[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.89

We’re still waiting on some overhauls to processTime on Gedan’s end, but we’re gonna push some of this stuff out for those who want to test it.

0.6.89 Changelog:

  • Various fixes and typo corrections from the forums.
  • Minor fixes to nursery content (especially children generation).
  • Minor Kally fixes.
  • New Adjatha Busts for Lieve.
  • Any old debug mode users should now have a button to deactivate it (forever) on Appearance screen.
  • Fluid in mouth effects for ingesting fluids (not just milk).
  • Huskar Treats give floofy mane. Terran Treats removes it (and even chest floof).
  • Drone Techs get buff based on level.
  • Nursery computer fixes retro baby data.
  • New Content: Sera Impregnation, by Nonesuch.



[Backers] 0.6.88 Slow Progress

hizzacked_tentaclesThose of you excited about the visual novel: we’ve landed Hizzacked as our CG artist. That means we’ll be grabbing some pretty baller art for the NSFW version! If you REALLY like her art, go check out her site. I couldn’t be happier with the choice.

I promised you guys some scenes for Kally & Bimbos. Here they are. I also wired up the stuff to have random NPCs appear in the bar.

0.6.88 Changelog:

  • A new option for bimbo PCs to help Kally out under the bar.
  • Other NPCs can now show up in the bar, same as any other bar.
  • Toning back of lust defense that I accidentally gave to player characters.

Adjatha drew up some NPCs for Savin’s Myrquest dungeon. Those of you catching the streams have doubtless seen some of those. Savin has been hard at work writing stuff for that. I heard words about a gold myr gangbang? Gedan is still working on optimizing processTime to minimize lag between scenes. Something about the Treatment being a nightmare. Supposedly we should be able to merge that in along with some more stuff for the nursery after a week or two, but don’t hold us to that.

I’m trying to write some Kiro talk scenes to round out her interactions at her sister’s bar, but I’m bouncing back and forth between starting to feel a little sickly and not. I just gotta hope hitting the gym doesn’t finish me off.

[Backers] 0.6.87 – Kally & Raskvel & Nerfs


Click for lewd. (by DCLZexon)

Hold onto your butts! This one is a bit experimental.

0.6.87 Changelog:

  • Max trust Kiro can now send players an invite to come visit Canadia Station (Name subject to change) with her, in orbit over Vesperia to meet her sister. (And a new Kiro scene hidden in there if you do the right things). All of Kiro’s Vesperia bar content is not yet written. To anyone with concerns that the area is only accessible via Kiro – there are intended to be multiple unlock routes possible.
  • Kally (Kiro’s sister) is in the game. The most you can do with her at the moment is get drunk, talk, and maybe grope her (consensually, of course. We aren’t running for president.)
  • New scene for Raskvel Females, courtesy of FrankenApple.
  • If you are two or more levels above an enemy, fleeing is now easier.
  • Enemies now have defenses against lust-based weapons and specials based on willpower and level. This is still subject to testing and tuning, but you should no longer breeze through every encounter with max aim and a lust-bow.
  • Tease damage reduces exponentially against enemies who are higher level than you.

I have some more Kally stuff written for bimbos (approx 8 pages). If I get time, I’ll get it in this weekend. Otherwise, Monday. Jacques00 and Gedan have been doing a lot of testing and tuning to the pregnancy content (and adding Sera pregnancy stuff), but we’re holding off on pushing that till it has had a decent amount of eyeball time on it.

…unless Geddy wants to slip it in over the weekend. Up to her!

Hope Everyone Had A Great Weekend

Because I just slept 12 hours in hopes that it would somehow not be Monday. Turns out I didn’t sleep long enough! So back to work I go. Last night, I started writing some smut where bimbos can blow Kiro’s sister behind the bar during a slow spot in D&D. I guess I’m going to start off the week by finishing that, then write up some conversations with her.

Edit: Still writing that scene (and the three possible end variants). Over 4,000 words. It’ll be a treat for bimbofied PCs for sure. I just gotta wrap up the one where she takes a bunch of shots of her own alcoholic cum and massively cumflates the PC. I might try to do something special for taurs too. This is what I get for starting a scene on a lark on my day off >.>

Edit2: 4.8k for the day. Damn near my top end for work in a day. See you gents Tuesday (or this morning, I guess).


Slam jammin’ some more hotfixesheadshot2

  • Edan should no longer potentially skip portions of his scene progression.
  • Various fixes from Jacques.
  • Some minor cosmetic fixes to Nursery things.


The nursery is kind of in right now. I say that in so far as it exists, but I haven’t had the opportunity to polish it and test it properly; one of the big features for it was to enable the ability to “skip” to the end of a pregnancy without having to keep spamming rest or sleep. Unfortunately a lot of the general time passage code wasn’t really written to handle passing more than a couple of hours of game time at once, so guess what I’m busy doing!

