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Sup guys, Savin here once again!Lustomorph 1 (Shou)

Not really much to report on my end specifically — other than that oh boy oh boy Deus Ex is unlocking in a few minutes whooo (I totally didn’t forget all about it until I just “pre-ordered” an hour ago, nope). Between that, D&D, and a real important doctor’s appt. tomorrow, I guess I’m glad Tuesday/Wednesday is my normal weekend.

Nobody in FenCo keeps normal hours. Buncha weirdos, us.

That said, everyone else has been up to some seriously cool stuff. I’m told there’s Some Kind of Wizard that’s been working on some kinda Visual Novel thingy, and that the writing is in its final stages. Holy balls that was fast — more like some kind of machine, the way she turns out the words. I’m jealous.

Geddy’s building up the code front for VNprojekt, of course. And, somewhat more immediate to my interests, is wrapping up the coding on The Kashima Incident, this year’s Halloween adventure. It was supposed to be last years, but we had the fun and sexy Masque and all instead, so now we get to thaw out Terrifying Bodyhorror Tentacle Safe and Mundane Adventures in Space! 😀

Meanwhile, Shou and Adjatha are crankin’ them busts out, including the rest of the Kashima busts, a Tarratch dude with some amazing-looking armor, and a new Saendra bust that is just…. uuunnffffff. So good. Speaking of which, Totally Fine and Not at all Infested by Space Parasites ausar girl by Shou. Which is totally not for the Kashima Incident. Because that adventure is totally going to be fine and nothing bad will happen to you on it. It’s fine.

Whores, ho!

Reaha Bikini (Moira)Sup Bras, Savin here,

The Zil Callgirl’s pregnancy xpak has been finished. It’ll probably need to wait for the nursery before implementation, but I don’t imagine that’s very far away at this point. Expect some new interactions, a name for her, and repeated breeding action.

What’s next? Well, when I finish off a big thing, I usually cleanse my palette with a couple quick small projects to space things out. I churned out a targeted testicular TF on a lark last night: Nuki Nutbutter, which grants the Nuki Nuts perk without having to become a space-faring trash panda. I’ve got a partially-finished new robotic friend on deck next: Siegwulfe, a tauric companion droid.

Finishing off Reaha’s Cured expansion is the next major project to tackle. Or get back to tackling, anyway. With Fen out of town, I’ll try and pick up the slack on blogposts (and maybe some writing/coding streams) throughout the week.

Reaha fanart by Moira from FenChat.

Fenoxian Fail

gats_kaede_horse_bukkake_ew_carobWhile I did get through sorting all the texts I wanted to sort today, I did not get into coding everything, and with me going on a trip, coding time will be diminished slightly. That isn’t to say that I don’t plan to slip it out in the next few days – just that I don’t have an exact time-table for its release. The ol’ ball and chain is gonna be keeping me busy with snuggles. (Awww yiss!)

Since I didn’t have time to code all the slamazon stuff, I finally set up Nayna’s probes. At present there are five scattered out in the snow. You can give them to her or sell them to vendors for a pretty penny. Their raw value is set to 5,000 credits at present.

Kaede bukkake courtesy of my Patreon pledge to Gats!

Amazon Treatment Progress Report

I just finished going through the normal breast enlargement transformations and tweaking them to match the mentality of a Treated amazon where necessary. I’ve also gone through some various other transformations – some poached from the bull Treatment and some from the cow-girl and adjusted them accordingly. Here’s my breakdown at present. I’d like to start shucking some of this into code tomorrow (since I will be ditching town for a few days starting Friday).

Amazon Treatment Effects ([*] indicates text is finished):

  • [*] Mental transformation that emphasizes a domineering attitude in regards to sex alongside an enhanced libido.
  • [*] Breast growth to a larger minimum than standard cow-girl (but with a lower maximum).
  • [*] 50% chance of inducing lactation and giving the Treated Milk perk (though no buffs to Milk Capacity).
  • [*] Height & Muscle Tone gains.
  • [*] Grow vagina if none & vaginal elasticity boost.
  • [*] Low chance of creating a penis.
  • Moderate chance of transforming existing penis, ala the male transformation
  • Slight growth of existing penises.
  • Big ol’ Horns
  • Cow tail, ears, and hooves (somewhat randomized).
  • Amazonian Endurance perk (no energy lost from orgasm).
  • Slight facial feminization if masculine in facial appearance

Since it shares so much with many of the existing male and female transformations, I’m able to re-use a lot of text. Aside from the few new options still needing hashed out, this should go quick from this point forward.

