Monday is here, which means back to grinding out as much as I can. I went ahead and cleaned up the bug report list, leaving a few choice gems for Gedan (and by choice gems, I mean stuff that probably involves code I don’t fully understand). Also on the table, I removed some references to a “Lucanis” race from the Lacquine codex since Quiet Browser and Lukadoc are FoE writers now, and the race wasn’t likely to get used for a while. Biothroc also hit the cutting room floor. Their author has been AWOL a while, so there was no need to have mention of them throughout content on Myrellion.

On my immediate roster is figuring out some new mechanics for tease attacks and lust-based weapons. As they are now, lust-damaging weaponry just plain doesn’t work well with the rest of the game. I also have to write up a scene for Tamani’s BionaHole (note that TITS Tamani is vastly different from CoC Tamani – they just share a name and a love of sex). Savin was nice enough to jam out some stuff for it, so I might as well live up to my obligations.

And of course, I have Emmy sitting on my backlog, glaring at me and demanding I finish writing her so that she can finally bust a nut. I really need to work out someone to run a bookstore (so that I have a nice place to sell download codes for smutty side-stories).

Oh! I updated the save screen gender marker for characters now. Instead of going off of whether NPC’s use “he” or “she”, it now bases itself off of biological sex (with a few wrinkles). If you have a dick and a vagina, it’ll show “H”. Just a dick? “M.” A dick and a very feminine face? “T” for trap! You all know “F.” And of course, “N” for neuter. I debated throwing in some others, but nothing suitably self-explanatory surfaced.

P.S. I love this song.