Zheng Shi Mines: Rooms Complete

Got the rooms written and laid out! Also set up grabbing the spacesuit and jamming the helmet on. Then I took a swing at the slavesuit that can be used to bluff Maike. It now has the proper tooltip and options for unzipping the various zippers to expose parts of yourself in a submenu of the appearance screen (as its author intended). Once I have the spacewalk done, I’ll push out a new patch.

P.S. Syriquest got coded by a volunteer coder, so I’ll be reviewing that and taking a quick quality pass on it before pushing it out this week as well.

TL;DR: New content soon!

Laying the Dragon

This story chains off the previous one, Mind-Altered Masturbation! You don’t need to read it if you don’t want to. Suffice to say, my self-insert of a minotaur gets a little bit mental reprogrammed to lust after a specific dragon-girl! The rest is history!

(Linera comes from Gedan)

By: Fenoxo
Tags: M/F, Mind Control, Mental Programming, Hyper, Breeding, Dragon-girl, Minotaur, Cum Inflation, and More!
V1.0: Basic edit pass done.

Fen snagged the gravcuffs in one hand and thrusted. The force alone was sufficient to lift Linera off the ground and produce the distinct outline of his bulging, over-swollen cock in her once taut midsection. Lust and anger swirled together as he pounded away at her sopping, draconic cunt, his every stroke producing gushes of mixed pre and pussy-juice.

She had dared to fuck with his head! Her devilishly clever code seized control of his cybernetics, turned his psionic powers around on him, and filled his mind with nothing but desire and affection for the curvaceous dragon-girl. This was all her fault! She’s the one that made his cock ache incessantly at the thought of her pussy! She’s the one who’s lingering programming had compelled him to track her down across entire star systems. Three days attempting to untangle his brain wasn’t enough to shake the desire to sink hilt-deep in dragon-pussy from his psyche, but it was enough long for him to seize control of it and make it his own.

Just like Linera.


Just an update that I’m mostly doing better now. Yesterday I finished off the scene I mentioned in the previous post, did a short story, started another short story, coordinated some new writing commissions, made two new rare drops for the Jumper, made a new piercing and put it on the global rare table for Zheng Shi, and made a “hasPiercingOfClass” function (well, refined it. I started it a while back) to easily test if the PC is wearing a specific piercing anywhere on their body (used for a piercing that increasing lust damage taken and dealt to scaled enemies).


Fen Fails

Hey guys. I haven’t had a post in a bit because I haven’t had much to share. The past week or two I’ve been struggling with depression – which is no fucking excuse by the way. I don’t want or expect you guys to treat this like that’s okay. On top of that, I basically have one less workday during summer break because I’m helping my ex out by being a decent, non-pervert dad during the school break.

Anyhow, I’ve finished up a scene for a new Zheng Shi enemy – the slyveren slavebreaker. I’ve been trying to work on it again and again and never getting anywhere, but something finally clicked and I got it done. It’s 3700 words of a psychic snake-girl psychic you off extra hard so your little trapdick will grow to a respectable size. At the time of this writing, I’m also 1700 words into a blowjob for normal folks – that is to say anyone from 6+ to 35 inches long.

Anyhow, many <3’s and good evenings to you all.

[Public | CoC2] Feisty Kitty!

This week we have some new catgirl lewdness and a lot of tweaks under the hood to sate your corrupted desires! Feast your eyes on the patch notes before you dive in, though: the part about body ratings is important.

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.17 Patch Notes:

  • Three new Cait sex scenes: Striptease, Footjob, and Tailjob. The latter has the usual branching paths for you to explore! Many thanks to TheObserver for pitching in the Striptease and Tailjob scenes. They’re good stuff <3
  • Most weapons and armors have had their stats rebalanced to bring them more in line with the combat system update we did post-launch.
  • Map icons have been updated.
  • Belly, Butt, and Hip ratings now properly are assigned at character generation. Note: you MUST remake your character for this change to take effect; old characters are still playable, but will effectively have minimum ratings in all three.
  • Various other bugfixing and typo killing.

Dual wielding was implemented LAST PATCH but now that the items have been rebalanced, I’d love if you guys could leave some feedback on the forums about how it feels! You can currently dual-wield any combination of two Light weapons (Daggers, Short Swords, and Francescas).

Art is a brand new portrait for Arona of the Kervus Tribe, an orc futa barbarian and our next enemy encounter — along with her gang of big ol’ amazon followers. My current CoC2 writing project is an orc-filled dungeon the new Champion will be crawling through to face down her older brother, the tribe’s warlord!

For those wondering about my TiTS writing, I’m currently working on a big bara Thraggen dude for Zheng Shi. He’s totally not a space orc, you guys. I definitely don’t have a thing for orcs. What? You can’t prove nuffin.

Happy Freedom Day! + Backer Patch!

Happy Freedom Day everybody! For those of you in the States: drive safe, have fun, make shit explode in the sky.

For everyone else: enjoy your yearly dose of FREEDOM BEEF in TiTS’ wilderness spaces. Don’t mind your broken pelvis, it’s a small price to pay for a cup of smoking hot liber-tea.