[Backers] Miscellaneous Bonings 0.6.72

cheshireCatSmile37_Kiro_Sinarra_LR0.6.72 Changelog:

  • New Dryad scene, courtesy of Wsan!
  • Follower Anno will now sometimes show up in bars! Comes with a few random scenes and one particularly fun one.
  • New Male Naleen scene by Mysterious Person.
  • New Lieve talk scene by Neoptolemus.
  • New Saendra scene by Archangel.
  • New busts: Zil call-girl
  • Misc bug and typo fixes.

There’s probably some other things I’m missing in there for sure. Big shout out to my boy Savin for coding in three new scenes on his own in spite of ongoing challenges with his health. Sidenote, if anyone likes Snao’s art, I put together a little flash of one of his sequences during D&D.

Art source: I managed to snag a YCH from CheshireCatSmile37 and slap Kiro in there! The adorable purple demoness beside her is my lovely fiancee, Sinarra.

Work Meeting Report!

Hey all!

We just finished up a Monday night work meeting, where we touch base and figure out what all the different arms of FenCo are doing. I thought it’d be a cool idea to share what’s on the table at the moment. Here’s the highlights:

  • Geddy is still wrapping the spooky Halloween dungeon. The Daycare system is on the table following that, followed by Sera’s pregnancy expansion and then ship combat/customization.
  • Shou is spearheading efforts to throw some merch together and possibly run a booth at a furry convention.
  • Savin took a sickcation.
  • Adjatha has been doing Adjatha things – Pexiga smart-bimbofication (because what better challenge for Doc Badger?) and sweet-ass art.
  • Jacques00 agreed to do the character sprite sheets for the VN, which means we’ll have super high quality work for it.
  • Gurgles threw us an example of an idle-animated Penny bust that looked super rad. We’ll be investigating using the tech for the VN (and possible some TiTS busts down the line, if Gedan can get it going without having to spend a ton of time on it).

I’m off to the gym, then back to work on the Amazon variant of the Treatment. Hopefully I can finish off the mental transformation messages tonight.

Milk and Honey

Sup bras! Savin here,Zil Callgirl Pregnant Creampied (Adjatha)

Had myself a six hour code/writing stream: coded in a scene for the PC getting buttfucked by the male naleen, and titfucking Saendra with a tailcock, plus a quest-related hint dialogue for Lieve. Just bouncing all over the galaxy today!

Speaking of Saendra, Adj has been doing the busts for Fools Rush In, aka Saendra’s second quest (the one that’s been in a while — pirates on Tavros, you know). While doing so, I was reminded of a pregnancy xpak for the Zil Callgirl who features therein, started about a year ago by a friend from the old FenChat. It’s got a goodly portion of what needs doing already written, and since Adj was kind enough to do a wonderfully gravid bust for us, I figured I’d do my part and finish the writing.

Also: Reaha. Her Cured expansion is done save for a couple last scenes. Whooo. Nonstop milk and honey for me. :3

[Backer Build] Quivering Kressia

ShayeraGal_Urta_Minerva_PC0.6.71 Changelog:

  • Gardeford’s Kressia survival shop content is now live – that means three new scenes are accessible.
  • Jacques00 chewed through a bunch of bug and typo reports, ensuring that this build is slightly less horribly broken than usual (or so we hope!)
  • Jacques00 added an “Infertile” starting perk, though honestly I’m not sure why a man determined to extend his legacy would make it so that his legacy would end…

That’s it for today (back to the ship mines – and maybe a WoW demon hunter or No Man’s Sky)!

This lovely Urta/Miranda universe crossover art commission by Kitsune Lord Momoji from ShayeraGal. I really hope FoE makes a comeback someday.

Look At Me; I’m a Game Designer!

Thrust Vectoring System

Thrust vectoring systems are used by pilots who would rather have a maneuverable craft than a fast one, re-routing a portion of the ship’s sublight drives into its maneuvering thrusters.



