[Backers] 0.7.112

0.7.112 Changelog:

  • A Korgonne “Princess” can be encountered in the caves of Uveto. It’s a one time encounter that will later provide access to a small town.
  • Fixed the order damage is applied in to prevent a few attacks from getting Sneak Attack/Aimed Shot bonuses off themselves.
  • More fixes logged by Jacques00 than I care to enumerate.

In addition, please consider calling your congressional representatives and senators concerning the upcoming repeal of Net Neutrality. Without it, the internet as we know it could cease to exist.

Art at right is a personal commission from JamesAB. I’ve got another TiTS-related one on the way!

Past-Due Report!

Ula’s (Korgonne Princess) first-time encounter is all wrapped up. It has two sex scenes (one of which has a decent chunk forked off for the hugely endowed). I coded most of it tonight and will push a patch tomorrow with it. I’ve also written ten or so rooms for Korg’ii Hold on Uveto. I’ll be slotting them in along with some assorted content in the week to come to give the little fluffballs more of a presence on that big ol’ ice cube.

I’ve also got a nice commission on the way I can’t wait to share with the backers. :3

Daily Report

That isn’t that daily because I don’t always do them…

2,000+ words written and a one hour held to discuss everybody’s projects. Here’s hoping for more tomorrow!

[Backers] Dryad Stuff! & MOAR

0.7.110 Changelog:

  • The Dryad has received three new scenes, courtesy of her author, Wsan. Enjoy!
  • Some fixes for Paige first-time sex and Halloween event routing.
  • New Busts: Ciaran, Sydian Queen, and Futa Dream Angel
  • Laquine Ears Priapism properly implemented.

0.7.111 Changelog:

  • New costume added to Poe A: Knotty Nurse. Culminates in four possible outcomes!
  • New busts: Chupacabro, Dane Nude, Mirrin Nude, Aurora, Korgonne Female
  • [Update] Apparently Erika slipped into the game at some point! Fancy that!

Female Korg by Shou!

Knotty Nurse Done & Content Coming!

I finished writing my Knotty Nurse Halloween item.  It clocks in around 11,000 words. After an edit pass tomorrow, I’ll thrust it into the game. Additionally, Wsan has some more centaur-tastic content lined up a mostly coded-ish.  I’ll be reviewing the pull request and trying to slam a new patch into your faces by Monday or Tuesday evening.


Sav Update

I, too, am finishing off a Halloween thing — I ended up not finishing it so I could grade y’all’s submissions. I’m a little shy of 12000 words into mine, so almost done!

I’m also totally not making this post mostly to show off some great art DCL made for me of a bimboy Saendra. Totally not.

Anyway, back to the grind for me! Gotta finish this up so I can dive back into some delicious new Syri content.

P.S. Last week we finished our two-year+ campaign of Corruption of Champions&D (featuring Fenoxo, Adjatha, and myself from FenCo, plus friends). You can now watch the entire thing from session 1 to 103 on my youtube channel. Don’t be intimidated, It’s only like 400something hours long.

Fen Update

Hey guys, I’ve been working on finishing off my Halloween idea that I got started on way too late. It’s over 7000 words right now and growing. I haven’t been idle this time, I promise!

[Public] Fun With Sera and Ghostly Dreams!

0.7.108 Changelog:

  • Those who have Sera as their mistress (and A-cups) can proc an event where she fucks them against the wall as revenge against furry trick or treaters… somehow. I dunno, but it’s hot! Written by flying_mustache
  • Slab Bulkhead’s contest-winning ghost dream has been added to the game. It can randomly proc in place of other dreams while sleeping during Halloween season.
  • Assorted fixes and fun!

I might still code a thing or two for tomorrow’s patch, but I guess it’s time for everybody’s big list of everything done this month:

  • New Halloween events: Paige’s Possession, Night of the Succucow, Pumpkin Carving with your Kids, Poe A Hero’s Costume, Poe A Bondage Kitty Costume, Poe A Saurmorian Costume, Night of the Chupacabro, Poe A Female Spider Costume
  • Ellie can be impregnated.
  • Ilaria can be impregnated.
  • Many characters at Gastigoth can be impregnated.
  • New Busts: Planets, Liamme, Luca, Kase
  • New Rare drops on Tarkus: Spunkshrooms, Slutshrooms
  • New Roaming Rare Weapon Vendor: Kattom Osgood (Includes 19 new weapons!)
  • New Follower: Kase
  • The Subtuner received a very large expansion pack.
  • New character: Prai Ellit

I didn’t personally write as many of these as I would have liked, but I’m quite happy with the amount we’ve managed to push. Art is by CheshireCatSmile37.

Hallowiener Contest Results!

It’s over! (But at least one more patch is coming.) The winners are….

  1. “Ghost Sex Dream” by Slab Bulkhead
  2. “Succucow Nightmare” by Night Trap
  3. “Dryad Costume” by TosakunoKishi
  4. “Saurmorian Costume” by Aullama
  5. “Possessed Paige” by B

I’m feeling generous, so fourth and fifth place are going to get the same rewards as third place ($100 via paypal or $75 of vidjagames). Authors, please contact me at fenoxo@gmail.com to claim your fantabulous prizes. If you didn’t win but your entry has been coded into the game (or gets coded in the future), please boop my snoot for delicious dollarydoos to fall into your lap.

To all the other wonderful people who submitted entries that didn’t win or scored poorly (scores are available in the contest submission thread’s last post), thank you for putting your time and effort in. Feel free to contact me to have your blog account awarded four months of free backer access!

[PUBLIC] More Halloweeners!

Whole new Paiges of it! Bwahahaha! 0.7.107 Changelog:

  • Paige’s magical halloweener has been added to the game. Just like all Paige’s other content, it’s massive, clocking in at over 1,200 lines of code with a branching sex scene. It’s also repeatable after the season is over, so long as you hit that stuff up while it’s active.
  • I’ve broadened what the game considers as “Halloweenish” so you guys can enjoy this content a bit longer.
  • UpcastDrake knocked out Night Trap’s Succucow Halloween event! Ciaran should be able to get it started.
  • You can now carve pumpkins with your kids during Halloween at the Nursery, assuming kids of appropriate ages exist. Written by Bumbling Bee.
  • Many fixes and tweaks Courtesy of Jacques00 and UpcastDrake.

Interestingly, there’s still several top submissions that haven’t even hit code yet. I got done with my grading, and I’m just waiting on Savin to grade the Paige stuff I just coded and choose his top 3 out of the entries he gave perfect scores to. Ciao! SheepPun’s render of Aina is lovely. P.S. I’m going to look into giving everybody who entered free backer access for a few months so that everybody gets SOMETHING.

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