DCL_Penny_ScrapLashcharge and dudebros alike should be pretty happy with this patch. It adds his “Man Up” item to the game, allowing for safe, easy, masculinization. As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that I should have had Sera sell it, but I was testing it in Gene’s inventory, so that’s where it’s stuck for now. A big shout-out to Jacques00 for doing most of the coding work on that particular item. I was actually about 3/4 of the way through doing it myself, but Jacques had puzzled out the proper way to parse some of the earlier variants. I used his instead, losing some grammatical corrections in the process. Keep those bug reports coming, people!

0.6.10 Changelog:

  • Gene now sells “ManUp,” a masculinizer by Lashcharge. Note that it enables beard growth, something largely unsupported by the game. Don’t be surprised if it breaks a bunch of stuff until I can get around to cleaning it up next week.
  • Inessa now sends BionaHoles – the next evolution in portable massage devices.
  • Inessa now has two new scenes.
  • Doctor Badger now sells a bizarre weapon.
  • Inessa now sells a sexiness-boosting accessory.
  • For those on the flower portion of Emmy quest, you should be able to acquire flowers from avoiding Venus entrapment as well.
  • The New Texas GravCuffs encounter should be a bit easier to wrangle.

I’m sure there’ll be lots of new bugs, but I would not expect a new patch on a Friday unless something is seriously FUBAR. Blog posts will probably continue through the weekend. How could I avoid it?

Badass Penny is an old scrap from DCL! I’m actually stockpiling Shoubusts to push out in a build soon!