Howdie howdie howdie! I hope our patch this week finds you all hale, hearty, and hard-on’d.

Personally I didn’t get a ton of writing or coding this week – but I did break out a potential ability & perk list for a psychic “kineticist” class to be added to the game, from level 2-12. The big focus for me was giving it a unique class identity from the others that really leans into “magic user class” tropes while still holding onto the sci-fantasy, technological bent that the TiTS universe has. To that end, it’s going to be a class that favors more activated abilities than its peers and does not get any of the usual “flurry attack” or “second attack” perks. Instead you might find yourself leaning more into abilities that debuffing the enemy while causing damage, hastening yourself, or even raining down psychic blows on a foe while disarmed. You’ll leach your foes’ body heat, dealing cold damage to restore your own energy. You’ll choose between tanking with constantly regenerating shields or mercenary-tier HP that heals every time you cast a spell.

Focusing on telekinesis was a necessary choice to maintain cohesion of the game world and the existing events and storylines – a Steele that can reach into other’s minds at will and exert his own mental pressure on other NPCs requires a game bespoke tailored to that sort of experience – something we aren’t doing.

I hope the eventual result will satisfy in the crunchy RPG turn-based sense and fun RP sense of being a psychokinetic space-monk killing machine… but first I have a lot of feedback to address from the team after my presentation yesterday, implimentation, and play-testing.

TL;DR: Fen specced out the first draft for psychic class abilities (COMING SOON ™), also we have some new content in this patch below!

0.9.062 Changelog:

  • [Public] The Soaked Raskvel is now available for making moist.
  • [Backers] New NPC: Eloise, located in the Crash Landing on Dhaal. Why not wander over and see what she’s about? Written by Magenta Needle and coded by Leek.
  • [Backers] New Penny Scene/Event: Roleplay! Written by William and coded by Leek, this event lets you request Penny jump you for some cop-on-PC roleplay sucky-fucky!
  • Cleaned up combat’s “sense” menu output to look nicer.
  • Malai’s quest now pays out.
  • A few small fixes for the blackjack minigame.
  • Fixed the “manage collar” screen not clearing the screen.
  • More keybinds for pop-up modal added – now includes the standard gameplay buttons and the zoom toggle buttons (mainly used in the image viewer).
  • Added some clarity on keybind opacity option.
  • Busts associated with ship busts will now have a non-person as their “default” image if they are missing an image in the manifest.
  • Added default logo image and image parsing.
  • Shifted button keybinds for rooms only appear when in navigation mode (MAIN_TEXT, though may change if needs more parameters).
  • Added consistent keybind location for gallery/inventory tab buttons.
  • Fix for Vulriks sometimes doing buttstuff when he’s supposed to do vagina-stuff.
  • Gedan did a lot of monkeying around under the hood and is still doing more monkeying under the hood that is likely to be more documented next patch.
  • Work under the hood was done to support custom ship busts like the custom PC busts.
  • Fixed a Neil combat crash for invalid targets.
  • A possible fix for a nuka psyker crash.
  • The drone no longer prevents fleeing from the nuka psyker.
  • “Suck and Frot” with radglow now requires a penis.
  • Helped the Shalin Shaman find the correct cock – and otherwise improved their ability to select an appropriately sized one.
  • Fix for loading bar visual issue where it appeared to load too much.
  • Fixed a crash in the pumpking during fight initialization.
  • Applied a fix to “hermRouterObj” that should fix a paige sex scene crash and may solve some other crashes elsewhere that we don’t even know about yet!
  • Fixed a crash looting eggs off the Easter Zaika.
  • Fixed a crash attempting to fertilize a cuntsnake.
  • Fixed a rare drop crash.
  • Fixed Sylvanol not being able to find a valid creature.
  • Fixed Foxfire always going Kitsune.
  • Fixed Siegwulfe’s lust not increasing.
  • Fixed a softlock with the Zheng Shi mining bots after getting the RFID tag.
  • Fix for Narc being described as missing pieces of herself that had already been restored.
  • Fix for “still in combat ninny” after fighting the hazard zaika in Dhaal dungeon. There’s a lot of content here, so there may be more branches to fix.
  • Fix for anal content appearing in a Kase+Anno threesome where butts should not be involved but the PC is a buttslut.
  • Use Nykke’s “erect” bust for her anal scene.
  • A lot more work on our appearance tech. Should now work correctly when it’s used in combat for a “closer look” at a target.
  • Fix for areolae description being double printed if the player had dick nipples.
  • Fix missing space in ballsack description
  • Fix for collar descriptions not properly clearing the screen when refreshed.