Celise and the good captain putting on a camshow by Servik!

0.7.179 Changelog:

  • Two new scenes were added to Urbolg – an oral one and a peanut butter cookie focused bit of fun. The latter has a good bit of variance and a nice extra scene if the PC is also a korgonne. The former was penned by Wsan and the latter by B!
  • New bust: Raskvel Male Group. This replaces the old “cloned” bust completely due to some differences in how they have to be put into code.
  • New Item by Odaous: Thick&Shake. If you like big hips, then it may be the item for you.
  • Several NPC preferences were not being checked against for tease attacks. This has been corrected. Additionally, enemies can now have preferences about furries, scalies, bug-people, sweat, and being covered in other fluids.
  • Many fixes and tweaks, especially regarding the Frostwyrm. (Update: Apparently not enough. The content is unplayable for many. I’ll try and rush out another public patch tomorrow to address the worst of the bugs. Be sure and drop your own issues in the bug reports forum, with an attached save file and steps to reproduce if possible!)
  • [Hotfix] We’ve got a hotfix to fix some repeating text in Urbolg and a Frostwyrm related crash for backers who interacted with her. Give it a bit to compile and get out to the server! (Posted at 7:24 pm Fentral time)
  • [Hotfix] Many of the worst bugs with the Frostwyrm have been addressed. Thank you for your patience!

Whew! Sorry I didn’t get this out sooner. I had to spend a few hours today helping a couple backers get their accounts to link with the blog, and it wound up eating up a fair chunk of my time. (But we did, reddit!) I must say, he new stuff for Urbolg is pretty great. Both Wsan and B did a fabulous job of helping me round out his palette of options.

Sadly, I didn’t have time to get my laquine foe for Zheng Shi into the game yet. She’ll be coming along in short order for backers, once I’m comfortable with the variety of scenes she has. One thing I want to get back to is making sure generic enemies have at least four unique loss scenes and four victory options to keep them interesting for the entire time they’re in rotation. Right now I have something like… two and a quarter loss options. I might be doing them first because they’re more fun.

Now onto the good stuff for the general public – What’s new since the last public patch?

  • New Location: Zheng Shi, with a small subset of its mines open.
  • New NPCS: Akane, “Frosty” the Frostwyrm, mining robots, Mitzi the gabilani cumslut, Tivf the slave zil, the zil twins Tetra and Mica, Urbolg the korgonne.
  • New Expansions: Stella (including impregnation), Brandy the cow-girl.
  • New Scenes: Kally (x2), Shekka trying the mindwash visor, Anno at the gym, and probably a few others I missed mentioning.
  • New Items: Several pirate themed options available at Urbolg’s shop menu, and ReductPro, as well as a few character specific options added with our bevy of new NPCs.
  • New Busts: Huskar Anno, Mitzi, Quaddomme
  • New Cheat Code: “mitzi” for those of you who cannot unlock Mitzi the normal way because you’ve already completed the Stellar Tether dungeon.

I want to say a big thanks to everyone who has been helping by converting approved projects into submitted code. You guys have been real heroes and done a real number on the backlog. With any luck, this next month should be equally amazing!