That phrase has a different meaning around these parts. Instead of dreading its arrival, this community presses its F5 buttons with bated breath, stopping only to post in the comments, “When will the next public patch be?” Clamoring voices arrive in my inbox, or my discord, or even my forum inbox with that timeless question.

I can say with surety that the answer to that ceaseless query is “now.”

Since I haven’t coded anything personally (and Jacques00 has only added a few bug fixes), I’m leaving the version number the same as the last backer build. Overall, it’s been a fairly solid month with lots of new items, character transformation expansions, and new faces to see and meet. Hang on tight bras, it’s going to keep getting better!

New Since Last Month:

  • New Scenes: Anno x Erra
  • New Item: UthraPlus, Hornucopia, Capraphorm, Illumorpheme
  • New Busts: Tuuva, Nenne, THICC Anno, Heidrun
  • New Pregnancy: Zil
  • New Events: Giving Sylvie a Synthsheath, and Giving Anno Huskar Treats.
  • New NPCs: Verusha the Hyena, Maja the Animal Tamer
  • Ula can now roleplay her first time meetings.
  • Ula’s timer for leaving if you don’t save her has been temporarily suspended in case you missed her. It’ll be coming back next patch.
  • Some Korgonne can be given peanut butter cookies… with lewd results.
  • The Codex has received an option to improve the Korgonne Translation after talking to enough of them.
  • Probably some things I forgot!

Now to go back to reading hundreds of pages of dragon waifu! Wish me luck.