0.7.114 Changelog:

  • It is now possible to get a fairly involved quest from the Red Myr Federation to put down a rebel group. Penned by Savin and coded by UpcastDrake, we hope you all enjoy working with those awful, terrible, no good, very bad sexy, awesome ants. (Gold Red Myr 4 Lyfe!)
  • Also featured in Federation Quest: a 7×7 hacking puzzle, ridiculous battles with five characters on one side, 3 or 4 bad ends, a new lust grenade, and a sweet greatcoat.
  • Ula’s lesbian sex scene is in. Also, all three sex scenes in Korg’ii hold can be repeated. Her talk menu has also been added and set up with a converted version of the initial “stars” talk you can pursue with meeting her.
  • Almost all of Ula’s repeatable content is now set up support using her name instead of “The Korgonne” in places and also has support for a later upgrade to the translation algorithm to allow for proper english dialogue.

Hopefully I can dump some interesting conversations in there and spin up the translator stuff by early next week. I also want to reintroduce her cave sex options under the guise of “roleplay.”

Geddy is still working on the .exe wrapped for local downloads. I’ll keep you posted if there’s a significant delay or hangup that prevents us from deploying it.

Ciao, and happy weekend! (Art is another Gats tower-girls commission of Brandy.)
Slight post tweaks made by Savin :3