adjatha_kiro_stephPublic build time! I know of at least one bug that still needs shaken loose – the game skips the last screen of combat text before you display the victory screen. There’s probably some other ones in the new stuff Jacques00 patched in today. I’ll probably have at least one public fix build sometime over the weekend to clean things up before we go back to backers-only mode.

Trials in Tainted Space 0.6.26 Changelog:

  • For backers, this one is mostly just some fixes and tweaks.
  • Jacques00 also added a frog-girl transformation item to Mhen’ga [UNTESTED] and Savin’s varmint pet expansion [UNTESTED].

Stuff Changed Since Last Public Build:

  • Combat System Rebuilt From the ground up. (Thanks Gedan!)
    • Introduced a million new bugs.
    • Fixed most of a million bugs.
  • Interactions at Gildenmere’s Thollum, featuring Yarasta and Giala, two new characters written by Zeikfried.
  • Dr. Badger can offer you a job, resulting in a whole new set of interactions with Penny (or the good Doctor herself). (Thanks, Abe E. Seedy! Check out more of his work if you like it!)
  • Added Dr. Anzhela to Kressia, a red myr doctor written by JimThermic.
  • It’s now possible to run into Kaede outside of “Iced Teats” on New Texas (with her lover, Cass), by Savin.
  • A new step to Emmy’s quest was added.
  • You can now sell the mhen’ga probe if you beat your cousin. Thanks Jacques00!
  • Added the fourth and fifth stages of GaloMax transformations. Note that there are four GaloMax drops available in the game at the moment, so use the “furfag” infinite item use cheat if you would like to go all the way to being made of goo.
  • A ton of other new bug fixes.

Steph meets a real life space pirate by Adjatha!