I’m working on Korg’ii Hold stuff while Mr.Pink streams some draws for me! Come hang out!

[Backers] 2Slow

Shou’s first take on the War Lion. Expect to see him trade the pistol for a sword and gain some armor once she has a chance to do a second pass on him! What a handsome cat!

Finally I have something you guys can look at testing. It’s probably buggy and unbalanced, but feel free to leave any comments about tweaks or issues as they arise.

0.7.252 Changelog:

  • You can now “test” the Wargii Hold event at any time by talking to Ula. This option will disappear in the future.
  • New Warg’ii Hold enemies: Milodan Infiltrator and Milodan War Lion, written by Wsan.
  • The bottom floors of Korg’ii Hold are not properly set up yet. Avoid going down there for now.
  • To leave the Warg’ii Hold event, head up to Ula’s father’s room. It’ll auto-exit and attempt to reset the flags.
  • The Sidewinder in Zheng Shi should now have its entrance marked.
  • New Ramis sex scenes (and panty collecting!) by Nonesuch.

Monday is going to be a big day. I should be scoring an 8 hour art stream from Mr. Pink, and I’m probably gonna jump in and stream myself for a while as well. I’ve also got a ton of volunteer coded stuff to shovel into the main game as well. Look forward to it!

P.S. I got some writing commissions in too! Once I get a better handle on the hold, I’ll be pursuing them. Spoiler alert: Tentacle PC + Mitzi, and maybe some Penny/Syri interactions as well!

All Aboard The Progress Train

  • [1/19/19 @~2 AM] Update: I wanted to have a new build out, but I’ve been side tracked by a couple things. One big distraction was writing the final boss encounter texts and combat routines instead of getting all the floor set up and going. I got back on task today and gave the second floor room descriptions a quick pass. Perhaps late (real late?) tomorrow I’ll have something to show.
    • Appreciate the patience,

“dog-man” has been changed to “savage man” btw. MIlodan are supposed to a bit cat and dog, but they seem more cat to me.

Work continues on Korgii Hold. Two of the enemies – the infiltrator and war-lion (both male) are fairly complete, barring any additional testing. The first floor of the hold has been also been reworked. Stairways have been blocked in cave-ins and blockades. Shops have been emptied. Lund is no longer standing in a specific square. A system for randomly assigning different NPCs in the hold to be captives to the enemy encounters has been set up and tested with Heidrun and Lund.

Pictured at right, you can see the buxom korg as a captive. Below that, you can see what it’s like to rescue Lund. Yes, submissive Lund has different text.

I intend to have almost every major NPC in the hold make such an appearance, and B has written a specific setup and ending for rescuing Nenne. There are also going to be some unique items scattered around as well. I intend to have the game track exactly how many korgonne you rescue (and potentially how many milos you take down) to reference at the end and factor into rewards.

I’ll be working on getting the other floors suitably described and have something for you guys to play around with featuring these two new enemies by the end of the week. I’ll have to build something to let you out of the incomplete dungeon and reset it for later, but hopefully it’s enjoyable.

QuestyRobo (and now William) are working on getting the “Milodan Temptress” enemy together. I intend to have her in next week, and with luck the final boss encounter as well.

Sorry for the slow progress. One thing I want to do this year is try and do more streams. We’ll see if I can repeat my four hour performance from earlier tonight soon.



[Public | CoC2] Who Needs Souls Anyway?

And it’s public patch time! Come one, come all.

Big ups to volunteer coders Balaknightfang, Wsan, and Cynon for helping take some of the load off of Drake on this patch <3

Play Here | Support Here

0.1.4 Patch Notes:

  • Eryka, a tainted paladin, has been added to the Old Forest. She’s written by Franks. Her bust will be ready for next patch.
  • Also new to the northern Foothills: a pair of sexy statues prime for some fine art appreciation, written by B!
  • A [Threesome] option has been added to Brint’s sex menu if you want to bring Cait in on things, courtesy of Wsan.
  • The Hornets can now impregnate your butthole with eggs. Includes honey lactation.
  • The Brute Beet, our orc TF, is now in as well. Brought up to spec by GothPastel.

New Since Last Month:

  • Bimbo Hornets in the Old Forest
  • New Leorah quest + lewds and new archery powers
  • Sleepy snake in Kasyrra’s square after the Alraune.
  • Imp Pregnancy, triggered in Kasyrra’s second encounter
  • Wyvern Venom can now be milked and turned into an item
  • Bunch of new TF eggs
  • A bunch of new Kioyoko content

Art of Eryka plowing another of Franks’ OCs, by MeruPuri.

Where’s Fenoxo?

Not dead. Just… most of the holiday stuff on my end has taken place AFTER Christmas proper, what with folks visiting for a week at the start of the new year and juggling paperwork to let my wife live in the ol’ USA as a permanent resident. Preparing for that (and dealing with the associated stress) has kept me from doing too much this week – but I did start massaging the invasion of Korg’ii Hold into code.

Anyway, like I was saying – not dead. Next week should be much better, assuming I don’t die of alcohol-related causes on my coming birthday.

See you guys with fresh content soon,

[Backers | CoC2] What’s the Buzz?

We’ve got our first new year’s patch for you with a goodly new chunk of content!

