Hey all, I just wanted to touch bases on some coding progress. The “FederationQuest” event on Myrellion is almost ready to go live. It’s a pretty decently involved quest for the Red Myr who need help dealing with some rebel gold Myr. We’ve had stuff for it for absolute ages! Big shout out to UpcastDrake for jumping on this while I’ve been lost in the Uvetomines.

I shot a test build over to Savin to check over (since he wrote the event and therefore automatically knows how everything should work). Once we get a green-flame from our local Salamander-panderer, I’ll push out a backer build for all my favorite bras. A public release is going to come a bit late this month. We’ve hardly had anything to show for our backers, and it wouldn’t be fair to them to make a huge content drop exactly when the public release comes out. It also wouldn’t be fair to slip it into next month’s backer releases and make our free-folk wait even longer. This should be a healthy middle ground.

On my front, I’ve got a crack team of writers jumping on the various bits of Korg’ii hold to fill out the shops with content. I’ve also managed to get sick with a sinus infection. It probably has something to do with only getting 5-6 hours of sleep every night since last Friday. Despite early successes in the week, Yesterday I only churned out maybe 500 words. I’m going to try to finish the scene and get some more into the game today, if my brain will cooperate.

<3, Fen

P.S. Regarding browser depreciating flash: we are working on deploying an .exe wrapper and automatically packaging it with the download version, as well as potentially working in a system to grab saves from Chrome/Firefox playthroughs in order to make the game easier to play. We are aware of both Firefox and Chrome shitting all over the ability to play local flash files.