0.7.190 Changelog:

  • Red Rockets added to the game! As expected, they don’t blow up into fireworks. They make you have a hyper-virile canine penis. Dr. Badger sells them and they rarely drop from enemies so long as we’re near the 4th of July. I wrote them as a bit of a stream of consciousness, so they’re not very well edited. However, the transformations are some of the best I’ve written in a while, in my opinion.
  • You can now steal Roz’s power armor. This disables her forever, but you get power armor. Good trade?

[Public] Ridiculousness With Roz!

Adjatha did an amazing job on Roz!

Yesterday I planned to have Roz done at 7 in the evening at the latest. I wasn’t comfortable with her till 10 PM. Today I cleaned up some bugs a few testers found, polished a few things, slipped in two of her three busts (the third isn’t finished), and polished up a few things with Maike.

0.7.189 Changelog:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented saves with Maike’s Keycard as a physical item from loading. (Hopefully). I’ve also deleted the blog comments related to it in order to clear out the clutter and let me easily see if more issues crop up. Thanks!

0.7.188 Changelog:

  • New enemy: Roz the galotian power-armor pilot. After encountering 7 or so enemies in Zheng Shi’s mines, she’ll be added to the encounter table. She’s a two stage with a solid variety of very good scenes (in my opinion) by Savin, Wsan, and myself. Mostly Savin and Wsan.
  • New item: Goo Core. Goos and very intelligent PC’s can steal Roz’s, disabling her. When equipped by a goo-morphed player character, it increases intelligence and willpower by 20 points. Note you can also choose to steal it and let her earn it back, if you want to play with a less intelligent goo-girl for a bit.
  • New Busts: Roz, Roz Nude, Pregnant Stella, and Pregnant Stella Nude.
  • Maike’s Keycard is now a key item rather than a dropped item.

New This Month:

  • New NPCs: Overseer Maike, Tessa the female ovir, Shizuya the “Meowmazon”, “Bored Jumper” (a futanari laquine in a bodysuit)!
  • New Quest/Update: The plantation quest on Mhen’ga received numerous updates, breaking Lund down into a submissive
  • New Items: Spacesuit Helmet (Save this), Slave Uniform, Dry Spell (wetness removal item),
  • New Scenes: Taking an Urbolg facial in exchange for getting a slave collar off, Urbolg + female centaurs, intentional Urbolg collar bad-end,
  • New Busts: Shizuya, Bored Jumper’s (x4), Tivf
  • Mechanics change: maintaining an overall negative evasion increases your damage taken.

It’s funny. Back in the CoC days, one transformation and an enemy was a HUGE change. Now I look and see four new characters (five with today’s), quest updates, and a bunch of scene additions and feel like we didn’t do enough. We’ll just have to aim for more next month.

As always, thank you guys so much for your generous support. My next goals are going to be to put in the last 1/3 of the mine’s planned rooms, completing the spacesuit, doing the spacewalk + robot boss fight to enable the elevator, and setting up the “stowaway as a fuckslave to get to the foundry level” route. Hopefully we can have that set up and good to go, (along with the forgehound mob Wsan wrote) for next month!

New Public TiTS Patch Tomorrow With Roz the Power-Goo

I’ve just finished coding her, but don’t have the brain left to do proper debugging. I’ve distributed test builds to some folks to test, and after some debugging and cleaning up tomorrow, I’ll be able to share her.

[Public | CoC2] Summoning Slutbois

Introducing the summoner, courtesy of HugsAlright. He’s a dogboi mage with a big… stick. You’re gonna be catching it if you let his elemental friends beat on you, don’t doubt it!

Play Here | Support Here

0.0.16 Patch Notes:

  • The summoner has been added as a random encounter in the Foothills. He can only be encountered by PCs of level 2 or higher (remember to go sleep if you have enough EXP to level up)!
  • Dual wielding now works! Your off-hand weapon gives significantly reduced bonuses and it hits less often, but it does give you an extra attack every round.
  • Various fixes and tweaks w/rt the new inventory.

Art of Kasyrra getting worshipped by a couple of my friends’ OCs. Art by Barret XIII, commissioned by StrayParadox.

[Backers] Overseer Maike

This one’s got a lot going on and ties into a lot of things that are unfinished. Do not throw away the spacesuit helmet. It’s key to progressing to the next level of Zheng Shi. I’d recommend keeping a save from BEFORE handling Maike just in case something screwy happens.

0.7.186 & 0.7.187 Changelog:

  • Overseer Maike has been added to Zheng Shi’s mines. She’s a pretty damned tough fight written by SoAndSo.
  • Overseer Maike drops a spacesuit helmet – a key item required to spacewalk in a future patch and restore the elevator’s power.
  • Overseer Maike also drops a keycard to allow you to open her office. I still intend to put an intelligence requirement on the hacking.
  • Wearing the new slave uniform to Maike and bluffing can result on you getting a shock collar put on you that prevents HP and energy recovery when resting. Urbolg can fix it for a price… or something else.
  • Stealth field now lasts 1 turn longer.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.

Art is a commission Savin snagged from Shou of my minotaur OC (of the same name) going to town on Kaede.

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