I get into the nitty gritty a few things. First, CoC2 has a public patch as of yesterday. See the post below.

As for the con itself, I shared a few odds and ends on twitter, but there was so much going on that I decided to start keeping a personal journal and clocked 2,400 words into this morning just to cover what I consider to be my personal high points. I could never hope to recount everything. Conventions are simply too intense, but as far as things I’m comfortable sharing… no, I did not join any furry orgies. Yes, I did eat at a restaurant with a giant dick in it. Turns out it also has pretty good burgers in addition to a ginormous wang. Yes, I got to see Mystery Skulls live and in concert as well as rave to a variety of furry DJs spinning EDM. The arcade was awesome, and no, furry cons are not comprised entirely of gay dudes. I saw quite a few girls prancing around wearing perky ears and flopping tails.

Every year I go there, I wind up having a blast, meet interesting people, and come back with an increasing appreciation for furries. The con has a unique, chill energy that I’ve never really experienced anywhere else – not PAX, not Gencon. Nowhere. I even got to meet Gideon, Pulsar Cardinal, Max Blackrabbit, Gnaw, Bernal, and so many others. I even got sketch commissions from some of them!

The panel went well of course. Thank you to everyone who attended! It’s super delightful to actually get to talk to people in person about the weird shit that we do and realize that there are real individuals who are actually interested in how this perverted pie gets baked.


0.7.280 Changelog:

  • Dane now has a scene for fucking taurs of any gender. Taurs no longer play the standard vaginal fuck scene.
  • Roo now has busts.
  • A new character has arrived in Zheng Shi: Lorelei. This cunning rogue may take a shine to player characters who court her favor. Written by B, coded by Lighterfluid.
  • Breedwell has received a “Premium” expansion pack, and it can be yours for the low low price of 2000 smutbucks, our new premium curren- hahaha no. Just kidding. It’s an expansion pack by Nonesuch, coded by DrunkZombie. I did not give it much personal testing, so apologies for any bugs that crop up.
  • This isn’t actually in game, but I got to the end of March’s submissions and slammed into a 150+ page brick wall. Hopefully once I finish slogging through this (or abandon ship and move on), it’ll be fast going again.

[Public | CoC2] Shar the Harpy Eggsloot

Hey, this was a pretty stacked month for content — four new enemies, two new NPCs, and a boss encounter — plus a bunch of new Kass and Garret content. And here I was afraid this patch would be on the light side because of FWA…

0.1.22 Patch Notes:

  • Shar the Harpy has been added to the northern Foothills. She needs your help finding a wizard who can help with her messed up wings! (Written by myself and Observer)
  • There’s a new dream starring Kasyrra. It may or may not¬†really be a dream… You can unlock it after defeating the Alraune.
  • Evelyn, a hung inn guest, can be encountered via voyeurism around at the Frost Hound.¬†She can be found after defeating the Alraune, from Day 10 onward. (Written by Wsan)
  • New Pregnancy Speed options: you can toggle between “realistic” pregnancy speeds, or much faster speeds more in-line with CoC1. The faster speed setting is currently the default, though the game world operates on realistic logic (eg. the lupine codex will say their pregnancy lasts for 6 months, instead of a few weeks).

New Since Last Month:

  • You can now level up to Level 4. New powers are unlocked as well, and many old powers have been tweaked or had their tooltips rewritten to fit on their damn cards.
  • You can now access South Harvest Valley, including new enemies such as river cultists, slimefolk, gnolls, and a¬†moth-girl thief.
  • Catfolk and Lupine vagina-havers now experience heat. Orcs with dicks experience rut.
  • New Kiyoko mayternity event.
  • New Brint talk scenes
  • Garret has some serious PC-sub content for being his personal bitch. You can also challenge him to drinking contests!
  • Kas has a new victory scene after the Ruined Wayfort encounter, including a new bad-end for characters with 65+ corruption at the start of the event.
  • A whole slew of new dreams. Check the wiki for the down-low.
  • New TFs: Salamander (Cinderscale and Frostscale variants), Lupine, Ovilixer
  • Ivris now sells birth control for both genders.

There’s more Mayternity to come, plus more Shar and Etheryn content in the pipe for the immediate future. If you want to get access to content as it comes out, get yourself backer status here! <3

Art of Kasyrra starting up her harem in Savarra done by Barret XIII. An amazing fan commission from Hina Vache!

TITS patch should be tomorrow!

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