[Backers] Security Cats, DEPLOY!

New patch, new enemy, new items, and lots of fun!

0.7.213 Changelog:

  • The forge deck of Zheng Shi now has some security operatives from the Cyber Punks gang prowling around. These technology-augmented cat-girls (and boys) will give you a real run for your money if you let them! Their loss scenes all involve being put in a sort of VR visor smut experience while you’re dragged back to the 2F elevator, and I’m pretty proud of how the ones I wrote turned out. Wsan also chipped in a ‘taur-filled addition, and William helped out with the “Fuck Her” scene.
  • Forgehounds are now a rare encounter. I still plan to do some updating and/or reworking to make this enemy either a miniboss or function better as a repeat encounter.
  • New item: augment-weave armor. Rarely dropped from Cyber Punk security operatives.
  • New item: SnakeByte. This item allows you to deepthroat things without being a bimbo.
  • New Item: Ass Slap Patch. Basically a butt-focused version of boobswell pads.
  • New Bust: Tessa
  • Numerous fixes and tweaks.
  • Some enemies now have proper appearance screens available via the “Look Closer” button.

0.7.214 Changelog:

  • Male SecOps should no longer get female pronouns.
  • Male SecOps should properly have A-cup breasts.
  • Fixed a scene crash in a SecOp scene.


[Public | CoC2] Alchemy and Transformations!

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0.0.23 Patch Notes:

  • There is a transformation item, added to test out the system behind TFing. You can buy Fox Berries from Ivris; they turn you into a fox.
  • There’s an alchemy system you can use to refine TF items. Mix an ingredient and a TF item together, and you can decide what part of your body it targets (if an applicable TF is part of the time). Ivris’s shop has an alchemy bench.
  • Some shop fixes for multistack items.
  • Many bugfixes and parser upgrades to make all that shit work.

Making an Appearance

When I started working on TiTS, the “Creature” data type, descriptor functions, and appearance screen were some of the first things to get cobbled together (along with character creation). At the time, I intended the appearance screen to be usable by any “Creature” in the game, not just the player character.

That never happened, because if I had done so, I would have probably doubled the lines of code in order to do with it – having variants with “you have” and “[target.heShe] has”. As of a few days ago, there were approximately 4,300 lines of code in appearance.as.

I finally did it. Of course I leaned on ternary operators so as not to bloat the linecount, but I can now feed any NPC (with properly set statistics) into the appearance function and get an appearance similar to the player character’s. It was a real bear, believe me, but some of the hilarity I discovered when testing almost made up for it.

For instance – did you know that Anno’s statblock had balls? When I made her, I started from a copy/paste of Syri with some edits and apparently forgot to give her a thorough neutering.

What’s the advantage of doing all that extra work? Well for enemies with fully fleshed out stat-lines, I can add an appearance button that lets you take a more exacting look at their body that the single paragraph of fluff. It also sets the stage to more easily display highly customizable NPCs if I ever go that crazy.

Oh, and I wrote a new scene for a Zheng Shi enemy and coded in Tessa’s bust too.


[Story] The Dragon’s Hoard (Part 1)

This is a re-imagining of another story I wrote a long time ago, which you can find here. More over the next few days as I finish off the ending.

By: Savin
Tags: Female POV, Group Sex (M/F/F/F/F), Prostitution, Dragon-guy, Elf-girl, Blowjob, Boobjob, Vaginal, Cumshot

You can find anything and everything for sale in the lower wharfs of Dragon’s Gate. Hundreds of longships from around the northern sea came to the city to trade. It was no surprise that the biggest city in the world would be a nyx’s call to every gold-hungry merchant captain on the waves, but a different kind of market also grew in the furthest shadows of the Red Queen’s towering palace. A hive of tight-packed shops and watering holes where common sailors, drunks, whores, and thieves gathered to ply their own brand of trade.

Cáthe had been one and all of them during her long life, but tonight she counted herself among that last group: a thief on the prowl. Though the most exotic flesh, treasure, and narcotics switched hands in the back alleys and smokey taverns of the low wharf, her quarry was of a less tangible sort. For once her belt was heavy with the weight of her pouch of coins, but that just made her a target for the rest of her kin. Cáthe kept a hand firmly on her belt, flinching towards her dagger each time a wobbling drunk or laughing harlot pushed past her in the crowd.

Her contact was supposed meet her at the Golden Cock tavern. It was easy to find, she’d been told: just follow the smell of overdone perfume and sweaty sex up from the wharf. He hadn’t been lying, at least in that regard. True to the name, a great big gold-painted metal rooster was bolted over the door. Over that stood a woman on a balcony, bent over the railings with a pair of big, rosy breasts bare and swinging as a swarthy northman took her from behind. Hers were hardly the only moans coming from inside, just the loudest.

“Classy place,” Cáthe grunted, pulling up her cloak’s hood as she passed under the copulating couple. “Good advertisement though.”

[Public] How Can You Kill That Which Has No Life?

Art of Servik’s captain Steele getting a quick drink between adventures.

…or in layman’s terms: Fenoxo ain’t dead yet. I might be phlegmy and crusty, but I’m still kicking. Not 100% good-to-go yet, but being clearheaded for once is a welcome change. I spent the afternoon sorting through a number of code submissions that had backed up while I was out (and a bit before). Most are for fixes. One is a decent chunk of new content.

