Nottia pregnancy is here! This is a one-time pregnancy and it requires the player has a dick and is not impotent, the player has resolved the centaur caravan quest and has either sent the centaurs to Nottia’s farm OR sent them to Marilla’s farm + then enlisted the soldiers to help at Nottia’s farm, and the player has had sex with Nottia before. Then you can talk to her about pregnancy. Enjoy! -Wsan

There’s also a whole boatload of new Cait busts, and some minor updates and tweaks for her existing content, plus a couple new scenes!

0.7.9 Patch Notes:

  • Nottia the cowgirl farmer has a new pregnancy expansion! Triggered by either moving the centaur caravan to her farm or getting some minoan soldiers to help her out. Then just talk to her about having kids to get the ball rolling. (By Wsan)
  • Getting the information for Cait’s Cat Call quest has been streamlined, and partially combined with Evergreen’s existing fetch quest — you can now do the quest and demand the info Cait needs as payment. Just make sure you have Cait with you when you go for the quest.
  • If you get Cait’s normal plea for help, you can also now make a counteroffer to Evergreen that’ll set you on the bag quest! (by Melon_Ear)
  • Cait has a new [Her Magic] talk once you’ve acquired 5 total power sets for her, updated to reflect her growing prowess as a budding mage.
  • If you enter Livrea’s tile with Cait in the party, and have both met Liv before & done Cat Call, Liv and Cait can jam out together. One time only.
  • When interacting with Cait in camp on the Windy Peaks or leaving the Vulperine Village with her, you can catch Cait enjoying some nip to keep warm. One time only.
  • When leaving Nieves’s magic shop with Cait in the party, you can trigger a scene of Cait and Nieves talking about magic. This gives Cait a small new accessory. One time only.
  • You can thank Nieves for the gift by sucking her cock with Cait. 🙂
  • Cait’s Vestal set has had its Encounter power tweaked: it can no longer be interrupted, but it does lose its initial AoE damage burst as a trade off. Should keep Vestal Cait nice and tanky all fight, even if you fight something that likes to throw around knockdowns!
  • Various bugfixes (thanks Zag <3), including a fix for Hana’s romantic sex no longer taking your butt if you aren’t a buttslut and have a cock of your own.
  • New Busts: Cait, in all her (non-Leothran) variations, pregnant Nottia (by Moira).

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New Since Last Public Patch:

  • There’s a new encounter on the road from the Wayfort to the Den in the Frostwood: a red-headed kitsune fighter named Hana, who might need some help against a pack of local leothrans.
  • After you help Hana out, you can meet her at a camp near the north side ruined bridge in the Frostwood. While at her camp, you can chat with her and get some home-cooked campfire meals.
  • Hana can take the PC on hunting trips! She has four different hunts she can take you on, one of which leads to a set of new lewd scenes between Hana, the PC, and some locals.
  • If you make certain friendly (or horny) choices while having dinner with Hana, and having discovered what she’s packing between her legs, she’ll offer a romantic evening with you between 6-9 PM. Continuing to be friendly with her will unlock her repeat sex scenes.
  • Hana comes packed with 5 repeat sex scenes (7 after getting pregnant by her), several of which are branched, or let you leave Hana blueballed — which you can exploit on future encounters to make her a blushing, leaky mess.
  • If you’ve upgraded the Wayfort at least once, gone on three hunting trips with Hana, and done at least one repeatable sex scene with her, Hana will offer to take you on a new date that can end with you two cementing your relationship as lovers!
  • Once you’re lovers AND if the PC has a pussy, Hana gains a new talk option about having kids. Say yes to her, and from then on, any scene in which Hana cums in the PC’s pussy can result in the PC becoming pregnant with Hana’s child! (Make sure to turn Buttslut mode off if you want Hana to find the right hole. She’s a fiend for that backdoor.)
  • New PC Pregnancy: Hana’s kit! The first child you can have with Hana is a unique, named kid, but she can knock you up repeatedly afterwards!
  • After Hana and the PC have at least one child born, Hana will pull up stakes on her camp and move to be just outside the Wayfort.
  • Hana has two new repeatable sex scenes: Romantic Ride, after you become lovers, and Pregnant Spooning while the PC is heavily pregnant with her child.
  • Hana has new events for the first and second time you approach her cabin after her first child is born, and another that occurs the first time you [Talk] with her after.
  • Kailani’s content has finally rounded out – in more ways than one! One week after completing her quest and accepting her proposal to be her mate, she’ll go into heat and demand that you, her partner, do something about it. Bedicked characters can knock her up, resulting in a single, named, unique babuu named Opal.
  • Kailani has three new sex scenes, each of them varying in content based on whether Kailani is in heat, is pregnant, or is otherwise normal.
  • Brint/Brienne has a new combat set, the Green Knight. After you’ve recruit the cow and brought either Eryka or Liaden back to town, going into Sanders’ chapel should show a new event with the two that grants your bovine buddy some heavy armor healing power!
  • Arona has a new combat set, the Hawkeye. If you’ve recruited her and Etheryn, and have finished the Palace of Ice dungeon, walking around adjacent to the Winter City’s Waystone will trigger an event with Arona, Ryn, and a handful of Ryn’s vassals learning archery. Arona can walk away with a greatbow that would make a Silver Knight proud, and depending on your choices (and having Dom!Arona), you and her might get to teach some snooty elves a lesson. With Arona’s dick.
  • Cait has a new combat set, the Frostheart. Senja sells a new, cursed-looking spellbook for a fat stack of cash. Bring it to Cait, and your kitty comrade may be able to divine some meaning from its maddened pages so that you can both walk away with potent frost magics. Alternatively, you can get rid of the book after talking to Cait, and the next time you talk to Barney he’ll have his own reward for you both. Turns out he’d prefer his daughter not play with cursed toys, even if they’re powerful!
  • New Bust: Inaya, Kailani’s adoptive daughter, by Moira
  • New CG: Hana and her newborn (by Moira).
  • There’s a new CG as part of Lady Juno’s invitation to the witch’s tower, showing all five moo-milfs in their full glory! (Done by the legendary Sulcate!)
  • Fuckloads of typo/bugfixing. Thanks Zag & Spotty!