[Backers] 0.7.55 – Tentacles & Merchandise

First off, we have a store up on Crowdmade with some basic merch. If you want a coffee cup with your favorite company’s logo, there you go.

0.7.55 Changelog:

  • New masturbation options by Nonesuch for those with tentacle wings and tails.
  • Magic Milkers now support exotic nipple types.
  • New Anno/Kaede dream.

Art is a JayEcho bust of Walt.


Doot. I finished reviewing Fisianna. Of the writing, I’d say it’s good enough to get in, however it’s such a big chunk of content that I decided to move on and keep reviewing (after placing her in the “To Be Coded” list on our work list). There’s also a half kui-tan I looked at but didn’t review because she’s gated behind unfinished content (SyriQuest). Then I reviewed some enhancements for the magic milker for those with fuckable nipples (or lipples). I coded that stuff lickity split.



Presently I’m reviewing a submission by the name of Fisianna. It’s a real doozy, clocking in at something like 110+ pages. It might be Friday before we see this at the earliest, assuming it passes muster.

I’ve gotten through approximately 60 pages of it. They seem decent, but then again I haven’t gotten to any sexy bits yet either! More updates to come.

(Oh, and I coded a dream featuring Anno & Kaede with breast enhancements.)

[Backers] 0.7.54 – More Dreams

0.7.54 Changelog:

  • Saves from the botched build should work again.
  • Two new venus pitcher dreams have been added to the game.
  • Some bugs were fixed and tweaks were made.


So last patch got borked. Jacques00 made some changes to how SSTDs are handled in the Creature class late in the day after I had done most of my testing to make sure they were working correctly, and I wound up not needing to save for the rest of the day’s testing. Needless to say, saves created last patch are broken. I’ll be asking Geddy if she can whip up a fix since she wrote the save system, but don’t hold your breath too hard!

0.7.52 Changelog:

  • Saving and loading should now work once more. Saves made with 0.7.51 are still regrettably broken.
  • Some events on Myrellion got added, though I’m not sure why a protest about Xenogen’s handling of Zil was put there instead of Mhen’ga…

0.7.53 Changelog:

  • The protest event should be in the right place.
  • The five new weapons introduced to the game got some nerfs.
  • The Aegis LM got some nerfs/adjustments.

Raskvel fanart by the lovely JayFireGrowlithe!

[Backers] 0.7.51 Catching Bugs…

Changelog 0.7.51:

  • It is now possible to catch diseases from certain NPCs (mostly combat NPCs, though there’s at least one “main” NPC who can give you something…)
  • Four diseases have been added to the game: Furpies Simplex C, Furpies Simplex D, Furpies Simplex H, and Loco Fever.
  • As the names would imply, Furpies turns you into a furry. There is a hint event two days into the infection followed by a Codex notification roughly 24 hours before the first transformations start, so if you grow some random ears, you have nobody to blame but yourself.
  • Dr. Lash can now be asked to upgrade your immune system to better protect you against these and future infections, for a price.
  • Several new weapons added (I haven’t reviewed them yet, so they may get nerfed/tweaked SOON(tm)).
  • Bugs fixed and wrinkles ironed out, courtesy of Jacques00 (along with a few other bullet points).

Sean art by Shou.

So Furpies is a Thing

After getting linked a thread about SSTDs, I decided to jump on doing a quick one today instead of wading through the submission pile. Now I have a 17 page transformation document that’s needing a significant build-out of supporting systems! It’s called Furpies Simplex, and it’s a horrible furrifying plague spread by the Nefarious Doctor Badger. Just one more reason to lock her up, right? (Or become her permanent furslut).

I roughed out some stuff for V-Ko to clear SSTDs and some fluff for why you can’t get every waifu on the ship horribly mutated. I’ll backport it to Vi on Myrellion later. Hopefully I can get something doable tomorrow, but it could fall on Thursday depending on how long I have to beat it with a hammer to knock the worst bugs out of the house.

I’m hoping someone will make “The Sneezing Tits” too, so I don’t have to. Basically a cold where every sneeze makes your boobs bigger.

[Backers] More Chaur for your Mine

This concludes the 90ish pages of Chaurmine’s content. May still be buggy in a million different places, but ehhh…

0.7.49 & 0.7.50 Changelogs (why two? Because I had to pull some debug stuff after putting it up at first):

  • Chaurmine’s content is fully filled out. He can now move to Uveto after your relationship reaches a certain point with him.
  • On Uveto, he can be found in the Glacial Rift, then later in the hangar.
  • Chaurmine has some pretty sweet new items…
  • Chaurmine is 10% more adorable.
  • A fan-submitted exhibitionism perk has been added.
  • A few fixes.

I’m super tired, but I got this stuff done and collected my Overwatch sprays from the Nexus Challenge. I really hate playing Heroes of the Storm. I can safely say I’m no fan of Mobas!

[Backers] Unpolished Chaurmine

0.7.48 Changelog:

  • Chaurmine the lizard-man can be encountered on Tarkus in a relatively unfinished state. Note he’s not 100% set up yet, is still missing some sex scenes, and might be a bit screwy for the time being. I figured giving you guys a sneak peek now would be better than waiting till Monday.
  • New busts: Attica, Teron, Bothrioc Pidemme, Uveto taxi guy (not yet implemented), Jerynn, Beer cowgirl, Whiskey cowgirl, the Bronco, Cythia, and Walt.
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes.
  • EDIT: Known bug – Chaurmine can only be encountered on the rust plains encounter set right now. Will fix soon ™

Enjoy the weekend!

Chaurmine Twerk

I’m working on a big lizard dude by the name of Chaurmine that hangs out on Tarkus. Got about halfway through his document today. I want to throw out a new patch tomorrow with his first big chunk of content. There’s just four or five sex scenes to toss in and wire up, then a little polish to go.

Then I’ll put out the patch.

Then I have to work on his Uveto stuff. This is why I hate 98 page projects. (<3)

Gats did some redraws of his old CoC characters – Lottie the pig-girl and Artemis (who I assume is his PC). Not sure how Exgartuan wound up as a sword.

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