Alder here with a new Fall of Eden update. Doing some changes under the hood, and I wanted to push them out as soon as possible so that people could try them out. On the content side, Barnaby the bartender has been added to Maidens’ Bane (10k words around).tumblr_o4pni3jPOU1tdi35to1_1280

NOTE: There’s been some restructuring of the files in the online version of the game. You may need to do a full reload of the page (CTRL+SHIFT+R in chrome) in order to play.

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
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Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here: link. (updated to latest)
Report bugs on Github or on the forums.
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Full changelog after the break.

Image is a gift from Jass, check his page for other versions of it.

UPDATE: Android port uploaded (check link above).

Version 0.4t

  • Another fuckton of typos and tweaks in old content
  • Fixed parser error in Lizard tail fuck scene
  • The status effects system has gone over a bit of a revamp.
    • Status effect spells such as Venom now work on a “wear-em-down” principle. Bosses will still be more resistant, but throwing the same spell a few times will consistently hit. Each time you miss, the enemy becomes more vulnerable to being hit with that status.
    • Status effects have been split up into four different categories: physical (red outline), magical (blue outline), lust (pink outline) and other (green outline).
    • Items can now provide status effect resistance. Green scented candle gives you poison resistance.
    • There are now a total of three status healing spells, all learned from level 2 magic jobs (Healer, Mystic, Mage).
    • Some status effects are going to be a bit overpowered for a while, until a more complete combat revamp can be enacted.
  • Warlock job added. Learn from Jeanne.
  • Swift should no longer be listed twice in the list of abilities if you have mastered it from both Rogue and Ranger.
  • Barnaby the bartender added to Maidens’ Bane. Written by LD and QB and sponsored by Patreon, about 10k words total.