Thrust: -12

Agility: +10

See? See? I’m blocking out stats for the ship upgrade. Gedan talked me into doing some pretty over-the-top stuff, so we’re going to be looking at things like a GUI for slotting in upgrades (and the ability to walk around your ship). For most ships, this will be easy. For the eventual capital ship, it will likely be “zoomed” out, sort of like the Nova.

lazydez_lines_TisinreiArt_colors_celiseShip combat is going to be a laid-back affair for the most part. You’ll set your ideal range, assign your crew to their stations (if you wish to move them), and then perform any other special actions – like overloading a system, performing a special maneuver, or activating a gadget. If all goes well, you’ll probably just wind up smashing the “Proceed” button every round. If the fight is tough, you might find yourself doing a little bit more – turning off guns that are inaccurate at your current range to conserve capacitor, for example.

I look forward to sharing more with you as the system develops, but Gedan is going to have her hands super full with this stuff later. I’m going to make some more general ship upgrade modules (like Luxury Crew Quarters!), then review one of Gardeford’s submissions before bed.

P.S. Remember the Spoopy TiTSventure Savin wrote for last Halloween? It’s finally getting coded. Look forward to it this October!

Celise sketch originally by LazyDez and colored by Tisinrei.

[Public Build] Tainted Space 0.6.70

Hey guys, I’m back from Gencon and back to work! Yay! Before I get into the tiny, tiny… tiny changelog, I’ll give you guys a quick report!

20160805_115009Don’t worry, bras. I’ll keep it brief.

I got to try out a number of rad board games – Potion Explosion and Bloodborne were both tons of fun. I also scored some sweet merchandise like a set of swank metal dice, and I even got to see Jonathan Coulton perform live. Every fiber of nerdiness within me quivered with delight. There’s really something special about getting to prowl around a place filled with tens of thousands of other like-minded people and geek out all weekend.

If you’ve got any geeky inclinations, I would highly recommend making the trip. The guys over at Penny Arcade have a pretty swell write-up about the place as well. Sadly I did not get to bump into Gabe while I was there – though I did get to prowl around doing my best soldier 76 cosplay.

Oh, and on the planes/airports, I did some work on blocking out some more stuff for ships & ship combat. Mostly figuring out how the UI and fitting systems would work, but I’m thinking we’re going to be at a state where Gedan can start prototyping code sooner rather than later.

With that out of the way, have some public goodness!

0.6.70 Changelog:

  • New Busts: Bess/Ben. They are Adjatha’s take on her default appearance. We will not be attempting to show every possible variance. Personally I recommend disabling them if you customize her heavily.
  • Steph Irson episodes can now be seen on demand.
  • Some minor typo and bug fixes.

New Since Last Public Build:

  • New Items: DendroGro, Cerespirin, Anusoft, Yappi Strap, Insulated Coat
  • New Busts: Jardi, Jarvis, Kirlarwe, Vedice, Haley, Godi, Petr, Nova, Frostworms, Steph Irson, Tank Kannon, Anyxine, Dryad, Horace Decker, Gray Goo, Penny (with lots of variants if you set to Jacques00 busts), Ganrael, and Kyris.
  • New NPCs on Uveto: Jerome – written and coded by Gedan, Korgonne Female Barbarian, and Hana!
  • New Steph Irson Episode – Uveto.
  • New Nayna scene for the hyper-endowed.
  • New Anno + Huskar foursomes on Uveto.
  • New scenes for the hyper endowed characters and the Korgonne Barbarian (1 victory, 1 loss).
  • New scenes: Female Zil victory for phallus-wielders, Terensha balljob, seducing male raskvel with a vaginal tail, Anno tailcock funtimes, and Syri tail-dick fun. Big thanks to Savin for coding them.
  • “Miscreant Manor” on Texas. A semi-randomized public use encounter!
  • A metric butt-ton of fixes, tweaks, and adjustments to existing content – poke the individual changelogs if you want a more in-depth reporting.

We’ll try to get some new backer stuff for the backers here in the next day or two. I’ve got a lot of stuff to review and finalize on the non-code side of things, so I might have to lean on Gedan or find a quickie in the pile.

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