I went ahead and pushed the last backer build to be available to the general public. I’m still climbing out of the sickness hole that I fell into, but am making progress on a number of fronts. At the moment I’m down to an infrequent (but rather harsh) cough and stuffiness mixed with spewing mucus-goo out of my nose, but my voice is coming back. More importantly, it no longer feels like a roaring hellfire is burning in my sinuses and throat.

I have to say, I’m glad I haven’t gotten sick like this in ages. It’s fucking exhausting.

I’m going to try to put a 10-12 hour day in tomorrow. Now when I say tomorrow, what I really mean is tonight, since I’ve lost all control of my life and been going to bed around eleven AM the past few days. Blech.

Go enjoy the Red Myr quest, and have this lovely fanart by Servik from the forums.