If you were getting Frostwyrm crashes, a re-download of the public version should fix you up. We pushed out a stealthy hot-fix that doesn’t change the version number, but you do have to re-download to get it.

0.7.180 Changelog:

  • New enemy added to Zheng Shi: A bored Jumper! This laquine pirate has a thing for sweaty sexings and ventured down into the hot, hot mines in search of appropriately perspiring slaves! Victoy scenes for her are not yet in, but she comes with three unique loss scenes. One requires you to have very large breasts, and the other a very, very large dick.
  • The bored jumper has some appropriate items loaded onto her drop table – but be careful. If you lose to her in certain circumstances, she’ll run off with credits or gems!
  • Fixes! The bug kind!

No art on this one, I guess. Shou’s lost to commission land, and Adjatha hasn’t quite finished up Tivf’s bust yet! Have a great night everybody!