xiokir_annoNew build time! But first I wanted to toss out a shout out to Abe E. Seedy, the author of the new Dr. Badger / Penny bimbofication expansion. He also wrote Penny’s cumsluttery expansion way back in the day. Anyway, he’s got a website up where he has some of his other work up for sale (and for free! If you like extremely well-written transformation smut, he delivers. I actually bought one of his story collections way back in the day. I think it was one of the Shortcuts books, and I quite liked it.

Public build will probably hit tomorrow.

0.6.25 Changelog:

  • Dr. Badger can now offer players a job – one to zap Penny with a sinister ray. As a result, the player can either bimbofy Penny or turn the tables on the badger.
  • Added Shou’s Wettraxel bust to the game.
  • Fixed an issue with Penny’s alternate busts displaying.
  • A few other bug fixes and twists.

Stuff From Release Candidates:

  • Interactions at Gildenmere’s Thollum, featuring Yarasta and Giala, two new characters written by Zeikfried.
  • The combat system has been entirely rebuilt from the ground up by Gedan to allow for party on party combat when needed.
  • Penny has two new bust icons, used for very altered Pennys – one from Adjatha and the other created from a Wolfy-Nail commission.
  • Fixes to “Fall of the Phoenix” fights.
  • Tease should work now.
  • Fixed some Stun effects not displaying icons.
  • Improved combat display
  • Changes and tweaks to status effect icon display.
  • No more excess spaces in cockvine fights.
  • Fixed some issues in left sidebar display in combat.
  • Fixed a crash in SingleCombatAttacks
  • Some other misc fixes.

Anno by Xiokir