Garde’s written a new bimbo dickgirl, Tarah, to go and romance (and have some babies with), and Skow’s written some new and very wholesome family bonding with Aileh and Freja. Plenty of saccharine sweetness to round out this year’s Mayternity.

0.7.11 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new Marefolk NPC, Tarah! (By Gardeford)
  • Kavi will send you out to rescue her dickgirl daughter, Tarah! She might be lacking in brains, but she makes up for it in hearts. You can help her to find a mate, or take on that duty yourself. If you’re craving an adorable horse, you can fuck and cuddle her to your hearts content. Tarah’s got a lot of wholesome sex and cuddling, with some small penis encouragement for her on the side!
  • Tarah can knock the PC up, if you want to be her mate!
  • Aileh has a new scene for her first time seeing the PC post becoming a dragon-morph yourself. (By Skow)
  • Aileh and Freja have a bunch of new interactions and wholesome family bonding once Freja’s a toddler. Teach her alchemy, have a picnic together, go swimming, visit the purified Hornet Hive, or go have dinner with her grandma (assuming she’s not too hostile with you). (By Skow)
  • Text fixes courtesy of Zag.

In other news, I’ve recently finished writing an early-game quest for Livrea and am just about ready to finish off Calise’s post-Feast of Heroes content in her Khor’minos apartment. Tobs has a quite massive expansion for Meira in the queue, as is Jstar’s enormous Corrupted Lupine dungeon and one from Skow focused on the snow cats. Lotta big quests and expansions coming up in the near future. Stay tuned!

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