[Backers] 0.7.41! Sleepy Sheepy

0.7.41 Changelog:

  • New item – OviniumĀ (Name subject to change). It’s a sheep transformation, not an egg thing. We may update the name – I’m waiting on feedback from its authors.
  • New Item – Breeder’s Bliss. It puts the user into heat or rut as applicable.
  • Various tweaks and bugfixes.

Edit: Man it took me forever to update this post. Sorry about that! I went ahead and rebuilt the rare drops system to be less retarded, and I’ve started putting in some new fiction entry unlocks as rare drops. First on the menu is Kotep’s BXBI. Yes I do have permission to use it in game, as well as a few other stories of his.

Next patch will probably drop Monday or Tuesday. Stay rad over the weekend, ya’ll.

Progress Report

I’ve been poking at a threesome between Kiro and Kally when I have time and motivation for PC’s with ‘nuki nuts (or just enormous balls) where the three of you go to a milking parlor all swollen. It’s about 3,700 words long and just now at the part where you get shown to the milkers, so who knows when it’ll be done.

I added an item yesterday called Breeder’s Bliss and paged through a bunch of submissions. Today I also poked at coding one of them, though it’s still not done (mostly because I wrote a lot today instead). Also, I owe Zeikfried a review of a submission of his, which I had forgotten during a burst of anxiety yesterday. Sorry Zeik. Gonna try to be more on the spot tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll have a new patch for you guys as well. Ciao!

Shapeways 3d Printed Penny!

AF, long time friend of my games, made a pretty sweet render of Penny that can be 3D-printed. I got one myself, and it’s THE BOMB DIGGITY.

Sadly, 3d printing to order is still sort of pricey. I haven’t tried the high definition acrylate yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

[Backers] Fappy Easter!

Had this idea and tossed it out during D&D. Gonna be backers-only since it’s basically just a little nothing change and it’d be unfair to them to give away half the month’s content at this point. Upside: it should automatically go off around this time next year, though we might need to adjust the dates since Easter’s numeric date tends to vary.

0.7.40 Changelog:

  • Added a “rare drops” system for giving any enemy the potential to drop things rarely.
  • Added the ability for almost any enemy to drop any of the existing eggs in game. Yay, Easter! The event should go for another day or two.
  • Syri can be hugged or kissed, depending on time of day.
  • Kiro will sometimes leave her comms device sitting out at Kally’s allowing you to send a set of Dick Pics to Kally (for more points toward unlocking the threesome).
  • Various tweaks and improvements.


Still sick. Wsan has been doing a bunch of fan/personal writing over on his own blog. WoW got its hooks back into him, and now the WoWsmut has taken him. It’s only a matter of time till he rents a place in Moonguard’s Goldshire.

[Backers] 0.7.39

The endless charge of Alright Hugs continues! Seriously, I’m not sure how many more things in my message backlog are from him, but goddamn, dude.

0.7.39 Changelog:

  • New encounter on Uveto Station – the Sub-Tuner. It’s a collar you can find laying out that leads to some petplay stuff.
  • Two new masturbation options for those with phallus-tails.
  • “Anti-Grav Jock” added to the game. No, it isn’t a football player in anti-gravity boots.
  • Tweaks to the hip descript and buttdescript parser. I’m not sure how it happened, but I ran across “You have curvy quarters that make you go with a sexy, swinging gait” in the appearance screen and nearly died. Needless to say, calling hips “quarters” is gone, and “go” shouldn’t show up there any longer.
  • Follower Anno can now sell a weapon that does cold damage after the PC hits level 5.
  • Two of the Offbeatr custom PC names have been added to the game.
  • Various fixes and sundry tweaks.

Futa variant of Erra commissioned from DCL to annoy HugsAlright >:3

Work Hard. Play Hard. Get Sick Hard.

I think I caught a case of the Furpies from FWA. Anyway, I guess my long streak of being healthy has finally come to an end. At least I got through some work on the backlog for you guys. I’m going to laze around and play some Mass Effect, maybe write some Kiro/Kally smut when I inevitably get tired of videogames and want to lay down with my laptop.

[Backers] 0.7.38 Fucking Cuntboys

0.7.38 Changelog:

  • Added LashCharge’s “Gil” to the game, a guy who is very specific about his transformation and also has a pussy. To meet him, buy a Pupper Popper from Jade and step out of her store.

I’m gonna admit, he’s a long way from my favorite character. His author went way too hard on tiny variations that made his two scenes a pain to code, and I don’t really care for his personality. That said, he’s something we don’t have any of in the game – cuntboys. So for all of you that enjoy that, there he is.

[Backers] 0.7.37 – Infinite Ausar

Someday I can chew through this submission backlog and write through stuff myself. Unfortunately, a new Overwatch patch just popped out, so I need to binge a few hours before I go back to pushing through the pile. Don’t worry – I’m gonna get plenty done tonight.

0.7.37 Changelog:

  • Two new Syri scenes by HugsAlright (one in the friendly after-shower, one as a choice when you win her betting game).
  • Two new Syri busts from CheshireCatSmile37, commissioned by HugsAlright.
  • The Bucking Bronco in the Bucking Bronco saloon should be added.
  • Many fixes and tweaks.


I got a sketch of Kiro by Gideon. I’ll put it up here later this week, I hope. Also a fan-commissioned bust of Syri is around to slip into the game as well. I’m going to jump right back into work on that stuff tomorrow, after I slot a new SSD into my computer. ‘Twas running out of room!

The panel was tons of fun. Thanks everyone that came and the fan that generously provided me with “perfectly normal” gummy bears.

Update: Apparently the codes Shou and I gave out were only for two months instead of three. We’re going to try to address the issue tomorrow once we can rouse our draconic coder from slumber.

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