EDIT: The android download links have been tweaked and they should be working A-Okay now.

EDIT EDIT: Made some more changes to some of the download pages; if you’re not seeing the version you’re expecting, force-refresh/clear cache (or wait like, 12 hours or somethin for the old cache time to expire).

Who would have thought that when I said Saturday, I actually meant Saturday and not early in the AM the next day? Wheeeeee~

0.6.38 Changelog:

  • You can now collect panties from five new characters! Four are on Myrellion. Good luck finding them all~
  • There are now scenes for using panties that came from 100% female NPCs.
  • Jotted out some further discussion with Emmy about her implant.
  • Added a bunch of new status effect icons and started recoloring some of them to better differentiate them. Thanks Geddy for whipping up the subsystem for this!
  • Lewded up a few of Emmy’s old talk scenes and menus.
  • Some crashy issues have been fixed.

Also, for those wondering about it, I hear Gedan has been poking at coding the final dungeon stuff we jotted down for CoC.

New Since Last Public Build

  • New Busts: Vahn, Aina, Cass, Vaande, Emmy, Wetra Hound,
  • The culmination of the quest to get with Emmy (until I wind up deciding to make her a crewmate) and some lovely new scenes.
  • Dynamic, fluid-based belly deformation.
  • New Item: Nyrean Candy – transforms the user into a Nyrea.
  • Zeikfried’s crystal goo fights are added to the game. They can be found in the deep caves. Gardeford’s crystal goo are still there in silly mode.
  • New Vahn scenes.
  • Three NPC’s and a whole new deck added to Tavros.
  • Game credits are no longer placeholder – mostly.
  • New Item: Mangos

Next month is looking bright. I’m going to wrap up Emmy (there’s still a scene I want to do), and it’s pretty damned likely I’ll be starting Uveto. There’s some real nice content in the hopper just waiting for my hot little hands to get on it!

Thanks for continuing to support us all these years! Because of you guys, we get to have dream jobs!

Lovely Rahn art done by miupix, though it’s more fanart of Doxy’s rahn than TiTS in general!