[Backers] Time To Turn The Paige On This Chapter of TiTS

…By which I mean Paige is more or less complete. As mentioned before, her sparring content is not exactly as her author originally envisioned, instead replaced by a simple minigame that rewards learning her tells. Once Paige gets her eyes back though, you’ll find her a more challenging foe who sometimes avoid choreographing her next move…

Thanks for your kind patience and support as I have slogged through over 200 pages of content on this character. I’m going to apologize in advance for any bugs, typos, or errors in scene routing ahead of time. She was a real behemoth with a lot of little widgets to tweak and adjust, and I’m as certain as a Throbb-addict’s boner that even her author missed a few tweaks and adjustments that probably need made to account for her follower status – we can clean those up as they’re reported.

Remember that while I try to run through all the content I code, there’s many things that can go wrong. We need you to report bugs (via the bug report forums) so that we can make the game better for everyone involved, especially new players. Thank you, and <3.

0.7.82 Changelog:

  • Paige now has a sparring minigame with six new sex scenes.
  • The PC can now buy Paige new eyes. Warning: they’re overpriced as fuck and not really intended to be purchased by current level PCs. (It’s amazing how many crew members are obtainable by paying for expensive things. That’s pretty much the plan I have for Shekka and Emmy both.)
  • Paige’s first time lovemaking now properly tracks scene flow.
  • A few tweaks to the fan-submitted custom bust system. No I’m not going to make a guide for it. That’s up to yooooouuuuuuuu~
  • Many fixed typos, adjusted turns of phrase, and gently massaged letters.

Art by Fubmistress.


Paige Progress

I made an attempt to code in Paige’s sparring… then discarded it for a simplified, paper-rock-scissors style minigame. The original was overly complex while simultaneously not very fun. It basically boiled down to “Smugglers can win and everyone else gets their face punched in.” After finishing up that, I started in on her follower content. I hope to have her completed for your playing pleasure sometime within the next 24 hours.

Rock on,

[Backers] 0.7.81 Paiging New Content

0.7.81 Changelog:

  • Paige’s oral options are now live and good to go.
  • Busts for Azra and the 9-tailed Zil have been added.
  • Adev’s custom bust feature has been added on a trial basis. If there are any issues with it (or we wind up drowning in bug reports as a result), we may remove it.
  • Some assorted fixes for various bugs.
  • Paige’s [Eyes] talk is still broken. Don’t do it. (Sorry I keep forgetting to fix it)

Paige Update: I got through the rest of her sex content and started work setting up her sparring content. While that document is the shortest out of all of them, it’s also going to be the slowest going. Also there’s the small matter of Friday afternoons stealing me away for the weekend… At the very least, I can get her completely done early-ish next week. Her crew-member stuff doesn’t add any new sex scenes, just variances to many of her old non-sexual behaviors. Hooray for small favors!

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.7.80

My gut instinct is to say that this is a smaller update, but it adds something like 20 pages of new content on top of some stuff Jacques00 and UpcastDrake merged in. Progress is progress, right?

…I remember when 20 pages was a huge update.

0.7.80 Changelog:

  • Paige’s tribadism scenes have been added.
  • Anno’s feather duster stuff has been added by UpcastDrake.
  • Jacques00 added an improvement to our error reporting function.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.

Sera fanart sketched by JayEcho on stream the other day.

[Backers] Paige Work-In-Progress

I’m slowly losing my mind but making solid progress. The flowcharts actually helped me out at one point, if you can believe it. B uses a lot of non-standard methods of communicating logic flow that slow me down a little, but it’s easy enough to parse. Thus far, 69 pages of Paige’s 151 page sex document are done. There are two other documents on the pile as well. One with content for sparring and one with the rest of content for getting her new eyes and making her a crewmate.

Some compromises did get made – the biggest was poor support for swiss-army crotches – between the amount of text and variations to handle, I settled for making everything run off your primary penis rather than trying to juggle another thing to track on top of already chaotic scene arguments.

All that said, I think you guys will like the way things are done here, assuming options I got done aren’t too buggy.