— Your friendly, cleaned up, neighborhood spess dragon, again courtesy of JayEcho

[PUBLIC BUILD] Trials in Tainted Space 0.6.85

bakuhaku_eradragon_nomi_kuitan_tentacles0.6.85 Changelog:

  • New Story, commissioned from Kotep. Presently it automatically unlocks in the Codex, but once we add an in-game fiction store, that’ll change. It’s a big one (10,000 words-ish).
  • Many fixes and tweaks.
  • Edan is now okay with ladies with penises.
  • [Edit] Looks like Gedan slipped the nursery in there too! Might be buggy.

I wanted to get the reunion of Kiro and her sister (despite not having repeatable content done yet) in for the pubbie patch, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to cram it all in tonight. So here we are! Better to release now than wait 3 hours for a maybe.

New Stuff Since Last Public Patch:

  • Siegewulf + Drone Tweaks
  • Busky & His Shop (With New Items)
  • Two new items for Gene’s shop.
  • Uvetan Frost Wyrms
  • Reaha can now be cured of her patch addiction (plenty o’ content here).
  • New busts: Your dad’s lawyer, Xotchi, Siegewulfs, Fenris Drones, Natalie, Tamwolf, One-Off Gryvain from an Anno scene
  • Ilaria and her shop were added to Tavros’s residential deck.
  • Improved price display for smugglers.
  • Edan added to “The Mess” on Tarkus.
  • Kirila and her shop have been added to Uveto.
  • An expension to allow for acquiring Inessa’s key.

Not a bad month if I do say so myself! (Fake fanart magazine commissioned by EraDragon and drawn by Bakuhaku.)

New Build Still Coming

It’s coming, but probably AFTER midnight. So technically it might be the seventh? Anyways, wanted to touch base with anyone feverishly mashing f5 and let them know what’s up.

Poopy Day

Spent too much time arguing on the internet, but still got some quality art in for the VN and scribbled out a thousand words of stuff for Kiro’s sister (who we are now calling Kally). I’m just gonna dump some raw stuff I wrote up here, then go to bed. Ciao!

Kally looks… different. Her posture is terrible, like she’s barely managing to stand up, but she’s smiling bright enough for an artificial sun. When she sees you, she makes an effort to straighten, then flows over to lean on the counter, sighing contentedly. “Hey there.”

“Hi yourself.{ You okay?/ Somebody got laaaaaaaiiiid!}”

Giggling, the kui-tan barkeep shakes her head. “{I’m fiiiine./Noooo! …Close though.}” She pulls a stool out from under the counter and plops herself down on it, the curves of her ass wrapping just slightly around the tiny seat. “I just had to release some pressure… from the uh… kegs.” She winks, then giggles. “Lots of pressure. Felt like it took hours.” She giggles again, voice still husky. “So what can I get you?”

Monday Night Madness

gats_kiraAnother Monday, another progress report! Savin worked on Psionic Anglerfish monsters for Uveto and “FederationQuest,” a likely pre-requisite for peace on Myrellion. Aside from that, I’m the only one I know at FenCo that was logging Dev-Time today. If Geddy did, she’d be working on the Nursery stuff – I don’t tend to micromanage her when she’s working on a big project like that.

Personally, I churned out 4,000 words of writing for the intro quest for the “Kui Country Bar and Lounge” in the space station over Vesperia. Most of it was an enormous “rough buttfuck” scene for Kiro where she can take out some irritation on the PC. Features plenty of spanking, neck grabbing, and cumflation. I’ve gotta do some alternate intro stuff for it so that it can be requested in the future when the PC is feeling particularly naughty.

Once that’s polished, the intro path for the station (Codename: New Canada) will be complete, and I can start working on slotting in repeatable content for Kiro’s sister (the bartender with alcoholic cum), special Kiro adjustments for being in that bar, the taur-girl we’ve teased in the past (hopefully with Wsan’s help), and a bit of gloryhole content in the bathroom.

By that point I’ll probably jump back to Treatment (faux cow) stuff or Myrellion (peace path) for a bit.

Kiro’s sister sketch claimed from Gats‘ patreon before he shut it down. RIP, Gatseon!

Reminder: Public Patch on the 6th. (And I might have commissioned a story from Kotep in the TiTS universe… coming soon)


Reminder that pubby build is due around October 6th.

0.6.84 Changelog:

  • Siegwulfe should no longer blow up your save file when you try to load.
  • Some of the initial child data tracking for the nursery should also no longer blow up your save file when you try to load.
  • Various fixes and extensions by Jacques.

– Your friendly neighbourhood spess pirate, care of JayEcho.

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