So long as there aren’t any game-breaking bugs, this will be the last public patch for a while.

0.7.211 & 212 Changelog:

  • New NPC – Nykke, your eldest Frostwyrm daughter. Written by B.
  • New Bust: Nykke
  • If you have more than 14 special attacks, the “Back” button no longer overrides one. It should now properly overflow onto a second pane.
  • If you got a Siegewulf datacore from doing Syri’s quest, you can now plug it into a new one when you get it.
  • A ton of other bug fixes and tweaks.

New Since Last Month:

  • A significant amount of Zheng Shi’s Foundry Level has had the rooms filled in. Of course, the actual foundry portion and catwalks still aren’t in yet…
  • New Zheng Shi NPC: Slyveren Slavebreaker, by Fenoxo & Wsan.
  • New jumper content, courtesy of William: A blowjob and a series of events culminating in one of four bad-ends.
  • New Zheng Shi content: slave revolt orgy by William.
  • New rare Mhen’gan NPC: Futanari Naleen by Doots.
  • New Lund content: Lund goes “missing!” by Wsan.
  • New Ilaria scene – special cum sucking, by Wsan.
  • New Tarkus enemy: Gabilani vacationers, by Nonesuch.
  • New Tarkus encounter: Sydian “Queen” by Nonesuch.
  • New Busts: Biothroc Quaddie, Fei An, Fetch & Carry, Slyveren Slavebreakers, Urbolg
  • Many new rare drops in Zheng Shi and elsewhere.
  • New Dating App – “Extrameet” by Fr0sty.
  • New Uvetan NPC: Vark by Damiekinz.
  • New Uvetan NPC: Willow the waitress by Archangel99.


I got locked out of my blog account for the weekend. Came back and there were like 50 messages backed up in the Need Approval queue. Sorry! I might as well make a blog post about this rather than just pinning an edit on Fen’s so it doesn’t look like we’re all dead here.

For once, I’m actually fine. I just don’t make blog posts much because I don’t have anything interesting to say.

On the TiTS front: Fen’s still pretty sick. I think he’s been pecking at a cybernetic catgirl when not ejaculating from the nose. I’m writing about a science dragon dickgirl for Zheng Shi, along with her sexbot companion. Got like 5 scenes done, including a bad end, with one or two to go next week. I hope you guys like stacked, MILFy dickgirls cuz you’re getting a twofer on ’em here.

On the CoC2 front: Transformative items work now. Patch will be forthcoming when there’s a UI for actually using them. I think the first one coded in is gonna be a fox-folk TF, from the sound of things? Drake got his wisdom teeth pulled so he’s coding on a buncha drugs but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Rest in pupperonis, sick/post-surgery comrades. o7


Art of Nykke by Adjatha. I commissioned B! to write some more ~intimate~ scenes with the eldest frostwyrmling because I am a filthy degenerate. This is the adorable result.

[Public] Sick Boi

Still sick, so I’m just pushing what we have to the public branch. Changelog and maybe another piece of content for the public patch to come when I’m well.

New This Month:

  • Stuff.

Public Patch: Tuesday at Earliest

It’s a holiday anyway, and last night my nose became spiderman. (Spoilers)

Edit: removed the embed so nobody would get mad at me about spoilers.

[Backers] Jumpers Jumpin’

All the Jumpers were drawn by Adjatha!

0.7.210 Changelog:

  • Courtesy of William, the Jumpers got a significant injection of new content: a new victory scene (blow her), two new loss scenes, and four bad ends. On your third & fourth consecutive losses (the short “she takes your cash and leaves” one doesn’t count), you’ll get two warning scenes. Losing again afterward will seal your fate, dependent upon which Bored Jumper you lose to. The gray-furred one is my favorite. The document I coded these from was 60+ pages, so it’s a pretty significant chunk of content.
  • Cleaned up another old color reference on one slyveren to better match the bust.

It’s my weekend now, so next time I see you, it’ll be Monday or Tuesday with a new public patch!


[Backers] Naleen Futas

Things are coming along with the Punk SecOp I’ve been writing. I finished up the vagina-having victory scene the other day, and I’m partway into the penis-having one. Additionally, William is chipping in a victory scene for taking the female Punk SecOp (they come in male & female varieties) to pound town. And of course, I streamed and coded for a solid chunk of hours this afternoon. You can view the results of that effort below.

Art of Syri and Anno in a 3-way by Dsan, and commissioned by QuestyRobo.

0.7.209 Changelog:

  • A naleen huntress who got throbbed up and otherwise abused by Rushers has been let loose in Mhen’ga’s deep jungle. She’s a rare encounter for levels 3 and up with her own cadre of scenes by our own Doots. Check her out!
  • A number of the rooms on the Forge Deck of Zheng Shi have been added with full descriptions.
  • Missing encounter chances have been filled on for all current rooms on Zheng Shi’s forge deck.
  • The purple slyveren slavebreaker has had its texts adjusted to match the new bust.
  • Kui-Tan “cum cascades” have been adjusted and split into a separate perk aside from the “‘Nuki Nuts” perk. Some groundwork has also been laid for an item that might temporarily suppress that affect for Kui-Tan characters. We all know immobilization isn’t always fun. Just sometimes.
  • Fen lost his fedora.

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