0.7.79 Changelog:

  • Paige and her Yoga studio are available on the residential deck of Tavros. You’ll have to do a few Yoga lessons with her before you can meet her at her place. Thus far her interactions are fairly limited and yoga offers no stat gains aside from tone boosts. I might give it a more indepth pass later, but the bonuses listed in her original document were quite powerful for the cheapness and availability.
  • Jacques00 implemented the Breedwell Incubation center before I finished reviewing it. What I had looked at seemed pretty good, but be aware that since it has not yet received official Fen approval that it may be changed if needed in the future.
  • Many fixes, mostly courtesy of Jacques00.

Someone commissioned a nice Syri and Anno animation from Gillenew (He’s also got a patreon)! Click the preview animation for the whole shebang!

Paige Stuff

I’ve had some time to work on Paige stuff today. Got some things for doing yoga in her house wired up with the proper menu and started work on the interactions for bedding her the first time. The result? 1,200 lines of code just to rough out the basic scenes and logic. I still need to wire up all the menus and replace some placeholder if-checks with appropriate conditionals, then test the whole mess.

Then I get to move into her repeatable scenes… which each have their own flowchart full of logic. Looking back at the source document… I’m on page 38 of 151. Here’s one of them, if you’d like a peek:

Paiging Fen’s Sanity

I’ve burrowed deep into Paige’s fur today. Thus far I’ve cleared about 1,200 lines of code dealing with doing Yoga in her studio, talking to her in her apartment, her appearance, the introduction to her sex content (which I’m not touching for a long time. That document is over 150 pages long and comes with a flowchart), and some setup for sparring her. Turns out the blind yoga-girl has some next-level kung-fu stuff going on.

Actually coding the combat is going to probably be a decent investment of time. With how she’s written, she seems to be focused on reacting to the PC’s actions, which will require hooking everything into a bunch of different places in the code if I want to be 100% accurate to her author’s wishes. It’s also going to be doubly difficult to do since he wants her to scale with PC level and strength – something I intend to do with Dane if I ever get around to making him recruitable as well. Oh, and she has a whole different setup for when she’s not blind. Wooo!

And then there’s the aforementioned 150 pages of sex. I’m not going to make any promises, but I’d like to have her pre-follower, non-combat stuff ready by Monday or Tuesday night for backers.

I’m going to spare my brain and take a poke at doing a little writing on Azra’s Tarkus quest now. I jotted out a few hundreds words for the introduction of a two-headed gray goo fight last night that should make for a fun interaction.

Have a good one bras!

[Public Patch] 0.7.78

Before I get into the bits you guys actually want to hear about, listen to the sad tale of Fenoxo and his 5 Mb/s download speed (and 0.5 Mb/s upload speed!) I’ve wasted hours on this shit today, and it seems the signal quality from my ISP is just garbage. The poor Mediacom tech who had to listen to me bitch clearly knew less about this stuff than I did, and I won’t have a tech out to look at my ‘net until Thursday at the earliest.

If it’s anything like last time, things will mysteriously start working better just before they arrive again. That or they’ll get here and not be able to do anything. But that’s fine, the free market is working! I have tons of other options for ISPs, like getting a wireless hub from verizon with constrictive data limits and extra exemptions from Net Neutrality! Oh, and added expense. Or I could get some slow-ass DSL. Personally, I prefer DSLs on bimbos.

As you might expect, progress on Paige today has been… scarce. I’ve got to wrap up a few odds and ends for payroll, then I’m going to give in and call AT&T for some DSL, I think. Maybe it’ll suck less.

0.7.78 Changelog:

  • More checks for catching diseases like the “Sneezing Tits” and “Furpies” have been added.
  • Various bug fixes.

New Since Last Public Patch:

Paging Paige to the Fenoxo.com Homepage

I managed to read through all of Paige’s scenes up to and including about ten pages of her sexual content… of which there are 151 pages. Everything else? A little over 100. I’m going to start work on coding her tomorrow, but I have no idea how long a project like this is going to take. It looms over other projects like a Mount Doom looming over some foothills.

After that, there’s a self-titled DILF in the review queue. I might take a break to write more Azra stuff inbetween. Anyhow, that’s me for the day!

[Backers] Spacejail Part 2

0.7.77 Changelog:

  • Kaska and Captain Khorgan have been added to Gastigoth.
  • Busts for Kaska, Captain Khorgan, and Tamtam have been activated in prison.

Just a small one for now! Enjoy!

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