realium_pc_horsecockYesterday was pretty lackluster. I only managed to write 700 words or so of content. Today, I fared much better. I finished off the scene I was doing, knocked out a second, and plowed through approximately 1000 words of a third. Pretty great, all things considered.

All three are custom scene rewards from the Offbeatr rewards. The first was supposed to be about a milker refusing to shut off and milking to orgasm… but we already have something like that, so I went a little more in-depth. I made a one-off for PC’s who hit the wrong buttons on one of New Texas’s milkers and get an enhancing to their… milkability, ensuring they’ll be able to lactate at any time.

Then I wrote a scene for the kaithrit taxi-girl on Tarkus who is apparently into receiving huge cumshots.

And then a scene for finding a strange egg that contains a psionic tentacle monster that can hatch mid-flight and do fun stuff to you.

I’m sorry I made you guys wait so long for these, but I wanted to wait for the game world to be broad enough to easily incorporate one-offs scenes. We’re definitely at that point now!

Realium did this lovely pic of his PC on the forums, and it seemed appropriate for this post as well πŸ˜€

P.S. There’s a pretty cool TiTS mod that rolls a bunch of CoC content in as a VR thing over here.