0.1.3 Patch Notes:

  • New enemy in the Old Forest: bimbofied hornet-girls looking for somewhere to lay their eggs.
  • New character content for Leorah, the survival shop owner. Bring her some wyvern venom and you’ll get to see her wild side… Both Leorah and the Hornets are courtesy of the The Observer.
  • Leorah can teach you new archery-themed powers.
  • Weapon restrictions have also been implemented properly now: certain powers demand melee or ranged weapons, though thrown weapons like the dagger or francesca work for either.
  • New NPC: the sleepy snake, by Wsan. She’s meant for a further-in zone, but she’s currently accessible from the space where you trigger Kasyrra’s second encounter. She’s repeatable and has a chunk of unique content with your companions.
  • There’s a new Kiyoko scene if you’ve had 4+ kids wth her, she’s pretty preggo, and you ask her for a massage!

Remember that our public patches come out at the middle of the month (ish~). In the meantime, you can always get backer access here!

I’m going to be writing the actual egg-pregnancy for the hornets next week. Hopefully it will be implemented in time for said public patch. Speaking of upcoming content, art is a commission Gardeford got for a centaur NPC he’s writing for our next zone, done by Jackle0rgy.

[Backers | CoC2] Sowing Your Seeds

Rejoice: player pregnancies are now enabled! The first two have already been implemented, and no doubt more will come as we get more enemies.

Have a happy new year!

0.1.2 Patch Notes:

  • If you get your vagina fucked by the Alraune or her Effigies, you’ll potentially become pregnant. If the seeds are fertilized, you’ll be able to take them for later after birth.
  • Kasyrra herself can knock you up in her second encounter, as well. Her pregnancy path is very quick, but much more involved. Big ups to Wsan for writing it!
  • Milking wyverns of their venom now rewards you with a Libido-boosting item, Wyvern Venom. It’s basically lust drafts, and can be thrown at people in combat. Speaking of which…
  • New feature: combat consumables! You can use fertilized Alraune Seeds and Wyvern Venom during combat, and you can switch weapons as well. Wyvern venom acts as a lust grenade, while Alraune Seeds summon effigies. Note that you only have one summon slot, so if you have the Summon Fire Spirit power, you can only use one at a time.
  • Kiyoko can also be summoned via her amulet, after some relationship growth. Wearing her amulet grants access to a special Encounter power that allows you to conjure up your faithful fox — you need to wear it to both gain and use the power.

Jen, an officer of the Marked Merks, drawn by RattlePool.

[PUBLIC | TiTS] Merry New Years

Doots got me a lovely Christmas Kiro from Son237. Maybe next year we can open the box, if we’re good boys and girls!

So uh… this is turning into a real bear of a month for me. I’m basically going to AWOL this week due to having houseguests for the next five days or so, after which I have some headaches to deal with in regards to immigration. Hopefully by the 10th things will settle down, and I can get back to the grind.

I did some work for the Invasion of Korg’ii Hold quest that I’ve had planned forever – mostly the introduction event and framing for the first optional combat encounter as well as the start of the hold’s siege proper. Since a fair amount of the content is written already, I hope to be fairly nimble in its development and have the whole event finished before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

0.7.251 Changelog:

  • A new scene for Krissy, written by Thirdgames, is available.
  • It should no longer be possible to proc combat encounters when loading a save.
  • Lots of assorted fixes.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like Jacques00 made the SynthSheath limit apply to the one available from Riya’s Christmas party event… I’m probably going to remove this in a future build. A Christmas event totally shouldn’t be limited in such a way. It’s a present!

There’s at least one decent-sized chunk of submitted code in the pull requests. Hopefully I can slide that through within the next week.

[Public | TiTS] Merry Christmas!

0.7.250 Changelog:

  • A new holiday encounter has been added! Encounter Krissy the reindeer girl, stuck away from her home after a Christmas Party. Are you a bad enough dude to give her a ride home? (I wrote this one!)
  • Various typo fixes and such.

What’s New This Month:

  • The final boss encounter of Zheng Shi is now live. You can face off with the Shock Hopper and L.D.C.!
  • New holiday events: Gwen Christmas (#2), Rat’s Raidersmas, Riya’s Holiday Party, Holidays at Embrys, Femdom Goblin Dream
  • New Busts: Dr. Teyaal, Olympia, and all six Rat’s Raiders,
  • New Event(s): Cow-girl femdom dreams on New Texas.
  • New Event: Showering with Paige.
  • New Expansion: Pregnancy for Quaelle.
  • New Option: Naming pet varmints.
  • New Option: Penny bimbofication and turning in Dr. Badger
  • New Transformation Item: Mousearella Cheese.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot!

Thank you to all of you: our staff, our supporters, our community writers/coders, and all of you who have had kind words to share about the things we’ve done. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and I’ll see you guys on the other side!

[Backers | CoC2] Crack a Few Eggs…

We’ve got some new TFs for you guys. Big shout out to Questy for helping out with some of the text you’ll be seeing in these items.

You can get backer access here. Just link your Patreon account with your blog account and you’ll get access to backer builds. Public builds will come out around the middle of each month!

0.1.1 Patch Notes:

  • Five new transformation items have been added: eggs! The new eggs will allow you to become a futa, get quad nipples, plump up your balls and invert your nipples, and much more — everything you could ever want from a breakfast food. Golden eggs will even turn you into a harpy. Bawk! All the eggs can be found in the Foothills.
  • New sexual perk (bubble butts) and balls flag (trap pouch). Both obtainable from eggs.
  • The Wyvern girl has gotten a buff, giving her the same multiple actions/round as the Alraune. This should make it so solo enemies like her can actually put up a fight!
  • Many fixes as usual. Most importantly, a bug regarding Kiyoko’s amulet acquisition was cleared up for people who chose “Neutral” responses to the temple mural.

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