Hi folks! New CoC2 patch here, getting more of our critical systems (levels, night encounters, and pregnancy) implemented.

EDIT: A bugfix patch has been pushed out. Thanks to everyone reporting issues!

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0.0.12 Patch Notes:

  • It’s now possible to level up! The green Experience bar will flash when full; go sleep at the Frost Hound to level up. The UI for levelling is a placeholder, but mechanically everything’s set up. At level 2 you can select a new active ability, and at level 3 you gain a new class-based perk. Level 3 is the current cap.
  • There are three new recharge-based powers for each class, including some lust-based powers for Black Mages as Charmers. Thieves have a neat aggro-management set of powers; I’m a big fan of that mechanic. Caitriss also has her level-ups implemented, including a unique White Mage power Sun of Jassira that gives her a solid AoE debuff.
  • Combat status effect icons have been implemented, along with an alert on attacks that score a Critical Hit. The “threat gem” in the corner of each character’s card is also functional, growing more red the more likely that character is to be attacked. That should make what’s going on in combat a lot easier to parse!
  • The Harpy Wingleader can now be fought by higher-level players, as part of the normal Thief encounter. She has a powerful new Lust-over-Time ability!
  • After fucking the Wingleader, it’s possible for her to appear in the night for PCs with a cock of applicable size. As long as you don’t toss her out, she can become a recurring night encounter… and possibly fulfill her desires to be bred by the PC! (Yes, that means NPC pregnancy has been implemented as well!)

What’s next down the pipe? The camping system, which allows you to set up semi-permanent sleeping/fucking areas in the wilderness, as well as the character sheet/journal UI, are our next priorities. DCL is also doing up some art for the next enemy encounter: a dogboy summoner-type mage, written by HugsAlright. As for me, I’m finishing up a new set of scenes for Cait focused on her pussy.

This week’s art is a new Cait breast expansion sequence by DCL! Click the pic to watch 🙂
(And yes, this is planned optional content for her.)