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[Backers] Sylvie Secrets, ‘Nuki Emails, and Dicking Lund

This one has a lot of smaller, semi-hidden content for you to take a poke at. Hope you guys enjoy!

0.7.146 Changelog:

  • Added a new email from Kiro and Kally after you hook them up with a lovely little thank-you holo attached.
  • Added the ability to watch holo-scenes from anywhere (the “Smut” option in the masturbate menu), if you have one that supports it. I promised this to DCL for ages and finally delivered.
  • Added a scene QuestyRobo wrote for Sylvie if she’s futa. It involves her, Kiro, and Kally. Needless to say, the latter two need to be acquainted to see it properly. It was quite enjoyable to code.
  • Once you’ve unlocked the Synthsheath Codex entry, Shekka will now sell them for quite a pretty penny. You can also find them in the wastes, if you want to be frugal. After getting four of them, no more can be found for now.
  • Added the repeatable variant for domming Lund in. Enjoy!
  • Some adjustments to dropping items were made to account for undroppables.
  • An emergency clothing drop for characters who can’t go out exposed was added.
  • Some new options in the goo menu.
  • Assorted fixes and tweaks.

De-furred Kiro taking furry Anno out for a spin by our own lovely Shou!


[Backers] Penny Bonus

Doots handed me some new stuff for futanari Penny that I could code in nice and quick this morning before I get back into reviewing things and whatnot. Give them a look!

0.7.145 Changelog:

  • Two new scenes for Penny. Additionally, her sex menu has been slightly re-ordered. U.Desk Suck and Roleplay are the new ones.
  • Some bugs in the vagina selection function have been fixed.
  • Other fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.

<3! (Animated Penny by Gillenew)

[Backers] Lund!

Boy this one was a little slow coming. Hopefully the new male NPC will be worth the wait. I’m still waiting on Maja’s final scenes from her author, but they’re a priority as well. Also I suppose I need to either spin up CoC’s piercing system or develop something a little more proper for TiTS, since, you know, Lund is supposed to pierce you in one scene.

0.7.144 Changelog:

  • A new character has been added to Korg’ii Hold: Lund! This fit little korg-bro has several quite involved scenes, including plenty of support for ‘tauric characters and bimbos. It even has a special sub-scene for amazons!
  • Under the hood, we added a new function to allow for a vagina selection menu to be used for certain scenes. It’s presently only used for one of Lund’s. Be sure and let me know all the ways it breaks for everyone other than my test character.
  • Ula’s rescue timer is back in the game. After the first time you approach her, you only have five days or so to rescue her. I’ve appended some bolded text strings to make it more obvious that she’ll be leaving, and that she might be important.
  • Zil Pheromones should properly fade after pregnancy.
  • Various fixes and tweaks, including a reset to the present bar NPC if the NPC leaves in a scene.

Coming soon: a new holo-recording from Kiro and Kally I wrote over the weekend, along with some other bits and bobs in between doc reviews! Art of Lund is the in game bust, done by our own lovely Shou!


That phrase has a different meaning around these parts. Instead of dreading its arrival, this community presses its F5 buttons with bated breath, stopping only to post in the comments, “When will the next public patch be?” Clamoring voices arrive in my inbox, or my discord, or even my forum inbox with that timeless question.

I can say with surety that the answer to that ceaseless query is “now.”

Since I haven’t coded anything personally (and Jacques00 has only added a few bug fixes), I’m leaving the version number the same as the last backer build. Overall, it’s been a fairly solid month with lots of new items, character transformation expansions, and new faces to see and meet. Hang on tight bras, it’s going to keep getting better!

New Since Last Month:

  • New Scenes: Anno x Erra
  • New Item: UthraPlus, Hornucopia, Capraphorm, Illumorpheme
  • New Busts: Tuuva, Nenne, THICC Anno, Heidrun
  • New Pregnancy: Zil
  • New Events: Giving Sylvie a Synthsheath, and Giving Anno Huskar Treats.
  • New NPCs: Verusha the Hyena, Maja the Animal Tamer
  • Ula can now roleplay her first time meetings.
  • Ula’s timer for leaving if you don’t save her has been temporarily suspended in case you missed her. It’ll be coming back next patch.
  • Some Korgonne can be given peanut butter cookies… with lewd results.
  • The Codex has received an option to improve the Korgonne Translation after talking to enough of them.
  • Probably some things I forgot!

Now to go back to reading hundreds of pages of dragon waifu! Wish me luck.

[Backers] Peanut Butter Cookies & Roleplay…

…the hot new flavor from Ben and Jerry’s? I don’t know, but I’d buy some. The public patch will come Monday or Tuesday.

0.7.143 Changelog:

  • Ula now has the option to roleplay the scenes you could get when you first met her.
  • The korgonne Codex entry will now have an option to update the translation algorithms once you’ve spoken with enough korgonne. A % tracker has also been added to the relevant passage within the article for those not quite there. Once translations are enabled, you can toggle the software update on and off from the Codex article.
  • A notifier blurb will now show up in bold at the entrance to Korg’ii hold to inform you that you can upgrade the translator, if you’ve spoken with enough korgonne.
  • Tuuva can now be given a peanut butter cookie… or three. Thanks, B!
  • Some fixes and tweaks.

I also reviewed a dinosaur transformation item. It needs a little bit of edit love, but I think it can be brought up to spec with some help from editors. The next thing I have to review is B’s Frostwyrm expansion, but it’s a big one, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to pa(i)ge through it all. I don’t want to leave the backers waiting too long for new content after the public patch hits!

Art of Verusha being significantly more lovey-dovey than she is in game by SheepPun!

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